Is It Good To Wear Snake Jewelry?

Is It Good To Wear Snake Jewelry?

Are you curious about what snake jewelry symbolizes? Is there a meaning behind snake-themed ornaments? What was snake jewelry used for in the past? If you wear them, what does snake jewelry say about you? Is It good to wear snake jewelry?

My name is James Adams, a Fine Jewelry expert and a fashion designer. I am also a contributor to the Snake Store® Research Team. My professional life revolves around aesthetics and sending a message through beautification, which brings me to the vigorously emblematic serpentine jewelry. They are organic, sensual, and esthetically beautiful, while carrying deep-rooted messages within them. This recurrent fashion theme has become a predominant inspiration for accessories nowadays. I will present to you the origins and significance of the snake jewelry in this article, so you can decide if these rule-breaking bijouteries are for you or not.

The main utility of snake jewelry is expression, carrying symbols of transformation, rebirth, love, wisdom and even boldness and authority. From spiritual aspects, you can draw these energies into your life by wearing such ornaments. Moreover, serpentine bijoux can make your overall look irresistible.

In this article, we are going through these subjects;

  • A study of snake jewelry through the history
  • The meaning behind snake jewelry in modern culture and its historic origins
  • An outline of snake jewelry benefits from spiritual and fashion points of view

Read on to familiarize yourself with behind the scenes of snake jewelry from the past and until present, and the benefits of wearing these animalier ornaments.

Snake ring with diamonds

1- A Speculation On Snake Jewelry And Its Background

With the increasing popularity of the serpentine jewels, you may have been fiddling with the idea of getting yourself one of those charming rings or the coiling snake necklaces.

Knowing that your personal style represents who you really are, you may be wondering if it is good to wear snake jewelry or not. In any case, this section helps you to learn about the background of snake jewelry in different civilizations for a better perception of their meaning.

Snakes are noted as one of the primordial motifs in the ancient jewelries. Although, It is not clear which civilization made the first snake jewelry piece. There are excavated artifacts related to worshiping snakes that go as far as 80,000 years ago, but the oldest available evidence of serpent ornaments date back to the 8th century BC in Asia.

The esoteric snakes were given versatile symbolization, worn for protection, fertility as a phallic symbol of the divine masculine, and spiritual bequests of transformation and new beginnings.

The last 5 centuries Before Christ established the flourishing era of serpentine jewelry in Greece, and ancient Rome. From southern Europe, it extended its sacred popularity to the royals of ancient Egypt and later to the Nordic settlements, often worn to honor the divine reptilians.


The Victorian era was the revival age of snake jewelry, mostly associated with sensualism and promises of love. The designs become more fancy than religious, which was the foundation of making the sacred reptile a fashion staple today.

These revered reptiles have been a popular theme across history and still are given deep spiritual significance today. Irrelevant to being a fan of real-life snakes or even fearing them, snake jewelry is a popular theme in the modern mass fashion. Whether you are a history buff or not, adorning yourself with one of our classical snake cuffs can bring out the sensual divinity in you!

Snake ring laying

2- The Meaning Behind Snake Jewelry

Depending on the shape, snake jewelries convey a few fundamental explications. After the dawn of paganism and entering the age of the widespread Abrahamic religions, the reptilian jewelry lost its holy aspects and received a more symbolic facade. Well, except for the Hindu faith that utilizes snake rings as a tribute to the mythological Nagas, or the divine serpents. Let’s have a look at the roots of snake jewelry meaning in popular culture;

Most of the modern interpretation of the snake jewelry moves around ideas of wholeness and transformation towards perfection. Most snake rings, for instance, are a remaining Victorian heritage that symbolizes eternal love.

Other enduring ancient significance of snakes is the Greek Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius often worn as necklaces. These themes relate the ideas of immortality, divinity and healing to the serpentine keynotes.

