How to Wear a Snakeskin Dress?

How to Wear a Snakeskin Dress?

Do you want to style with the trendy snake skin? And wondering what goes well with the snake patterns? What colors would be the best choice when wearing a snakeskin garment? How do you style with a snake pattern blazer? Or how to wear a snakeskin dress?
I am James Adams, a fashion designer with an innate passion about snakes and their beautiful skin patterns. I am also a correspondent writer for the Snake Store® team. While snakeskin prints may be a bit intimidating for the budding fashionistas, I have decided to share my ideas on how to dress with the snakeskin apparel the right way! 

Snakeskin dresses are naturally elegant, but call for a few styling rules for a balanced combo of patterns and colors. Simple and harmonious blends are the best choice along with snakeskin prints; but, there is still room to match a snake dress with themed accessories like snake jewelry and scale structured shoes. 
We will discuss these topics in this article;

  • A glance at the snakeskin trend among the celebrities and in urban fashion 
  • Styling rules to follow when dressing up with a snake print garment
  • Mix and Match ideas for an irresistible snake-inspired look

If you are ready for your styling with a snake dress like a pro, let's get started;

Woman snake dress

1- Snakeskin Print in Celebrity Fashion & Urban Scenes

Animalier patterns have made themselves prominent once again in the 2020’s fashion. Although this time, they have broadened their territories into every possible apparel and fashion accessory. But what about snake prints? Are these hypnotizing morphs back in style again?

a) Is Snakeskin Print Back in Style?

Snake skin pattern never ran out of style. In effect, they are one of the long-standing fashion icons our modern society has ever seen. They came into the mass market over a century ago, but their first remarkable presence on the fashion runways was present in the 60s. 

Most celebrities and fashion designers never dismissed these glamorous prints out of their wardrobe completely. In fact, whenever the situation called for showing a subtle hint of boldness and making a mark on the red carpets, snakeskin print never let them down. 

Snake print bag and accessories

b) Snakeskin Dress; Both Rare & Popular

While snakeskin is the popular trend, not everyone can pull it off! You’d ask why? Because they are not aware of the styling rules that you will just learn about in a short while!

It is easy to go overboard with a snakeskin dress. For instance, if you’d choose a heavily patterned bag, or a pair of shoes with incompatible colors, the snakeskin dress ends up looking overwhelming.

Besides the gorgeous patterns of a snake, the styling filters and rules have turned the snakeskin fashion into an enigma; you may have overheard your friends’ conversation about snakeskin patterns on how it is not for them, or it didn’t look nice on their skin?!

The snake print is definitely a challenging icon to master, but it doesn’t have to be; all it takes is a bit of attention and following a few simple rules.

Snake Swimwear Selection

Besides the ever trendy look of snake prints, this fashionable icon has resurfaced once more to make a prominent mark on the fashion history by turning into snake beachwear, haute couture snake dresses, serpentine jewelries and everything in between. 

2- Rules for Rocking Your Style with the Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin print is so effortlessly chic, ONLY when it is worn the right way. But before getting down to how to wear a snakeskin dress, let’s brush some of our styling basics here.

Call it a trick of trade, style sensibility, or just the common aesthetics sense, wearing snakeskin requires adopting some styling guidelines, which you can also use to wear other animalier patterns. 

Woman snakeskin pants

a) Don’t Let the Versatility Distract You

We all know that snake skin is a very versatile motif and it can look good with almost anything. It transforms a boring casual style into a wild look, or could add additional elegance to a party dress.

But when shopping for dresses with a snake print, you will need to fix your wardrobe with some other accessories to do the magic of mix and match.

Unless you are taking your dress-up inspirations from Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, most designers agree with me when I say; head to toe snakeskin dresses are NOT a go!

The reason is that rules of aesthetics call on sleek and subtle designs, when worn together with a richly patterned textile like the snake morphs.

