Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

Are you looking for a trusted biblical dream interpretation? Wondering what the Bible has to say about the snakes in dreams? What do generally snakes symbolize in the Bible? Are snakes evil or good according to Christianity? In any case, what is the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams?

I am author Pourandokt Mazaheri, a researcher of dream interpretations and serpentine theologies, and a writer for Snake Store Team. My research journey began with my ardent enthusiasm for snakes and decoding the symbolic representation of this magnetic reptile in cultural subtexts. Besides being considered a powerful symbol of the subconscious mind, christian studies also mention that serpentine visions are divine messages. I have shared this article with you to answer all your questions about a snake dream according to the bible. 

Based on bible dream interpretation, snake dream is a godly message that tries to warn against unholy circumstances, or encourage seeking divine light. End of a cycle, transformation, deception, death, results of black magic, and lurking danger are the keynotes of snake dreams in Christianity.

This article covers the following snake dream symbols:

  • Relating snakes to deceitful people and company
  • Facing a spiritual test 
  • Presence of evil energy
  • Interpreting the dream of snake in different scenarios based on size, color and circumstances

Together, let’s discover the literal interpretation of your serpentine dream according to the bible.


 1- Symbol of deceit

The snake in the Bible appeared and deceived Eve that if they ate the fruit from the forbidden tree, they would gain a God-like power. The biblical meaning of snakes in dreams, in this case, symbolizes people who have deceitful and cunning nature like that of a snake. 

Dreaming of a snake might be a sign that you might be experiencing a lot of deception in your life from the people you trust, people who are close to you. 

It might also be a sign that you are experiencing some kind of lie that is meant to drive you away from being closer to God. 

hell fire2- Symbol of Trial and test

As stated by the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams, it is clear from the Bible when Satan disguised himself in the form of a serpent to tempt Adam and Eve so that they could defy God's command that instructed them not to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden

This scenario might also reveal itself when one dreams of snakes. It could be a symbol that you might be having some trial in your spiritual connection with God

adam and eve snake3- Representation of the devil

In the Bible, the snake is associated with evilness, negative energy, and deception, which are elements that come from the devil. The descriptions are well mentioned in the Bible.

  • (Genesis 3:14-15 NAB) Then the Lord God said to the serpent, " Because you have done this, you shall be banned from all animals and all the wild creatures. On your belly shall you crawl, and dirt shall you eat all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offsprings and hers. He will strike at your head while you strike at his feet." 
  • (Proverbs 23:32 NAB) but in the end, it bites like a serpent or like a poisonous adder
  • (Matthew 12:34 NAB) You brood of vipers, how can you say good things when you are evil? For from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. 
  • (Matthew 23:33 NAB) You serpents, you brood of vipers, how can you flee from the judgment of Gehenna

When the serpent appeared to Adam and Eve in Eden, the aftermath led to their downfall, and God distanced Himself from human beings due to that. 

From the biblical meaning, snakes in dreams interpret evil people sent by the devil taking over your life. Dreaming of snakes indicates people who wish you harm, your enemies, and all witchcraft undertakings towards you. 

Snake belt
  • Sign of danger. 

According to the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams, when one dreams about snakes, it indicates a warning of something terrible which is about to happen. It might be a warning of illness or death in your family. 

  • Symbol of a challenging life. 

When you dream of snakes, it means that you will be facing challenges in your life. It means you will likely experience many hurdles regarding your marriage, financial breakthrough, or getting a job.  

Dreaming of snakes shows that you are most likely going to experience these very difficult challenges, and most likely, it will be hard getting out of these challenges you are going to experience. 

Here are everyday situations in which one can dream of snakes and what those dreams mean. The meaning of these dreams is derived from the biblical meaning of snakes. 

  • When you dream of seeing a giant snake. 

You will experience a massive obstacle in your life. It might be financial instability, joblessness, issues in your marriage, or illness among your family members. 

This dream tells that you will suffer and go through all this pain, but the good news is that you will eventually come out of it. 

giant viper
  • When you dream of a snake cuddling you. 

This dream means the people close to you, your family, or friends are under threat. One of your loved one's lives might be in danger of maybe illness or death. 

This dream could also mean that someone close to you, either a friend or family member, will betray you and cause you so much pain. 

  • When you dream of seeing several snakes. 

This dream is a warning that you are too trusting. It means you are also open to a lot of people, telling them your secrets, but they will, in turn, stab you in the back. 

This dream tries to warn you that you should not trust everybody and give your secret information to just anyone with a friendly guise.

  • When you dream of a colorful snake. 

This dream means that you are unable to discern between your friends and enemies.

