How To Eat With Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing ?

How To Eat With Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing ?

Wanting to get your tongue pierced and wondering how painful are the snake eyes piercings? Before that, what is the procedure involved in getting your tongue pierced? How long does snake eyes piercing swelling last? if it could be helped, How can you make the snake eye piercing heal faster? And, how to eat with snake eyes tongue piercing?

I am Author Melissa Smith, a writer for the Snake Store team and passionate about the bold trend of piercing. During my childhood, my father introduced me to world magazines and documentaries; what fascinated me the most was the eccentric tribal piercings that seem to push the boundaries of style to a new height. Until I was allowed to get my own very first piercing and constantly experiment with different dermal ornaments. As one of the most debated body jewelries, a snake eyes piercing is often misrepresented. To dissolve all your doubts, I want to share a complete introduction and guide on caring for a tongue piercing.

With a newly pierced and swollen tongue, sticking to soft foods that require little to none chewing are the best options. Mild flavors and soft textures such as yogurt and soups are preferred over hot, spicy and acidic foods that add to the irritation. Using a straw is helpful until the complete healing.

This article covers the following topics on snake eyes piercing;

  • A walkthrough the procedure of snake eyes piercing
  • History and naming of this fashionable body jewelry
  • Safety risks involved in tongue piercing
  • Recommended diet during the healing period
  • Precautions to avoid infection
  • A detailed glance on do’s and don’ts with snake eye piercing
  • Effects of smoking and drinking on a pierced tongue’s healing process

Let’s discover all you need to know before and after getting your tongue pierced;


1- What Does a Snake Eyes Piercing Refer To?

The process of getting a snake eyes piercing is not for people with weak stomachs or the faint-hearted. They are also known as 'venom piercings', and require a great deal of pain tolerance, patience, and commitment.

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a) The Procedure of Getting a Snake Eyes Piercing

The piercing is done by inserting a horizontally curved barbell at the tip of the tongue. The reason that it is called 'snake eyes' is because there are often two balls at each end; they poke out from either side of your tongue and make it resemble a snake's head.

It is important that the piercing be done by a trained professional. Firstly, the piercer will examine your tongue properly. Your tongue needs to be of a certain thickness to make you eligible for the snake eyes piercing. After this, your tongue will be marked on the points that will be pierced into. These markings need to be as precise as possible, to avoid any issue during and after the process. To avoid your tongue moving and causing any irregularities, the piercer might use a clamp on it to keep it fixed in place.

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First, a hollow needle will be put through the tongue. Afterward, the jewel will be placed inside the hollow needle and the needle will be smoothly pulled out, while the jewel remains behind. The bar of the jewel will be sheathed in the flesh of the tongue, while the two balls will be visible on both sides. The pain levels for the snake eyes piercing vary in every individual. However, most people report the procedure as not extremely painful. Despite this, it remains an unusual trend. Let's find out how it all started.

b) How Did The Snake Eyes Piercing Trend Start?

Most people who choose to get the snake eyes piercing do it for the thrill, and the appeal of looking different among their peers. Even the hassle of getting the piercing, including the pain and other complications, is considered a part of their interest in this peculiar piercing. Among young people, if you have the guts to take on a challenge, such as the snake eyes piercing, you earn respect from your fellows.

Originally, getting your tongue pierced was a religious ritual done to show loyalty to the Gods. These days, it can be something entirely different in the popular culture. The snake eyes piercing is often a form of self-expression and making a bold statement with artistic and decorative means. The trend was incredibly popular in the '80s and '90s, and it still holds a strong place among the piercing trends today.

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c) Is the Snake Eyes Piercings Considered Safe?

Generally, there are a lot of health risks associated with snake eye-piercing. If you are thinking of getting this piercing, it is important to be aware of the safety concerns that may arise. This is because the tongue is a sensitive organ in the body and inserting a foreign object into it may not be as comfortable as it is on your ears or nose. As it is with all piercings, a potential infection is always a risk while the piercing area is healing. This is why you need to take special care of it during the healing process.

A snake eyes piercing can cause irritability and discomfort in the entire mouth. In the beginning, after getting pierced, people usually report difficulty in talking as it is difficult to get adjusted to a jewel placed right at the tip of the tongue. Moreover, you may also accidentally bite down on your piercing which can damage or even break your teeth. It is better to do your own research and find a reputable piercer who can do it expertly. There can also be undesirable long-term effects of a snake eyes piercing, where it can leave troublesome scars. Now, let's go over the precautions and steps you can take to avoid any complications. 

