Is Snakeskin In Style?

Is Snakeskin In Style?

Have you asked yourself what makes the snakeskin fashion so popular? How did the snake trend begin? Are there any stylistic rules to wear snakeskin apparel? How is snake fashion looking in the 2020 decade? And while being a vintage fashion icon, is snakeskin still in style? 

My name is Olivia Johnson and I am a professional fashion designer with a passion for snakes and their exotic scales. This made a perfect candidate to write for the Snake Store Team on occasions. Today I want to discuss one of my favorite topics with you; snakeskin and whether it is still in style in the coming season.

Snakeskin is a classic icon; while it keeps popping up under the red carpet fashion spotlight once every few years, it is an ever trendy pattern to style with. However, designers expect to have snakeskin among the top animalier prints throughout the 2020 decade. So yes, snakeskin is still in style. 

For a better understanding of the snakeskin fashion, we go through the following subtopics:

  • Explaining the background of snakeskin and the first introductory brands
  • A look at snakeskin exotic looks in the 60s, 70, and 80s
  • Discussing the snakeskin in modern fashion scenes
  • Rules for styling with the rule-breaking snakeskin accessories
  • Choosing between genuine snakeskin and alternatives in response to animal welfare 

Are you ready to follow the snakeskin trail in the vintage fashion history, and until today’s celebrity wardrobes? Let’s walk through a century of snake glamour together;

Woman with a snake dress

1- Snakeskin in Vintage Fashion

The exotic appearance of snakeskin has been ruling the fashion scenes for over a century now. Although snakeskin was used along with other leathers since a long time ago, its role as a luxury fashion icon came to being by modern fashion brands. Read on to learn an elegant piece of history.

a) The beginning of the snake fashion

In 1892, Louis Vuitton made one of the world’s most sensual travel accessories ever made, by introducing a genuine snakeskin travel trunk. Being released in Paris, the pulsating capital of 19th century fashion, the snakeskin’s wild appearance grabbed the attention of both fashion connoisseurs and designers. This was the first push to upsurge snakeskin demand in the fashion market.

The trend then traveled to Italy, adding to the exotic perspective of the world’s finest leather artisans. The result was presented in snake leather shoes, handbags, and belts, crafted from reptile scale patterns.

Although the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th century was still dominated by aestheticism principles; when artists and fashion designers followed mostly the classical beauty standards, which left the rule breaking serpentine trend for a time to come.

Model snake dress

b) Snakeskin in the Swinging Sixties to Glam Rock Decades 

Snakeskin did not hit the mass market until it resurfaced in the 60s, and this time, it was introduced in a wider spectrum, ranging from undergarments, to pants and dresses, to jackets and even jewelry pieces. The snake scales became the exotic epicenter of fashion. This was the beginning of a two decade journey. Snakeskins slithered its way to the 70s and became highlighted as an iconic motif in the haute hippie trends. 

Inspired by the mass movement of rebellious yet peaceful hippie tribes, the progressive rock ‘n’ roll fashion did not leave the scales behind. Glam rock styles once more put an emphasis on the beauty of snakeskin accessories, by presenting it on the stages and movie screens.  

It is worthy to mention; the snakeskin was one of the few animalier trends in these decades along with zebra stripes, panther spots and tiger hide- in a try for expression of the wild spirit of these transformational decades. 

Black woman snake shirt


2- Is Snakeskin Still in Style According to Today’s Trends?

Besides the ever trendy and timeless appeal of the snake motifs, fashion designers believe the snakeskin will continue as a spotlighted icon throughout the decade ahead. Let’s have a look at the current situation of snakeskin on the red carpets as well as urban scenes.

a) Snake Skin, a Modern Luxury Icon

It is no news that snakeskin has made a strong reappearance in the past few years, along with other vintage styles and looks. The world’s largest fashion brands and chic boutiques have displayed their most recent trends so far, which included an extensive section dedicated to snake patterns. On the other hand, celebrities have been making their mark in eye-catching snakeskin bags or boots or even a whole makeover; with a dress, an Irish brim hat, and a pair of stilettos, all with matching python print like Rihanna’s.