Fashion snake bag

b) Skin Complexion, Accessory Colors & Patterns

If you are a fashion fanatic, you must be already familiar with skin undertones (which isn’t the same thing as skin color). You are basically shopping for colors that contrast your skin’s hue, in order to create a complementing tonality. For instance, if you have a skin with an olive undertone, the best compliments are snake dresses with shades of beige, brown and gold. 

Complexion aside, your dress and accessories, such as shoes and handbag are other significant factors in creating an elegant look. The general idea is to choose from a color range that complement each other. For example, a nude color python dress would look stunning with a pair of ivory shoes, or a silver python chiffon dress, would be complemented with a black clutch bag.

Black snake print clutch bag photo

Snakeskin textile has a rich and natural pattern that must be played as the protagonist of your styling story! Keeping the patterns and textures as minimal as possible adds to the flattering combination of your outfit. 
By bearing these factors in mind, you can dress up with a snake skin dress and look like a star on any occasion. Colors and textures are the most significant aspects when it comes to dressing with animalier patterns. If you would like to welcome the new season with a new look, My colleague has written an article on styling with snake skin in summer!

Woman walking with a snakeprint dress

3- How to Wear a Snakeskin Dress?

If making a statement is what you are going for, a snakeskin dress is the right pick. Not only is it going to grab the attention of everyone as you walk in, but also shows your bold taste in styling. And now we have reached to the fun part, snakeskin styling ideas for a perfect dress combination;

a) Snakeskin Mini Dresses

Mini dress silhouettes and snakeskin patterns are an irresistible match! Mainly because the sensual snake morphs add to the palpable look of a mini cut.

A snakeskin print mini dress with a complementing blazer would look outstanding. You can choose your blazer color from the snake print itself. The darkest shade of the snake morphs in your dress would make the best tonality, which also brings out the patterns even more.

b) Snake Print Maxi Dress

You can rock a snake print maxi dress from late spring to summer with no blazers or overcoats. If you want your style to be a bit more bold, choose a mono color handbag with snake scale embossing like the Serpent Mood edition.

Snake Embossed Bag Red

As far as the rules go, your complexion is an important factor here since the dress has the dominant play in your style. A tan python print maxi is best matched with hazel or black shoes and handbags. 

c) Snake Print Blazers

Remember what we said about the snake print mini dresses, you can just do the opposite here! Pick out a subtle color and cute mini dress and top it over with a snake print blazer. To mention one of my favorite looks, an off-white and form-hugging silhouette is absolutely gorgeous when worn with a gray-scale snakeskin blazer

Snake skin jacket on woman

d) Casual Dress Codes

Casual looks cover anything from boho silhouettes, to glam rock designs, to the breezy beachside dinner dresses. A snake print dress for a casual setting can add a dash of prestige to your moment while keeping your style still pretty laid back. 

These are some of my favorite styles. Whatever you choose, let the snakeskin be the center of attention and there will still be enough space to match your snake-inspired dress with other snake accessories.  

A subtle silver snake ring, a pair of dangling snake earrings, or even a reptile inspired leather handbag- get creative and make up your own unique style, while respecting the snakeskin dress rules that was pointed out previously. 

Female with snakeskin dress

4- The Boundless World of Style with Snakeskin Dresses

After learning a bit of the journey of snakeskin print in fashion history, you know that snakeskin is a glamorous icon that never runs out of style. Moreover, it requires a certain level of expertise to wear a snakeskin dress elegantly; a knowledge that you have gained after reading this article. 

With your new perspective on styling with an animalier pattern, you can dress up with designer-grade perfection and also gracefully offer your advice to your friends and family.

Snakeskin does not fall into a wardrobe category; it flatters casual fashions, formal outfits and even a wild party look. If you want to find the dress that squirts your own stylistic ideals, check out the Snake Dress Collection- where seductive serpentine beauty meets with designer silhouettes.

Woman Looking a Snake


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