There are a lot of people disguising themselves as your friends, yet they are not. All they want is to see your downfall.

A colorful snake represents such people. You should learn to differentiate between your true friends and the people you should consider as your enemies.  

snake and woman 

  • When you dream of snakes with different colors. 

Seeing snakes with different colors in your dreams could mean a variety of things. 

Each color of the snake represents a different meaning on its own. 

Dreaming of a black snake interpretes as the death of a loved one.  

A red snake means you have passive behavior. 

A white snake symbolizes the illness of someone close to you. 

Green snake means you lack proper self-care.

  • Dreaming of yourself being bitten by a snake. 

This dream means you keep remembering something that happened in the past. It says that you are holding on to an experience that happened a long time ago and caused you so much pain, yet you can't seem to move on. 

The biting illustrates the pain you got from that particular experience. 

  • Dreaming about seeing yourself holding a snake. 

You might be thinking that you have the situation under control, but once you dream of yourself holding a snake, then you should be aware that things might soon blow out of proportion. 

This dream is a warning that you should not think you have everything under control and sit still. 

You should not let small details slip away, thinking that they could not cause any harm to you. 

baby snake
  • Dreaming of seeing a baby snake. 

You have situations in your life that you think are minor issues in the time being, but with time, these issues will become big, and you will be unable to handle them. 

This dream is simply a warning, reminding you to stop ignoring the existing issues in your life and not to take everything slightly. 

  • Dreaming that you are running away from a snake

The snake in this dream signifies someone in your life that wants to be close to you, but you are running away from them. It can as well be that you are being warned over someone in your life who intends to harm and ruin you. 

This dream is an indicator that you should stay away from the people who want to harm you in any way.

  • Dreaming of seeing a snake in water. 

This dream symbolizes a situation in your life that you are trying to change, yet it is impossible because it was destined to keep that way. 

It could be that you are trying so hard to try and get a luxurious life or get a marriage partner, but it proves to be difficult since that situation was meant to remain like that until the end of your life. 

snakeskin ankle boots
  • When you dream that a snake is crawling around your leg. 

Such a dream signifies the obstacles that are hindering you from achieving your success. It could be that people are really against your prosperity by talking ill about you or could be through the dark forces that are associated with witchcraft. 

In this case, it is good to turn to God and pray for His redemption and intervention in order to become prosperous in life.

  • Dreaming of a snake talking to you. 

This dream means that someone close to you is going to encounter health issues. 

It could also mean that you will experience betrayal from a friend or someone else who is close to you. 

The betrayal will cause you so much pain and disappointment because you will experience it from someone you had invested all your trust in.   

  • Dreaming of a dead snake. 

This is a good dream. It brings you good news after your suffering. You will be successful in the future. You are going to be rewarded with a good job, a child, marriage, and prosperity. 

Seeing a dead snake in your dreams means you have come to the end of a cycle of failures and misfortunes. 

The Bible, in Luke 10:19, gives us a message of hope that although we go through hardship and temptation, God will always find a way to get us out of the situation. "Behold, I have given you the power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and upon the full force of the enemy, and nothing will harm you."

God has given His assurance that no matter the traps the enemy and the devil have put in your way, you are eventually going to overcome it all. 

Snake rings collection
  • Dreaming of snakes in a cage. 

Your success is being trapped by your enemies who do not want you to prosper.

Your job, partner, fertility are being hindered by your enemies through witchcraft and dark forces, therefore, preventing you from reaching your destined and successful life.

You should pray to God to help defeat all your enemies and break all the dark powers that want to prevent you from your life potential. 

  • When you dream about yourself killing a snake. 

This one is a good dream. Killing a snake in your dream means that you will win in all the battles and struggles. This dream indicates that you are a victor in all the pain and hardships that you will endure. 

This dream indicates that there is actually light at the end of the tunnel, therefore giving you hope.   

  • When you have a recurring dream about snakes.

This could be a warning from God that you should pay attention to the messages that He has been sending you. 

Genesis 41:32 "That Pharaoh had the same dream twice means that God has reaffirmed the matter and that God will soon bring It about."snake and people

4- Soften your emotions towards snakes

There is no better place than the divine to seek for comfort when we are distressed. While snake dreams are impactful emotionally, you are now able not only to get a hold of your emotions but also translate these messages into your life and for your benefit.

By reading this article, you have become an expert biblical snake dream interpreter who can also offer useful consultancy to your loved ones. 

Once a demonic symbol, today the snakes symbolize irresistible desirability. Your snake dream may be risen from the sheer phobia of these mysterious reptiles. By adding a subtle touch of snake-inspired art to your home decor, you can soften your emotions towards snakes.

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