How Much Is A Snake Eyes Piercing?

How Much Is A Snake Eyes Piercing?

Wanting to know more about the details involved in getting a snake eye tongue piercing? Why do people get snake eye piercings? Do you need check ups after getting a venom piercing? or what happens during and after getting your tongue pierced horizontally? and above all, how much is the cost of a snake eyes piercing?

I am Melissa Smith, a body jewelry enthusiast, a piercing expert and a correspondent writer for the snake store team. My body jewelry journey started as a teenager, until today, with two decades of getting and performing body jewelry. While there are many misconceptions and mixed information on the snake eyes piercings, today I am here to remove all your doubts about this rather eccentric jewelry piece, its procedure, costs involved and a few insider tips.

There are no fixed rates on how much a snake eye tongue piercing costs. Depending on the parlors’ hygienic and technologic standards, jewelry of choice, and location, costs vary greatly. Although it can range anywhere between $30 to $100 for the initial piercing and smaller sums for followup check ups.

We address the following topics in this article:

  • Snake eyes piercing by definition
  • Safety aspects and risks involved in getting a venom piercing
  • Costs and true value of snake eye piercing jewelry
  • Details of the horizontal tongue piercing process, and pain involved
  • Cultural appeal of snake eye piercing through the history and modern times

Without further delay, let's take a journey through the stages, precautions and costs of the audacious snake eyes piercing.

1- What is a snake eyes piercing?

One of the recent trends adopted by teenagers is that of the snake eyes piercing.

snake eyes tongue piercing

The piercing is done by inserting a horizontally curved barbell at the tip of the tongue. The reason it is called 'snake eyes' is because there are often two balls at the ends, they poke out from either side of your tongue and make it resemble a snake's head.

They are also known as:

  • Horizontal piercings
  • Venom piercings
  • Poking piercings
  • Surface piercings

This is because the barbell that is placed inside the tip of the tongue is often horizontal or curved. Moreover, the piercing is done on the surface of the tongue, and the two beads of metal poke out from either side of the tip.

many snake eyes tongue piercing

2- Are snake eyes piercing safe?

There are numerous risks involved with snake eyes piercing and also for good reasons. As the tongue is a quite sensitive muscle, and also essential for eating and swallowing.

Having a piercing on the tip of the tongue can be very inconvenient at times, and if it leads to infection, the problem can worsen. The piercing can also cause gum erosion as the metal in the piercing is bound to scrape your tongue and teeth. This may also cause the enamel on your teeth to wear off and interfere with any other dental treatments you have going on.

A snake eyes piercing often causes the clients to develop a lisp while talking. You can also accidentally tear at the piercing while eating, which can make your wound worse and take an even longer time to heal.

woman chocking

A snake eyes piercing can cause irritability and discomfort in the entire mouth. In the beginning, after getting pierced, people usually report difficulty in talking as they are yet unable to adjust to a jewel placed right at the tip of the tongue. Moreover, you may also accidentally bite down on your piercing which can damage or even break your teeth. It is better to do your research and find a reputable piercer who can do it to avoid any undesirable outcomes. There can also be long-term mishaps of a venom piercing, where it can leave troublesome scars. 

3- How much do snake eyes piercing cost?

Before making any plans for a snake eyes piercings, it is obvious that the person will calculate the total cost associated with the procedure and the jewelry. This can vary and confuse some people so let’s look at the details.

a) Are snake eyes piercing worth it?

Most piercing parlors may outright refuse to give you a snake eyes piercing because of the high risk involved with them. If you do find a piercer willing to do it for you, it will cost around $30 to $70. This price includes the piercing process and the cost of the jewelry. Of course, if you opt for fancier jewelry containing platinum or expensive stones, it is bound to cost a lot more. The total price depends highly on your taste in jewelry. When it comes to oral piercings, you should always go for high-quality metals even if they are a little more expensive, as they promise value for the buck in the long run.

snake eyes piercing titanium

Snake eyes piercings are usually considered scary because it is not possible for every individual to perform an oral examination on themselves. Not everyone can see the back of their gums and teeth from a professional point of view. This can be important to assess the healing process of your piercing or being able to get one in the first place. Often, people do not even realize what they should be looking for, and only seek medical attention when it is too late. It is also possible that the money you spend on oral treatment after the piercing can end up costing more than the piercing itself. Your snake eyes piercing may be causing problems inside your mouth that you may not even notice. 

b) What is the process of getting a snake eyes piercing?

  • Firstly, the piercer will examine your tongue properly. Your tongue needs to be of a certain thickness to make you eligible for the snake eyes piercing. The tip of your tongue needs to be a certain thickness for it to be suitable for the snake eyes piercing.
  • After this, the expert will create markings on your tongue as the points that will be pierced into. These marks need to be as precise as possible, to avoid any issue during the process. To avoid your tongue moving and causing any irregularities, the workers might use a clamp on it to keep it in place. 
  • Then, a hollow needle will be put through the tongue.
  • Afterward, the jewel will be placed inside the hollow needle and the needle will smoothly be pulled out, while the jewel remains behind. The bar of the jewel will be hidden by the flesh of the tongue, while the two balls will be visible on the sides.
doing a piercing


The pain levels for the snake eyes piercing vary with every individual. However, most people report it as not being unbearably painful. Let's look more at how painful the snake eyes piercing is.


4- How painful are the snake eyes piercing?

Snake eyes piercings are bound to hurt a little, despite your pain tolerance threshold. However, it is important to consider that pain is relative and can vary from person to person. Your experience may be entirely different from someone else's.

If you still want a slight idea of what to expect, just remember that snake eyes piercing tend to hurt significantly more than other tongue piercings. As they create two holes in the tongue, the second hole is also likely to be more painful. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain is most likely to be a 5. Your tongue will swell and bruise immediately after the snake eyes piercing, which can last a few weeks.

teen snake eyes piercing


Other negative reactions can include infections. Infections in a snake eyes piercing are usually a cause of poor procedure and unhygienic tools. Bacteria can travel inside the fresh wound, and it can prolong the swelling and pain. If contaminated needles are used, you may also be at risk for more serious diseases, such as HIV, or tetanus.

Despite the clamp being used during the procedure, there is a chance the piercing can poke a blood vessel. This can cause excessive bleeding and requires immediate medical attention. Make sure that the jewelry you are using is held in place inside the snake eyes piercing correctly. If it is not fastened properly, the jewel can come out of its hole and you might accidentally choke on it.


5- Why is snake eyes piercing appealing to young people?

Most people who choose to get the snake eyes piercing do it for the thrill, and the appeal of looking different among their peers. Even the hassle of getting the piercing, including the pain and other complications, is considered part of the venom piercing culture. Among young people, if you have the guts to take on a challenge such as the snake eyes piercing, you earn respect from your fellows.

smile tongue piercing

Originally, getting your tongue pierced was a religious ritual done to show loyalty to the Gods. These days, it can be something entirely different in the urban scenes. The snake eyes piercing is often a form of self-expression and making a bold statement with artistic and decorative means. The look of the snake eyes piercing is a unique and cute appearance, and it gives young people a strong excuse to stand out. The trend was incredibly popular in the '80s and '90s, and it still holds a strong place today. Learn more about the meaning of snake jewelry here.


6- Bold Jewelries that Match your Personality

When it comes to snake eyes piercing, you can now hold a professional stand, whether in its installation procedure, a thorough understanding of its risks and precautionary care, pain expectancy and even calculating the costs. With your newly acquired expertise, you can make a coherent decision, and also offer your knowledge on the next conversation about venom piercings to your friends and family- whether about getting a snake eye piercing or about its cultural origins in the past and today.

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