How Do You Wear Snakeskin Pants?

How Do You Wear Snakeskin Pants?

Snakeskin trend has caught your eye and you want to join in? Wondering about the best way to style with snakeskin patterns? Or what colors go best with snakeskin outfits? And to keep it elegant, how do you wear snakeskin pants?

My name is Olivia Johnson. I am a fashion designer and co-founder of Snake Store®. Since snakeskin prints are more popular than ever, I have decided to share a guide to the proper way of wearing snakeskin pants. However, you can use these pointers extensively and apply them to other snakeskin outfits and dress codes as well.

Snake print pants are versatile and can be worn according to various dress codes. Despite the occasion, the best way to dress with snakeskin pants is using neutral, black and off-white colors, along with minimal to no patterns in choosing the matching tops, blazers, shoes and accessories.  

In this article, we are going to cover:

  • Snake print popularity in our modern society
  • Best colors and pattern combinations to wear snakeskin pants
  • A few stylistic tips for an elegant snake inspired look

Are you ready? Let’s discover some of the fashion designing well-kept secrets together:

Snake pants

1- Snakeskin for Modern Looks

Snakeskin print is one of the most eye-catching fashion motifs. Fortunately for me and others who are in love with this exotic icon, snake skin is back on the fashion market once more.

a) Snakeskin for the Occasion

The best thing about snakeskin is its versatility, you can rock a casual look, accent a formal outfit or add sensuality to your date night dress with it. However, you must keep in mind that snakes are dominative, whether in the jungle or in the fashion designs. 

It is all about the mix-&-match of colors and pattern to get the most elegance out of your snake print accessories. Stick around, because we are going to discuss the combination rules and savoir faire of the snakeskin in just a little while.

Woman Snake Pants

b) Snakeskin for Everyone

Wearing patterns, such as animal prints, may be out of the comfort zone of many people. As much as it looks intimidating, it is far easier to style with a snake print than you think.

You don’t need a whole wardrobe to match your reptile-inspired dress, nor need to shy off wearing them because you haven’t worn one before!

Simple and sensible styling is the key to wearing a snake print successfully and without overwhelming your entire look.

Snake prints are back under the spotlight of celebrities and fashion designers, which has pushed the print-shy individuals to join in the trend. Most people keep this printout of their wardrobe only for a single reason: they are not sure how to balance a snakeskin look. Now, let’s talk about colors!

Snake print

2- Best Color Combinations for Snakeskin Pants

Since the snake morphs are often composed from more than one color, what colors go best with these prints? The answer to this question is actually simpler than you think. Here is the best color match for snakeskins.

a) General Color Rules to Match with Snake Prints

One of the most common complaints from my clients about snakeskin is that they don’t know which colors go best with this print. Many of them avoid wearing snake prints all together for this very reason. 

Whether it is a scale embossed pair of pants, or a sleek textured snake print, the secret to styling these pants is keeping it simple!

An understated top with plain colors not only helps these beautiful morphs to get the attention they deserve, but also cuts on extra noise in our style.

Snake accessories

b) Timeless Black

Black is a perfect match for any rich pattern, especially those with darker color schemes. You can easily balance out the colors and patterns of a snake print pants with the subtle vibe of a black top. 

Symbolically, snakeskin represents authoritativeness and bold elegance that can easily be matched with the assertive vibes of a black color top or jacket. 

Off-white Splendor

Ice white is perhaps too stark to style with. Alternatively off-white is a whole different thing altogether. This is exclusively a good choice when choosing tan or pale snakeskin looks, but it can equally look glamorous with a pair of black embossed pants with a glossy finish. 

Woman with snakeprint pants

c) Go tone on tone

Tone on tone looks are a style staple, snake prints or not! These color combinations use compatible colors to match up outfits together stylishly.  

For instance, a gray cobra print pair of pants with a form hugging silhouette can be enhanced with a cool gray semi formal top.

Khaki tones are the most common in nature-inspired fashion including snake prints. Taking your top a couple of color degrees up or down from your pants’ color is a fast and easy solution to a chic look. This technique also works best for layering the snake print dresses. 