Snake Shoulder Bag

b) Snake Skin in 2020 Decade & Fashion Brands

 Starting back in 2017, the snakeskin trend has been getting more and more attention. Gucci, Versace, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen are the flag holders of snakeskin accessories. Some of these brands even run their own fashion-related snake farms to supply a humane source of leather to their customers. Our article on Study of Snake Leather takes you through the entire process of snakeskin from the wild jungles to department stores.

In 2021, snakeskin shoes and boots have been dominating the footwear market, sided with snakeskin handbags and overcoats. Summer sandals, winter booties and even office shoes with snake morphs stand at the core of this season’s animalier prints.

Snake jewelry has also been taking a part in the trend in several small or elite brands. For instance, Bvldgari’s ever growing Serpenti Collection has been bewitching men and women by the beauty of a snake and its shining scales with the help of precious stones and metals.

Woman snake kissing

Although there are modern styles as well in the snakeskin wardrobe, the modern snakeskin accessories are a part of the revival movement in haute couture, starting in the year 2020; such as these snakeskin boots that are made with the stylish nostalgia of the 80s. 


3- Styling with Snakeskin Prints in This Season

Luckily, fashion designers in today’s urban culture leave much space for personal preference and expression, while still highlighting the seasonal trends. Snakeskin has a tendency to call attention to itself, so it must be used carefully to style, without overdoing and silencing its effect by inappropriate color combination or adding too much detail. Have a look at the snakeskin styling rules below.

a) Get Creative but Follow the Rules

If you have a bold side and want to stand out, chances are you would want to slip into a snakeskin head to toe, well, Rihanna style. As a fashion designer, I don’t recommend it at all! Not only does it take its sensual effect away, it is overstated and your style ends up looking rather stark. 


Snake print chiffon dress sitting
You can always choose a dress like this bodycon snakeskin mini to glam up your party look, or even get into a breezy chiffon maxi for a casual summer wear. Whichever you choose, make sure to keep your makeup subtle and in tune with your dress color, while using simple handbags and footwears on the side. This helps you to keep the snake patterns the star of your styling show, and letting it be easy and pleasant on the eye.


Or you can just add a hint of reptile patterns to your look, by including a minimal touch of snakeskin to your outfit. A snakeskin handbag tucked under your arm, crossing your legs with a sexy pair of boots, or calling the attention to your waistline with an exquisite snakeskin belt

I personally prefer minimal approaches, not only is it the modern way of styling, but it also offers a hidden representation of your wild side with a refined tone. 

Snakeskin Bag and Woman

b) Does Snakeskin Fashion Suit You?

If you are the one to follow the most up-to-date fashion trends then definitely yes! Snakeskin accessories are a safe bet; they are sitting behind the top fashion brand windows and still guarantee to remain a timeless icon for future use.

In case you are a vegan, or an individual who respects animal’s lives and wellbeing, genuine snake leather shouldn’t be a drawback; you are not alone in this matter! Cruelty free is a Huge pointer for many trendsetters nowadays. For example, Chanel was one of the first few brands to go exotic animal-free and use faux alternatives.

Woman Snake Shirt

Snakeskin is essentially a bold styling motif. If you like to make a statement with your outfit, snakeskin accessories would compliment your taste. So if you haven’t tried it yet, start with seasonal looks on a small scale and see how it goes for you. 


4- Redefining Your Wardrobes with Snakeskin Fashion 

We saw how the snakeskin found its way into modern fashion, from the first stylish trunk box in France, to the bohemian hippie trends with snake patterns, to rock n’ roll celebrity displays. Isn’t fashion history fun? This information could be your chance for a classy and impressive conversation opener at your next cocktail party. 

You have gained an expert view on the snakeskin trend in 2020’s and also its stylistic rules. If you are fascinated by the exotic and bold look of snakeskin accessories, there is only one thing left to do; reinventing your wardrobe! 

Are you looking for a snake print dress? Or searching for snakeskin swimwear to add even more heat to your summer days? Discover the Snake Clothes Collection with boundless stylistic choices. 

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All our products are made from cruelty free material and follow the fair-trade standards, as a house rule and for the comfort of our environment conscious shoppers like yourself. 


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