Does Snake Eyes Piercing Mess Up Your Teeth?

Does Snake Eyes Piercing Mess Up Your Teeth?

How much does a snake bite piercing hurt? How to heal the snake eyes tongue piercing? Do tongue piercings damage your health? Even better, What are the risks involved in a venom piercing? Moreover, does snake eyes piercing mess up your teeth?

My name is Melissa Smith, a writer for the snake store’s team of piercing enthusiasts, and a professional piercer with over a decade of experience body jewelry- with a special knack for venom piercings. While inner mouth piercings are extremely bold and tempting to get, I am here today to share my knowledge on the procedure, pros and cons involved in getting your snake eyes tongue piercing.

Similar to all inner mouth jewelries, snake eyes piercing imposes a high risk of causing tooth damage and oral cavity complications; enamel scrapping, cracking and chipping in teeth, potential infection and gum rejection. After piercing care is highly effective in reduction and control of these risks.

In this article, we will take a look at the following subtopics;

  • How the snake eyes piercing is done
  • Examination of the risks related to mouth and jewelry
  • After piercing care including the choice of food and precautions 
  • A glance at snake venom piercing as a fashionable trend

The following details bring everything you need to know about a snake eyes piercing to the open, to help making your piercing decision knowledgeably. 

1- The basics of a snake eyes piercing 

A snake eyes piercing usually makes use of barbell jewelry that is inserted into the tongue.

yellow snake eye piercing

The barbell can be straight or curved depending on the client's preference. The horizontal part of the barbell is hidden behind the tip of the tongue while the metal beads poke through the sides.

The snake eyes piercing is a risky and dangerous process which is why some piercers refuse to do them for customers. The best way to go about it is to find someone trusted who can perform the piercing for you. The snake eyes piercings are also called surface or venom piercings. The beads on the jewelry are usually kept small and plain to avoid discomfort. However, they can be changed to fancier jewelry afterwards.


2- The risks of getting a snake eyes piercing 

There are disadvantages to every piercing, and oral ones should be taken especially seriously. The snake eyes piercings can pose discomfort and risks, let’s see how they can be tackled.

a) Risks of the mouth

There is no doubt that a snake eyes piercing can damage your teeth and tongue. As the tongue is a quite sensitive muscle, and also essential for eating and swallowing. Having a piercing on the tip of the tongue can be very inconvenient at times, and if it leads to infection, the problem can worsen.

lots of piercing on face


The piercing can also cause gum erosion as the metal in the piercing is bound to scrape your tongue and teeth. This may also cause the enamel on your teeth to wear off and interfere with any other dental treatments you have going on. A snake eyes tongue piercing often causes the clients to develop a lisp while talking. You can also accidentally tear at the piercing while eating, which can make your wound worse and take an even longer time to heal. 

A venom piercing can cause irritability and discomfort in the entire mouth. In the beginning, after getting pierced, people usually report difficulty in talking as it is difficult to get adjusted to a jewel placed right at the tip of the tongue. Moreover, you may also accidentally bite down on your piercing which can damage or even break your teeth. It is better to do your research and find a reputable piercer who can do it for you. There can also be undesirable long-term effects of a snake eyes piercing, where it can leave troublesome scars.

gril with snake eyes piercing

b) Risks of the jewelry

The jewelry itself does not always pose a threat but it should also be taken seriously. There have been numerous cases of 'jewelry rejection' where the body finds it difficult to accept the new particles of the jewelry. When this happens, your piercing may take even longer to heal and your body will try its best to eject the jewelry out of your tongue. You need to be careful when taking the original jewel out, as the piercing hole can get closed up and leave a scar if it is opened too soon. The jewel needs some time to adjust and create a cavity, so it is advisable to ask your piercer for permission before taking it out. You can also simply ask your piercer to remove and change your jewelry instead of attempting it yourself.

snake eyes tongue piercing teens

It is important to consider the size and price of your jewelry (see our post about the price of snake eyes piercings) with professional advice. Your tongue needs to be of a certain thickness to be suitable for the snake eyes piercing. If your piercer advises against the piercing and you get it done anyway, it will just take an unbearable time to heal and may even cause serious complications. As the tongue tends to move around during talking and eating, you should avoid getting barbells that are too thin. Use a moderate-sized one in the beginning, and then get a thicker one to stretch the piercing later on if you want.

So how can you take care of your snake eyes piercing? The answer may not be simple but it is doable, let’s see how.

snake eyes piercing collection presentation

3- What can you do to care for your snake eyes piercing ?

Caring for a piercing can be troublesome at times but it is all worth it at the end. The precautions and methods are all written below for the best way to care for a snake eyes piercing.

a) What you can eat

It is possible that the tongue can become slightly swollen after a snake eyes piercing, which is why you need to take care of what you eat. The swelling can be a little uncomfortable but it should not stand in the way of talking and eating. During the first few days after getting your snake eyes piercing, it is advisable to stick to soft foods that do not need much chewing. These include yogurt, milkshakes, or soup. After the end of the first week, you should find it easier to eat slightly solid foods. However, it is safe to still keep eating soft foods at this point. 

Contact your piercer or doctor so they can assess your healing process, and advise you on what to eat. Here a few tips:

  • You should avoid hot and spicy foods because they have the potential to irritate both your piercing and the wound.
  • You are at risk of severely burning your tongue if the food you are eating is too hot. This is due to the fact that your jewelry can conduct heat rapidly because it is a metal.
  • Sticky foods should also be avoided as they can pull on your piercing and may even rip it out if it has not healed completely. This can create new wounds on your tongue and prolong the healing of the old ones.

To avoid any complications, do your research properly before deciding on a snake eyes piercing. 

b) Other safety measures

The healing process of a new snake eyes piercing can take anywhere from two to six weeks.

male snake eyes tongue piercing

You will be pleased to know that compared to piercings on other parts of the body, tongue piercings heal quicker. During this period, avoid touching your snake eyes piercing. Also, make sure you do not take out the piercing until it has completely healed, do not twist or poke at the piercing. Clean your piercings daily until it has healed, and after the healing period, only clean it once in a while. Before touching or washing your piercing, wash your hands thoroughly. It will also be helpful to use an antibacterial mouthwash once in a while.

Your piercer may recommend 'salt rinses' to help you get rid of the pain and swelling. You can make this work by boiling a cup of water and mixing a teaspoon of salt inside it. It is important to do this while the water is still hot. When the water has cooled down enough for you to put it inside your mouth, take a small sip and swish it. This practice will help to keep your piercing clean and fresh. If this idea does not appeal to you, you can always buy a pre-made solution that is specifically made for aftercare for piercings.

The snake eyes piercings trend can seem absurd, but there is a large part of the population that is attracted towards them. Let’s see why.


4- How did the snake eyes piercing trend start?

The snake eyes piercing is mostly popular with young people. For them, the idea of standing out and making a bold statement has always been appealing.

tongue piercing types

The snake eyes piercing is the perfect way to do that as it is a challenging piercing to get in the first place. Although it is not that painful, it is still a daring thing to do. Even the hassle of getting the piercing, including the pain and other complications, is considered part of the interest in the piercing. Among young people, if you have the guts to take on a challenge such as the venom piercing, you earn respect from your fellows.


5- Choosing the Forbidden Beauty

After reading this article, you have learned about the very starting point of getting snake eyes piercings, further tooth and mouth complications involved, and also the care and maintenance it requires. Whether deciding on getting a venom piercing yourself, or wanting to advise a friend or family member on their choice of body jewelry- you know all the expert-grade points to consider for before and after piercing. This awareness helps to prevent unwanted situations, which you can now completely avoid. 

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