Pants snake

d) Best Matching Mono-Colors

Neutral colors and snake prints are a match made in heaven. Generally, mono colored cool tones blend well with these prints. Anything beige, brown, grey, off-white is a go with natural snake prints. 

Although, if your snake pants are designed with playful modifications like orange hues, purple overtones, use the basics of complementing tints to create a delightful contrast.  

In any case, avoid using electric colors and flashy sheens. These prints are categorized under natural and organic looks, and simple accessories are the most desirable combination with snake print at all times.

Teen snake pants

3- Print Mixing Basics

Colors aside, the hottest trend of the season is even more elaborate when it comes to pattern combinations. Here are a few additional tips to make your snakeskin styling journey the most exquisite experience of your life!

a) Avoid Disastrous Pattern Top Ups

What defines a fashion disaster when styling with patterns? Disharmony. Using a head to toe pattern coverage ends up looking too tacky, while mixing unmatching patterns are unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view. If you are wearing a bottom piece with a rich snake print, you won’t want to have any pattern on the top.

Serpent Print Workout Leggings

b) Print Mixing

As I said earlier, neutral looks are a safe bet with snakeskin prints, but if you are feeling up to it, there are ways to add more spirit to your snake inspired look. Subtle floral tops are a great combo with embossed snake pants, especially in a right color combination. 

For an unexpected twist, you can also use colored and striped patterns with mono-color scale-embossed bottoms. For any of these edgy looks, keeping it minimal is the main clue in finding the best matches.

4- More Tips on How to Wear Snakeskin Print Pants

Whether the snake print pants are new in your wardrobe, or looking for fresh styling ideas with your gorgeous python print trousers, this guide is going to help A LOT! Not only for pants, you can use these styling tips to look glamorous in your snake print blazer, or even a pair of casual snakeskin leggings.

a) Go simple

After reading the color combination, you may be thinking this is no brainer! But when I say simple, I mean that for colors, textures, and accessories additions like your bag, belt, shoes and jewelry. Let your snakeskin pants be the bold accent in your outfit.

Snake Print Workout Leggings

b) Dress codes

Snake prints can slither their way from your office, to a fun party and even your special moments at a date. Given the right wardrobe match, you can tie this print onto any dress code. 

Snakeskin pants for work? That is a thumbs up from me! You can put on a neutral blazer with an off-white formal shirt, a pair of sleek and elegant high heels and Voila! Your office outfit hasn’t ever looked this good!

A high waist and skinny pair of pants with a sexy little crop top and you will have all the heads turning with admiration as you walk into a party. You can also go one step over and get yourself a black scale-embossed clutch bag to compliment your bold styling character.

Any dress code you choose, remember to keep the colors and patterns as neutral as possible.

c) Snakeskin Print and Accessories

If you want to add some edge to your look, jewelries are your best bet. Snake-inspired jewelries with sleek silhouettes like a sleek snake pendant and or an elegant snake bracelet can make your snake print pants even look more sensual.

Snake Necklace Silver

Pay attention to metal and gemstone colors when choosing your matching jewelries. Silver is best with off-white, gray and black colors scheme outfits, while gold can compliment green tones, khaki and warm brown looks of a cobra or anaconda skin clothes. 

Tapping into an exotic charm comes with its own rules. By remembering the styling pattern and accessories that best suit a snakeskin pants, you can match up a look that is as pleasing as music. 

Ouroboros Snake Bracelet

5- Versatile Snakeskin Style Accessory 

Snakeskin is one of the most elegant yet challenging looks to master. Most people shy away from wearing snakeskin: a worry that I am sure you have overcome after reading this article.

In addition to hearing about the popularity of snakeskin in this year’s fashion, you have gained an expert level of understanding of combining colors with snakeskin pants. You have also gained professional styling views on patterns and accessory blending with snakeskin patterns, which also apply to other animalier looks. The next time you are going to make your mark on an event, help your friend’s shop the most elegant wardrobe combinations, or even buy a pair of snake print pants as a gift, you know where to get started. 

Are you looking for a snakeskin accent that you can take off and on? Go with a snake print jacket! You can flatter any look from the office to a dinner gathering, with an unmatched charm. Discover the Snake Jacket Collection for a silhouette that matches your occasion.

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