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2- How Can You Safely Eat With a Snake Eyes Piercings?

Your tongue can become slightly swollen after a snake eyes piercing, which is why you need to take care of what you eat. The swelling can be a little uncomfortable but it should not stand in the way of talking and eating.

a) What To Eat When You Have a Snake Eyes Piercing?

During the first few days after getting your snake eyes piercing, it is advisable to stick to soft foods that do not need much chewing. These include yogurt, milkshakes, or soup. After the end of the first week, you should find it easier to eat slightly solid foods. However, it is safe to still keep eating soft foods at this point.

You should avoid hot and spicy foods because they have the potential to irritate both your piercing and the wound. You are at risk of severe tongue burn on if the food you are eating is too hot. This is due to the fact that your jewelry can conduct heat rapidly because it is a metal. Sticky foods should also be avoided as they can pull on your piercing and may even rip it out as the tissue still has not healed completely.

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b) How Can You Avoid Infecting Your Piercing?

The healing process of a new snake eyes piercing can take anywhere from two to six weeks. You will be pleased to know that compared to piercings on other parts of the body, tongue piercings heal quicker. During this period, avoid touching your snake eyes piercing. Also, make sure you do not take out the piercing until it has completely healed, do not twist or poke at the piercing. Clean your piercings daily until it has healed, and after the healing period, only clean it once in a while. Before touching or washing your piercing, wash your hands thoroughly. It would also be helpful to use an antibacterial mouthwash once in a while.

Your piercer may recommend 'salt rinses' to help you get rid of the pain and swelling. You can make this work by boiling a cup of water and mixing a teaspoon of salt inside it. It is important to do this while the water is still hot. When the water has cooled down enough to put it inside your mouth, take a small sip and swish it. This practice will help to keep your piercing clean and fresh. If this idea does not appeal to you, you can always buy a pre-made solution that is specifically made for aftercare for piercings. It can never be harmful to be too safe, let's have a look over at some general dos and don'ts while your piercing is healing.


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3- Do's And Don'ts

After thirty to forty days, your piercing should be almost completely healed. This is considered the final stage in the healing period, but this does not mean that you should cut back on caring for the snake eyes piercing. You should still make sure that you are brushing and flossing daily, and also use a mouthwash to keep your mouth anti-bacterial. You can cut down on the salt rinses you were doing before, and you do not have to do them every night now. Rinse your mouth with salt water every other week or so.

At this stage, your tongue should not be irritable or swollen at all, but some foods may still be uncomfortable to eat. You can also change out the jewel you are wearing in your snake eyes piercing for something different of your choice. In the long-term, you still need to take care of your tongue's health and make sure it does not get infected. You need to be careful when taking the original jewel out, as the piercing hole can get closed up and leave a scar if it is opened too soon. The jewel needs some time to adjust and create a cavity, so it is advisable to ask your piercer for permission before taking it out. You can also simply ask your piercer to remove and change your jewelry instead of attempting it yourself. 

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4- Can You Drink Alcohol With Snake Eyes Piercing?

It is not recommended to drink alcohol immediately after getting a snake eyes piercing. This is due to the fact that alcohol can be slightly acidic at times, and could cause irritation on wounded tissue. The area may become irritated and twice as swollen. Avoid any alcoholic drinks for at least two to three weeks after you get a snake eyes piercing. After this period, you can drink as much as you want.

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5- Can You Smoke With A Snake Eyes Piercing?

Smoking is prone to drying out your mouth which means there will be a lack of saliva. This can lead to complications as saliva is responsible for preventing the excess of harmful bacteria. Saliva can also be incredibly helpful in healing any wound inside your mouth, including your snake eyes piercing. The wound is kept clear of any harmful bacteria and the tissue around is regenerated more quickly. Smoking may not cause severe effects, but it can prolong your recovery period.

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6- Choosing a Stylish Snake Eye Piercing Jewelry

In addition to learning the entire clinical procedure of getting a tongue pierced, you are now also aware of this peculiar trend’s origins. You can also provide the right advice on getting a tongue piercing, which can help in making a decision with open eyes- whether for yourself or those close to you. Moreover, you have become an expert in caring for a freshly pierced tongue in relation to avoiding infection, eating the right food, and the factors that may delay the healing process.

Once the tongue healing process is over, the fun starts; you can experiment with distinctive designs, ranging from industrial and linear editions, precious metal barbells, and alternative styles. Click here to discover the extensive collection of snake eyes piercing.- designed for the rebellious stylists.

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