In ancient Rome, snake bracelets were a sign of rebirth and rejuvenation. Designs like this Romen-Inspired Ring were worn to celebrate the otherworldly essence of this mythical reptile.

Apart from Queen Victoria, who left her imprints on the modern perception of serpentine themes in jewelry, other significant personas influenced our understanding of the meaning behind these ornamental aspects.

Snake necklaces collection

Studies of Sigmund Freud and his impact on modern psychoanalysis largely contributed to secularism and the seductive essence of the serpentine emblem. He defined snakes as a phallic symbol and representative of subconscious masculinity.

Besides these historic definitions, snakes shed their skin multiple times in a year, which seems to be the logical definition behind a good deal of mythological symbolism of snakes as a symbol of regeneration, rebirth. They also rest in a coiled position. Occasionally the beginning and end of its body is not apparent to the spectator, which suggests it as a symbol of a never-ending cycle.

If you want to know more about the spiritual symbolism of snakes, our research team has gathered a complete article on the subject which you can find here.

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3- Is It Good to Wear Snake Jewelry?

Understanding the historical background and the meaning of snake jewelry helps you to have a definite idea about the serpentine jewelry pieces. And to help you conclude your choice, I have outlined some of the benefits of snake jewelry below.

Symbolism is a universal concept, from basic communication to complexity of art. Understanding this fact, leaves us with no choice than contemplating and the right use of symbols. And in this case, we are focusing on snakes as one of the strongest symbols in human history. Here are some of the benefits of wearing snake jewelry;

  • Transformation: Snake rings and bracelets are worn to ignite the process of soul purification. In Hindu practices and the spiritual front of yoga, snake rings are worn to refine the soul and assist energy flow through bodily chakras.
  • Healing: A symbol of transformation, snake emblems assist the mental healing process by “shedding” the past and reconciling with traumas. Otherwise, ornaments like this Greek Caduceus Pendant are worn to draw physical health benefits.
  • Eternal Love: Snake rings were used as a promise of hand in marriage among christian societies for centuries. Today, these reptilian rings are often proposed as a symbol of eternal love.
  • Protection: From ancient treasures, to divine guardians, snake jewelry is said to keep the intrusive and bad intentions far from you, and protect your precious existence.
  • Authority: On a more apparent note, snakes are proud creatures that show a bold grace in all their movements. This attribute marks the serpentine jewelry as an audacious accessory, and gives an authoritative character of its wearer.
  • Wisdom and Luck: An archetypical characteristic of the snakes is divine wisdom, which can enliven the god and goddess in you, what is otherwise known as the all-knowing higher self.

Apart from the profound benefits from symbolic and spiritual viewpoints, snake jewelry is an all-time favorite when it comes to fashionable aesthetics. The natural beauty of this reptile and thousands of years of accumulated artisanal craft provide us with one of the most exquisite ornaments. Even without believing in serpentine symbolism, you can rely on its benefit as an impeccably stylish wardrobe addition.

Antique snake ring

4- From Ancient Benefits to Fun Zodiac Accessory

Snake inspired jewelry is undoubtedly one of the most vigorous themes in our world, maintaining its position for millenniums and possibly for many years to come.

After realizing the history and origins of snake symbolism across civilizations, you have gained an insight on the meaning behind serpentine motifs in the form of body ornaments. You have also learned about the major benefits of wearing snake jewelry. The next time you want to get yourself a new piece of jewelry or to buy a gift for a loved one, you won’t be out of ideas; you can get a snake jewelry that lasts a lifetime and also holds a personal message.

Speaking of gifts, one of the most relevant themes of snake jewelry is the snake spirit animal of the South American zodiac totems, and the native born in the snake year in Chinese astrology. Checkout our extensive collection of snake jewelry for your favorite statement pieces. And if looking for something more casual than jewelry, have a look at this charming ZODIAC SNAKE YEAR T-shirt.👇🏼

Presentation of a snake T-shirt

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