Can You Wear Snakeskin in the Summer?

Can You Wear Snakeskin in the Summer?

Wondering if it is too late to pick up on the snakeskin fashion? Or, how can you dress with snakeskin prints in this season? What are your wardrobe options with snakeskin prints? While the snake print was popular during the winter, can you wear snakeskin in the summer? 

My name is Olivia Johnson and I am a fashion designer and a correspondent writer of the Snake Store® Team. Snakeskin print is my top choice in animalier patterns and since snake prints have popped up in the vogue market, I have dedicated my attention actively to create unique styles with a touch of serpentine accents. As we are entering the sunniest time of the year, you may be wondering if you can wear snake skin in summer! I am here to answer all your questions and even share some of my secret formulas for styling with snakeskin apparel!

An ever trendy classic, snakeskin print remains an all-time favorite for just any season. And according to running trends, snakeskin patterns are fashionable throughout the summer. You can style with snake print party dresses, add them to casual summer looks or even make up cool bohemian outfits. 

In this article, we will discuss these subtopics;

  • Snakeskin as a perfect summer icon
  • Fashionable characteristics of snakeskin prints
  • Must have accessories for a trendy summer ready wardrobe
  • A look at snakeskin and some of the notable summer dress codes

Are you ready to discover the hottest streamline of this summer? Well, except for the sun! Let’s have a look at snakeskin prints for summer wear together!

Snakeprint shirt summer

1- Snakeskin Prints; a Perfect Pick for summer Outfits

The snakeskin came in clashing into the subtle colors and sleek silhouettes of the mid 2010 decade fashion. Instead, it brought a burst of texture, color and serpentine glamour into the fashion designs. I was personally a huge fan of the unexpected twist it created in the market. But snakeskin motifs for summer? Let me tell how it works;

a) Snakeskin & Summer Trends

Following the fall and winter trends, the snake pattern has made its mark also on this summer’s fashion- whether used to draw a bit of nature and organic motifs into the wardrobes, or to highlight irresistibility with a sensual snake print. Looking at the fashion forecast of the coming months, the snakes have come to stay throughout the year. Let alone the classic features of the snake motifs that are for-ever in style and a never replaceable favorite.

Woman in snake clothes

b) Snake Prints Fashionable Aesthetics

In a perfect balance between bold harmony of colors and texture, snakeskin print is even more eye-catching for summer wear when compared to winter apparel. Just imagine those extravagant snake morphs together with a natural beauty of skin on your legs or around the shoulders exposed in summer ready outfits; just a little bit of the snakeskin pattern is enough to change your whole styling game and make you look just irresistible!

You can transform your wardrobe and reinvent your style by adding only a few fragments with snake scales construction or reptilian skin prints. With the right formula to mix and match, you will be able to flatter any occasion you walk into.

Snakeskin print is an easy motif to blend into different looks and dress codes, but it calls for attending to a few rules to get the best out of your snakeskin fashion. If you would like to know more about styling rules with snake prints, this article helps you to pick out the complementing pieces and create your own sensible style, plus a few additional tips on snakeskin shoes.

Snake print dress in summer

2- Snake Print Wardrobe Ideas for This Summer

We have seen that snakes are dominating the market’s animalier kingdom. And not only that, they have found their way anywhere from casual to formal wardrobes. Now it is time to ask the legendary question we all have on our mind at least once in a day; What Should I Wear?! 

To answer the timeless question with a snake print perspective, we go through the key ingredients that you need to create your own head turner looks.

a) Snake Shoes

Snake skin shoes have been named as one of the sexiest accessories, at least by me! ;) Wearing them with a pair of breezy pants, or a flouncing skirt, they can accent your feet like no other shoes can. You may go with a sensual choice like these stilettos for a party wear, or choose a more casual look with these mono color scale structured shoes. Although always choose subtle colors and simple patterns to let your shoes stand out.

b) Snakeskin Bags

Snake print bags are an interrelated choice with snakeskin shoes. Apart from that, you can match a tan python print bag like this mini crossbody bag with a subtle summer dress. Or go for a snake print tote bag that can simply turn a laid-back outfit for grocery shopping into a runway worthy look. 

