How To Clean A Snake Eyes Piercing?

How To Clean A Snake Eyes Piercing?

Wondering about how to treat your new snake eyes piercing? Or How long does it take for snake eyes piercing to heal? And What can you do to make a snake eyes piercing heal faster? Why does oral hygiene matter when it comes to mouth piercings? Lastly, how to clean a snake eyes piercing?

My name is Melissa Smith, a professional body piercer and a contributor to the snake store team. With several years of experience, I categorize snake eyes piercing as one of the boldest and most sensitive piercings. Getting your tongue pierced calls for courage and a great amount of care. To help your venom piercing heal faster and keep your tongue healthy over time, oral hygiene and cleaning your piercing jewelry are inseparable parts of this beauty aesthetic. Today, I want to share all that you need to know about the piercing and after care hygiene for a complication-free and everyday use.

The most effective way to clean a snake eyes piercing is with mouth rinses, using sterile saline water after every meal, or minimum twice daily. Non-alcoholic mouthwashes are too recommended. General oral hygiene contributes to eliminating bacteria build up, hence reducing probability of infection.

This article attends to following subtopics;

  • Defining a snake eyes piercing
  • Procedures involved in a horizontal tongue piercing
  • Aftercare and precautions
  • Ways to maintain a venom piercing hygiene
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Read on to learn about the entire stages of a snake eyes tongue piercing until the final healing, with additional tips that help you to heal faster.

1- The basic things to know about a snake eyes piercing

The snake eyes piercing is relatively simple to understand. The piercing is done by inserting a horizontally curved barbel at the tip of the tongue. The reason it is called 'snake eyes' is because there are often two balls at the ends, they poke out from either side of your tongue and make it resemble a snake's head. The snake eyes piercing is also called the 'venom piercing' or the 'surface piercing' as it only passes through the surface of the tongue. Obviously, this is considered a very sensitive area and a lot can go wrong while getting the snake eyes piercing. This is why it is important to know exactly what to expect before you go ahead and make the decision of getting the snake eyes piercing.

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2- The procedure of getting a snake eyes piercing

To avoid any difficulties and discomfort during the process, you should do research and read further into what goes on when you get a snake eyes piercing. The important details are all gathered for you, read on to find out.

a) Before the piercing

Before the piercing can go through, the piercer will do the professional thing of examining your tongue properly. As not all tongues are the same shape and size, some may not be suitable for a snake eyes piercing. The tip of your tongue also needs to be thick enough to withstand the snake eyes piercing. It is important to follow and listen to the advice your piercer gives you, as getting the snake eyes piercing despite not being suitable can cause a lot of complications. The examination can take a while so remember to be patient.

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b) During the piercing

If your piercer thinks your tongue is in suitable condition and good enough for a snake eyes piercing, your piercer will be ready to give you the piercing. Your tongue will be placed under a clamp so that it does not move and disturb the process. This is also done to avoid accidental piercing of any veins. The piercing itself will not be the first object to go through your tongue. Instead, the piercer will place a hollow needle inside and then slide the jewel from inside it. This is done to first establish the hole inside the tongue, and keep it in place. If the piercing undergoes a mistake, the hollow needle can be taken out quickly and the tongue will heal.

tongue piercing procedure

The procedure involves placing a barbell on the tip of the tongue and sliding it through. A piercing like this one can also be called a surface piercing, as it stays on the surface of the tongue. The horizontal part of the barbell stays inside the tongue, hidden from view. However, the two balls are poked out through the sides of the tongue's tip. This gives the appearance of two separate piercings at the side of the tongue, and the balls may also look like eyes. This earns the piercing its name of a 'snake eyes piercing'. Sometimes, the balls can just be plain balls of metal, but they can also be gems. They are usually kept small so the person does not feel too much discomfort. Often, the material used is acrylic so the teeth are kept safe from scratching and chipping.

c) After the piercing

The healing process of a new snake eyes piercing can take anywhere from two to six weeks. You will be pleased to know that compared to piercings on other parts of the body, tongue piercings heal quicker. During this period, avoid touching your snake eyes piercing. Also, make sure you do not take out the piercing until it has completely healed, do not twist or poke at the piercing. Clean your piercings daily until it has healed, and after the healing period, only clean it once in a while. Before touching or washing your piercing, wash your hands thoroughly. It will also be helpful to use an antibacterial mouthwash once in a while.

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Your piercer may recommend 'salt rinses' to help getting rid of the pain and swelling. You can make this work by boiling a cup of water and mixing a teaspoon of salt inside it. It is important to do this while the water is still hot. When the water has cooled down enough for you to put it inside your mouth, take a small sip and swish it. This practice will help to keep your piercing clean and fresh. If this idea does not appeal to you, you can always buy a pre-made solution that is specifically made for aftercare for piercings. Keeping your piercings clean is also crucial to its healing process and your health in the long run. Let’s look at how this can be made easy.

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3- How to keep your snake eyes piercing clean?

There are many methods online that can advise you on how best to clean your snake eyes piercing.

  • The best way is to get yourself a piercing aftercare mouthwash and to use it regularly twice a day.
  • It may be tempting to use an alcohol-based mouthwash but you should avoid this. This is because the alcohol can dry out your piercing and your piercing will take longer to heal if it does not have any moisture. This is why you should go with sea-salt-based mouthwashes.
  • Moreover, keeping the rest of your mouth clean such as your teeth and gums can also be beneficial for your piercing.
  • Use a toothbrush that reaches the back of your jaw and all your teeth, cleaning them efficiently. You should also floss regularly to make sure nothing is stuck between your teeth that can irritate your snake eyes piercing.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day. For an ideal toothbrush, get yourself one that has soft bristles, but also has functions such as tongue and cheek cleaner. Keeping your oral hygiene on top is what will help your snake eyes piercing to stay in good condition.
  • There are also liquid soaps and sprays designed particularly to clean your snake eyes piercing.

People are usually concerned over how long a piercing takes to heal. This can vary for everyone, but let’s see the approximate time period.

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4- How long does a snake eyes piercing take to heal?

The bacteria in your mouth can prolong the healing process but it is not something to worry about. Not everyone heals at the same speed and it is important to understand everyone's experience is different. Try to avoid talking too much during the first few days and rest your mouth as much as possible. Only touch your piercing after washing your hands properly with an anti-bacterial handwash. This will ensure no outside germs get inside your mouth and irritate your snake eyes piercing. If swelling is a major issue with you, keep an ice cube in your mouth and lightly suck on it. You can also try sipping ice-cold water so the swelling is reduced.

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5- A Path from Healing to Beauty

With a thorough understanding of what are the basics of snake eyes piercing and how the piercer inserts the jewel, you have now achieved an expert point of view of its stage by stage progression. This information helps you to be able to care for the fresh piercing effectively and maintain the hygiene and oral health in the long run. Furthermore, you can provide the right advice to your friends and family who may have just gotten a venom piercing- and avoid complications that may lead to life-threatening risks.

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