Dream Of Snake: Meaning In Chinese Culture

Dream Of Snake: Meaning In Chinese Culture

Wondering about the meaning of your dream in which you saw a snake? What does the snake symbolize in Chinese culture? Are snakes a sign of good luck according to oriental dream interpretations? What does snake vision mean based on Feng Shui scriptures? Most importantly, what is the meaning of the snake dream in Chinese culture?

My name is Pourandokht Mazaheri, and I am a researcher, an avid dream interpreter, and a specialized writer for the Snake Store Team. Since the beginning of my life, I have come across snake symbolism, whether in dreams or reality. Wondering about the meaning of these widespread and powerful serpentine symbols, I have spent years on academic research to learn about cultural and scientific interpretation of snake dreams and analogies. In this article, I am going to reveal the meaning behind the serpentine dreams in Chinese culture.

According to Chinese culture, snake dreams are linked to vitality, great harvest, fortune, wisdom, and a reminder of both beneficial and harmful factors. While interpreted as an auspicious sign, the meaning of these visions could change based on the venomous nature of the snake, colors and general interaction.

The following context includes:

  • An overview on the significance and interpretation of snakes in Chinese culture
  • Factors to consider while analyzing a snake dream in contrast with general and scientific studies
  • Deciphering the meaning of snake dreams based on a dream’s sequence

This article invites you to find out what special message your snake dreams according to Chinese culture.


1- Overview of the interpretation of snake dream in Chinese culture

Seeing a snake in a dream can be very nightmarish for people. The venomous slithering reptiles with fangs can make anyone wake up from their REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, frightened and sweating. However, most dreams have a core meaning, and so do seeing snakes.The meaning of snake dreams in Chinese culture is our topic of interpretation today, and according to the Chinese zodiac, such a dream represents something mysterious and strong but dangerous. It may also represent something significant happening in the unconscious, which may either be dangerous or healing.

red chinese snake

2- Analyze and Evaluate snake dreams

However, the exact interpretation of a dream of snake's meaning in Chinese culture depends upon several underlying factors. Therefore, for a precise construal, you should analyze and ask yourself the following:

  • Specify the type of snake you dreamt about in terms of color and texture.
  • How was the snake acting? Was it chasing or biting you or hiding from you, or doing something else?
  • Were you accompanied by a friend, loved one, or someone else in your dream?
  • How did you react towards the snake? Were you afraid, or were your feelings neutral?
  • Cultural context should also be significantly considered; for example, a snake is seen as a symbol of auspice and honor in China
  • Your answers to these would significantly contribute to extracting the meaning of dreams. So take your time when figuring out the answers.
chinese dream of a snake blue

3- What the serpent dreams may possibly mean?

Based upon the answers above, the interpretation of your dreams may be various:

  • A snake in your dream may signal towards a bad person and maybe a warning for someone’s toxic behavior, if not dangerous.
  • Suppose you come across a snake trying to attack and bite you. In that case, your response to it determines how capable you are at dealing with sudden challenges.
  • According to Carl Jung, an analytical psychologist, since snakes can shed their skin, growing a new one, they are a symbol of healing and transformation. This means that seeing a snake with shredded skin or seeing just the snake’s skin definitely means good vibes. It depicts that you are undergoing healing and positive transformation.
  • Since the snake resembles in shape to a phallus, the dream of snake meaning in Chinese culture may also be related to sexuality and be a representation of your sexual desires.


However, several negative connotations are attached to this creepy crawling reptile; hence, it is very common and justified to feel frightened or scared when dreaming about snakes. Due to their negative vibes, shadowy appearance, and mysterious perception, they are seen and perceived as an unpleasant thing, not only in dreams but in reality too.

While the Chinese culture observes the snake in very respectful regard, in contrast, other cultures perceive the snake as a symbol of darkness, mystery, and danger. This makes it essential to interpret a dream about snakes neutrally, analyzing all aspects wisely.

Black snake ring

Read on to discover some specific interpretations and dreams of snake meaning in Chinese when you have answered the questions above and figured out the type of snake that took over your dreams.

4- Possible interpretations of dreams

a) A venomous snake

Disclaimer: You are poisonous to yourself.

