Can You Wear Snakeskin Shoes in Summer?

Can You Wear Snakeskin Shoes in Summer?

Wondering what to wear with your snakeskin shoes? Or if there are any rules to style with snakeskin footwear? Does a pair of snakeskin shoes go well with snake print clothes? Is snakeskin still trendy this season? And can you wear snakeskin shoes in summer? 

My name is James Adams. I am a fashion designer and a correspondent writer for the Snake Store® team. I am also truly passionate about snakes and their glamorous print. While snakeskin designs have become a popular trend, I wanted to share my opinion about snakeskin summer shoes. I am going to answer all your questions about this summer’s trends, snakeskin styling tips and even dress combos here in this article. 

As a classic footwear, snakeskin shoes are a timeless accessory to wear year round. And from a style point of view, these footwear are definitely on-trend this summer. You can wear the snakeskin shoes with almost anything in a summer-ready wardrobe, favoring compatible color matching and subtle textures. 

This article takes you through the following topics;

  • Snakeskin print shoes and this summer’s trends
  • Discussing how the aesthetics of snakeskin that are a perfect match for summer wear
  • Tips and rules for styling with snakeskin flats
  • Overviewing some of the popular snakeskin styling combos
  • Snakeskin shoes and other accessories

Read on for a complete outlook on the snakeskin shoes in summer along with a few rules to make you look red carpet-ready no matter what you wear!

Woman with many shoes

1- Is Snakeskin Footwear on Trend This Summer?

Considering the annual trend calendar, snake prints and the playful spirit of summer are a match made in heaven. The exotic look of the reptilian prints can put an emphasis on your feet, especially when worn with flowy skirts, leggings or hot-pants. Let’s look at snakeskin footwear as a seasonal trend.

a) Snakeskin Print as a Seasonal Trend 

The trend on snake boots and booties was strong during the last fall, stretching through the winter and early spring. Although the stylists are not yet ready to give up the exotic look of these accessories that make any outfit  just so effortlessly chic and sensual!

Before the arrival of the sunny season and on the spring fashion week, elite designers pulled up their sleeves and introduced several editions of summer rated snake print footwear; ranging from sandals, casual flats, and stilettos for a party night glamour. 

Thigh high snake skin boots on female
The very essence of breezy summer silhouettes makes the snake print shoes stand out even more compared with all-tucked-in winter wear; unless you get yourself one of these sexy thigh-high snake boots.


b) Are Snakeskin Shoes Sensible to Summer Wardrobe?

Snakeskin prints can be added to any wardrobe for all year elegance. But to beat the heat, summer outfits tend to draw thinner, while exposing more skin and using brighter colors. The playfulness of summer garments and the free flowing designs can still benefit from a classic touch. The beautiful symmetry of snakeskin and its unmistakable alluring morphs can make any laid back or formal outfit look elegant- expressing your taste for stylishness in a lazy summer afternoon or a pool party. 

Snakeskin is still in style in this years’ hot season and you can wear the snakeskin footwear to follow the urban trend. Unlike short lived trends, snakeskin prints are categorized as the classic icons, which remains as an ever fashionable addition to your wardrobe. If you want to know more about the snakeskin trend, read this article for everything you have to know about styling with snakeskin prints in 2021. 

Summer Snake Shoes

2- How to Style with Snakeskin Shoes in Solstice Season

Who doesn’t love a pair of snakeskin footwear? If you are looking for the easy but classy ways to style with snakeskin shoes, you are in the right place. Let’s get styling.

a) Rules for Wearing Snakeskin shoes

Snakeskin footwear is one of the most exquisite forms of snake-inspired accessories in fashion. Besides being a highly popular item among the celebrities and fashion designers, they offer versatility; it means they look good with anything you’d slip on, only if you keep a few rules in mind.

Womens snake booties silver
Similar to any other animalier prints, these shoes are designed with attention grabbing snakeskin morphs. Unless they are designed with mono colors and only present a snakeskin texture like the Women’s Power shoes. 


To dress elegantly with these shoes, you want to avoid overcrowding your look with too many colors and details at any cost. Simple choice of clothes lets your shoes get the attention they deserve!

For instance, if you are going for a pair of python print shoes like these Multi Generation Pumps for a knockout party look, make sure to choose your outfit from subtle tones of gray, earthy tans, off white and even black. 
Multi snake booties on female


Why should your outfit look simple, you’d ask? Imagine wearing a multicolor floral skirt with the same python print pumps; it just wouldn’t do the trick! Design-rich garments not only make these gorgeous python print shoes go unnoticed but also add to the overwhelming crowd of colors and patterns- except for those of you who are maximalist and like it that way!

Woman snake dress

b) Finding the Perfect Match

To make matters more fun, I thought to include a few mix and match ideas for styling. Below, I have mentioned some of my favorite combos.

White tops, t-shirts and dresses are an impressive combination with gray-scale snakeskin shoes, which you can match with short jeans or a simple skirt.

Stilettos and pumps are perfect for skirts and dresses which carry an air of classic elegance. You can pair your high heels with a matching handbag and keep the dress prints as minimal and subtle as possible.

If you are in the mood to play with colors, you can wear this breezy maxi with mono-color high heels that also are adorned only with minor scale embossing. This way you can have the snake print almost head to toe, without overdoing anything.
Python on booties

Office look with snakeskin shoes? I say yes! For example, these snakeskin oxfords are a perfect match for collared shirts and office dresses, which add an edge to your formal appearance.

Whether you decide to go with casual leggings, or call attention to your legs with a sassy summer skirt, snakeskin shoes can be the final touch of glamour to almost any outfit. You can play with the styles based on your own preference, keep it simple and elegant, or go glam rock and colorful, but always follow the basics; use complementary color combinations and match the harmonizing patterns. 

Snakeskin high heels

3- Snakeskin & Other Trendy Accessories

With the prominent presence of snakeskin in today’s fashion, you don’t want to leave this icon out of your wardrobe. Sophisticated, sensual, elegant, bold, playful- this animalier print has all the characteristics of the ideals that the modern generation stands for. So there is no coincidence in finding snake prints in the spotlight of world famous brand designers and movie stars. 

But does your wardrobe comply with these magnificent shoes? Also, snakeskin has shown a strong influence on the footwear market for over a year now, it is still a hot topic in other fashion sectors. 

Shoes and bags are an undeniable pair when it comes to styling. You can go with a matching print clutch with your snakeskin shoes, or even get a subtler snake textured handbag to only hint to their similar styling origins.

The same principle applies for a snake print dress, combined with a pair of mono-colored and scale-textured footwear. Whichever you choose, remember to avoid overburdening the print by heavy details.

Red snakeskin shoes

4- Luxury Snakeskin Shoes at Affordable Rates

Now you are aware of the current vogue when it comes to snakeskin shoes. You also know that snakeskin shoes can make your style standout when worn together with summer apparel, along with the best stylistic combos. By learning about the tips and styling rules, you have earned the perspective of an expert fashion designer. So on the next shopping occasion with your friends, you can be their guide for choosing the most elegant snakeskin shoes, or even other snake print accessories. 

While snakeskin shoes are manufactured and distributed mostly by elite fashion brands, don’t let the high prices put you off. You can find equally elegant yet more economic alternatives, without compromising the quality. At Snake Store®’s online shop, you can find designer grade footwear at affordable rates. Check out the Snake Shoes Collection for a pair of shoes that guarantee a head turner look!

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