Wallets, bags and shoes are matchable items and can sync into the same style; that doesn’t mean they should necessarily have the same patterns, as long as they are hissing with the glamour of snake prints or textures in a gentle manner.

c) Snakeskin Dresses

To make your styling matters more hypnotizing, you can use snakeskin in a more apparent way. Go for a long snakeskin dress, slip on a pair of casual python leggings, or look charming in a snakeskin beach-ready halter.

Whichever accessories you choose, keep your skin complexion in mind, in addition to stylistic rules of wearing animalier patterns; these factors are important to avoid creating a look with overwhelming patterns and colors. 

Woman snake jacket summer

3- Snakeskin & Summer Dress Codes

Now if you want to rock your summer with snakeskin prints and wondering if it would fit your wardrobe, I am here to help! This print is one of the most versatile styling motifs that can match with a broad range of colors and silhouettes, and also can elevate the simplest looks. If you are a glam rock type, or someone who is always trying to keep it sleek and minimal, snake prints are always a big Yes! 

Here are some styles that you can just blend for an elegant snakeskin fashion this summer;

Glam snakeprint dress

a) Snakeskin print for Classic & formal Looks

Despite its rule breaking look, snakeskin print is a stunning addition to classic outfits. An office suit with a formal cut can look even more assertive with a snakeskin belt with textured construction. 

Snake white belt red

Similarly snakeskin shoes are a great fit for simple classic gowns and vintage dress cuts; it is mentionable that vintage looks are also making a comeback along with snake prints which can add to the trendy aspects of your dress codes.

b) Casual everyday wear

Multi snake booties on woman

Urban fashion has welcomed the snakeskin prints with open arms, and continues to cherish this wear-with-everything trend through the summer. A pair of snakeskin pumps with simple jean shorts can send out a bold message of style while still keeping the casual vibes

Black snake leggings

Textured snake print leggings are another one of my favorite wardrobe additions that are a testament of everyday elegance from a classic home look, to a fun morning jog. 

c) Serpentine Accents in Party Dresses

Snakes’ sensual prints and party wear have been a duet since the sixties. You could also go with a snake print jacket and use it as a suit jacket over a mono-color mini dress

Orange snake print dress front

If you’d prefer bold looks, go wild with glamor and let the snakeskin patterns flatter your natural curves with fluid lines in a bodycon mini dress

d) Bohemian Looks and Snake Prints

Boho fashion and snake prints have a long history together, since the hippies fashion and culture became a craze in the late seventies all the way through the eighties.

I personally have a knack for the playful boho aesthetics, and when it is joined with snakeskin prints, it can just lift your bohemian style to a whole new level. 

Snake print chiffon dress sitting

This boho chiffon snake print maxi is one of my favorite picks for a summer evening stroll, offering both comfort and elegance in a single package. You can also go with a thick snakeskin belt over a single tone summer dress, or slip on a pair of snakeskin sandals with a sexy crop top.

Snake belt wide details

Snakeskin is not just a trendy pattern; it adds character to your outfit and shows a hint of rebelliousness. In addition to the dress codes above, get creative and formulate your own styles- and remember, snakeskin prints are all about breaking rules, as long as they are blended with harmonious tonalities, textures and silhouettes. 

Tanned woman snake clothes

4- Snakeskin from Haute Couture Runways to Beachsides

    Now, you’ve learned that the snakeskin patterns are compatible with summer wear. By understanding the stylistic characteristics of this print, you know what to look for when shopping for your snake-accented summer essentials. With all your newly gained knowledge on styling tips for different occasions, you can be the designer guide for your friends and family to choose the perfect outfit for a perfect occasion.

    Aside from urban appearance and office looks, summers are all about sun-kissed sweeps of sands and beaches. If you want to swim and lounge in the sun both on trend and elegant, Snake Print Swimsuits Collection for vintage one-pieces, playful bikinis and more.

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