Dreaming of poisonous snakes proclaims the dawn of bad events. Such a snake is your warning to better your life and the surrounding ideas. A venomous snake reflects harmful and deceptive behavior or commencement of difficult life events.

You may be toxic and poisonous in your behavior or thoughts, such as being worried consistently or surrounded by poisonous and evil vibing people with bad habits or people with the potential to harm you in the future.

green viper

b) A white snake in a dream

Disclaimer: You are on the right path in life with a clear vision. Your soul is cleansed and fulfilled. 

If you see a white snake in the water, it depicts regeneration and purification of your soul, good health, and purified intentions. 

If the white snake appears on the floor or another solid surface in your dreams, it means that your vision is clear concerning what you aim for in life, and you have your life figured out accordingly. This also depicts that you strongly stand your ground with firm decisions.

Silver snake bracelet

c) Being strangle by a snake in a dream

Disclaimer: Use your tongue wisely.

Words can often be very hurtful and hence, should be chosen and used wisely. Especially if you see a snake strangling you in your dreams, as this dream of snake meaning in Chinese may be that you are about to say something that you might regret later. Hence, it is a protective warning dream and should be considered a precaution to think twice before speaking.

d) Being chased by a snake

    Disclaimer: You overthink too much to have unnecessary worries.

    A snake chasing you in your dreams is an expression of one self’s internal danger or the war they are at within themselves. From personal life to work, these problems and worries may stem from anything and often mirror the stresses that drain you.

    When experiencing such a dream, consciously analyze any stresses in particular that bother you or the unnecessary worries that are making your life more difficult and actively work to get over them.


    chinese black snake


    e) A black snake in a dream

      Disclaimer: Hard times are coming.

      Black has never been the color of positivity, and so any associations follow the same route. A black snake would appear in your dream only to symbolize a difficulty that you are likely to face soon or any obstacle coming your way. 

      Avoid all and any arguments, disputes, or suspicious contracts for a while when you see such a dream.

      f) A colorfull snake in a dream

        Disclaimer: Look at your health.

        A green or a red snake in a dream represents poor health. A red snake is also a sign that the dreamer is doing something important carelessly, without giving it the required attention.

        g) Fear of being bitten by a snake in a dream

        Disclaimer: You are becoming an easy target for the strong.

        Such a dream rules out someone to be a risk-taker in life. They are fond of unnecessarily putting themselves in a challenging situation where they are weakened enough due to loss of control over life. This makes them easy prey to people with bad intentions. 

        Snake shoes collection

        h) Seeing a dead snake in a dream

          Disclaimer: Your hard times will be over soon. 

          With every bad does come good, and even snakes can depict so. Seeing a dead snake in a dream is a symbol of positivity. It indicates that you have overcome an obstacle or made it through some difficult times. Simultaneously, it portrays the finish of a troublesome circumstance or freedom from harmful or foolish musings.

          i) Seeing a large number of snakes

            Disclaimer: Your worries, troubles, and obstacles are a lot. 

            Seeing a large number of snakes in dreams or being surrounded by the lot indicates a significant burden on your shoulders. You might be at that stage of life where there may be numerous pitfalls, obstacles, and dangers, and you do not know how to escape them


            multiple snakes


            While the dream of snake meaning in Chinese culture may vary from person to person, you may want to recall and analyze the dream repeatedly to get the whole meaning. However, if your dream connects to you on a deeper spiritual level, consider seeking help from experienced psychics who can help you to decipher the meaning of your dreams.

            5- Turn Your Snake Dreams Into Luck Catcher

            After learning about significance and related connotations, you are now acquainted with a significant cultural element in ancient Chinese culture. Furthermore, you have learnt about the snake dream interpretation based on scientific factors and researchers of modern psychology- such as Jung’s famous interpretation. Putting all of these factors together with a well-developed knowledge on the meaning of various snake dream scenarios, you have become an expert dream interpreter who can decipher any snake dream- for yourself or loved ones. 

            Snake-themed religious and cultural vestiges were often found across China. These artifacts are used even today to draw the serpentine aspirations such as fortune and luck into a person’s life.

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