Snake Dreams: The Complete Guide

Snake Dreams: The Complete Guide

Wanting to find out what do snakes symbolize in your dream? Does the snake represent evil, or they are considered lucky? Why do people dream about serpents? What does psychoanalysis have to say about snakes’ appearance in a dream? Most importantly, what does dreaming about snakes mean?

My name is Hannah Bennet, and I am a dream interpreter, and a theologist on snake symbolism in both scientific and cultural basis. I am also a correspondent of the Snake Store’s research team. Besides my facilitated knowledge about snakes, years of research have provided me with deep insights into the serpentine symbols and that these creatures transcend beyond ordinary in many aspects. Allow me to share a comprehensive outlook on a dream in which you saw a snake, by recognizing psychological elements and cultural Oneirology.

Dream of snakes is an indication of a notable subconscious warning, that ranges from negative implications such as fear, lurking danger and deception, to positive meanings like healing of a toxic cycle, rebirth and transformation. Such meanings are extracted based on details and plots of a vision.

This dream guide walks you through the following subtexts;

  • An outlook on a snake dream and its relationship to human psyche
  • Emblems and feelings in the snake dreams as one of the recurrent dreams worldwide
  • Snake dream interpretations based on details, scenarios, and emotions involved
  • Psychoanalysis aspects of a dream according to Freud and Jung
  • Snake dream symbolization across different religions and cultures Numerology and serpentine visions

Without further delay, let’s decode the message that your snake dream has brought to you; 

snake dream

An Introduction to Snake Dreams

We go through various phases when we sleep. REM sleep is where we experience our nightmares and dreams. Our brain is fully active at this important sleep stage as it processes all the information collected and stored during the day. Our brain is racing at full speed, but we are asleep and unaware.

Dream analysis is a minefield of knowledge that we can go some way to understand if we interpret correctly. Oneiromancy is the discipline that studies the interpretation of dreams and should not be confused with clairvoyance. Some think our dreams are linked to our unconscious mind and often have hidden meaning that can benefit those who can interpret them. There is a plethora of dreams with a multitude of different esoteric meanings. Among all these dreams, one topic interests us today: dreams that involve snakes. 

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1- Snake Dreams

  • What do snake dreams mean?
  • Snake dreams and waking life / real life
  • A unique symbolism

A) What does the Serpent's Dream mean?

The snake is one of the most frequent animals to feature in people's dreams. Snakes are complex symbols that have both positive and negative meanings. Many strange dreams are linked to your unconscious response to past and present situations. Disturbing memories or childhood traumas may appear in your dreams as a snake. Similarly, a snake dream can reflect a complex situation in your waking life.

Snakes sometimes symbolize transformation or fear. Dreaming about a snake can signify you fear something in your waking life. It can also act as a warning of impending change. Every snake dream means something different, depending on the dream's context and events. Although the snake may be considered an evil symbol in some cultures, in others it symbolizes life progression when it appears in a dream.

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B) What does it mean when we dream about snakes?

Dreaming about a snake reflects a situation you are currently experiencing in your life. It is a sign you have to face reality! Some believe seeing a snake in your dream is your subconscious mind sending you a message pushing you to react to a situation you face regularly. A snake image symbolizes your inner power. This type of dream could represent an emotional event you are experiencing in your life.

Most cold-blooded animals that feature in dreams represent destructive situations in the dreamer's real life. You may be anxious, bitter, or fearful about something, and experiencing harmful feelings. It is believed that dreaming about any type of animal represents your personality.

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C) Snake Dreams and their Unique Significance

It should be noted there are not one but many types of snake dreams. Some people have similar dreams, and their meanings are well known, but other snake dreams are rare.

The meaning of a snake dream can differ depending on how the snake appeared to you, your culture, and how you feel about snakes in real life.

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 2- The Serpent's Dream

A) Interpreting Snake Dreams

i. Fear of Snakes

To interpret snake dreams and understand their meaning, it is important to consider your personal snake experiences. Snake dreams will mean something different to a snake owner compared to someone who is afraid of them.

It is sometimes difficult to ignore the initial fear someone has for snakes to analyze their dream. Remember, depending on your feelings toward snakes, snake symbolism can be positive or negative.

ii. Snake Dreams and Culture

To interpret a snake dream, consider how it is perceived in your culture. The snake symbol is important in many cultures, whether it’s positive or negative. Therefore, your cultural background may affect how you interpret your snake vision.

white snakes
iii. Analysis of Snake Dreams

It is important to understand the details of dreams and to analyze and understand your snake vision. You must first ask some essential questions to interpret your snake dream:

  • What type of snake appeared in your dream?
  • What color was the snake you dreamt about?
  • What was the snake doing when it appeared to you?
  • How did you feel during the dream?
  • Apart from the snake, was anything or anyone else in your dream?
  • When you have considered these questions, the information will be like an unsolved puzzle. You must fit the pieces together in the correct places to understand your dreams. 
iv. Sensations during your Snake Dream

Many people have snake dreams, but every dreamer’s experience will hold personal meaning. Seeing a snake in a dream can symbolize different things depending on events happening in the individual's life. Furthermore, no two snake dreams are the same: each is a unique vision.

How you felt during the dream is also important. You don't need a psychotherapist or psychologist to interpret your dream. If you clearly remember the dream, you can think about aspects of your life that may have inspired the dream. Let intuition guide you as you try to understand the meaning of your dreams. If you apply these suggestions and look deep inside yourself, you will solve any questions about your dreams. Share your dreams with others and listen to their dreams, this could provide answers and ideas you haven't considered.

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B) The Recurring Snake Dream

It is normal to see a snake in our conscious mind and not be aware this has occurred; hence this may be the reason for your recurring dreams. You may have this dream after seeing a statue, image, or snake on television. Rarely do we remember our dreams, we usually forget them when we wake up. It's a positive sign if you remember a snake dream.

You may frequently visualize snakes in your dreams, which could be a sign that you are currently experiencing something in life that is positive or negative. As we know, the snake can symbolize both good and evil. Snake dreams often happen when a dreamer has experienced a period of struggle, which can generate stress, anxiety, and neurosis. However, snakes will also appear in your dreams when you are happy and fulfilled with life, including love, family, and work matters.

If you cannot link your regular snake visions to your current reality, try looking to your past. For example, a past trauma may return to haunt you. You could try to deal with these issues by journaling or counseling, otherwise, they will remain unresolved and may appear in your dreams. 

snake and moon

C) Dreaming of a Snake: A Very Popular Dream

Snake dreams are the most popular dreams of all time.

We spend almost 25 years of our lives dreaming, so it is not surprising that we will dream about a snake at some point. In real life, we rarely encounter snakes, so the fact we unconsciously see snakes in certain situations is fascinating and perhaps explains why this dream is so popular.

Our brain remains adapted to prehistoric life: it is trained to detect potential threats in our environment. That's why we sometimes think a stick on the ground, or a coiled cable looks like a snake. You will rarely see a real snake in real life, but even thinking this cable looks like a snake is enough to release this animal into our subconscious

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3) Dreaming of a Snake: Meaning

The symbolism in snake dreams is personal to the dreamer, but these dreams often have common themes which may help to solve some of the mystery surrounding our dreams.

  • Snake Dreams and Being Afraid
  • Snake Dreams: A Warning
  • Snake Dreams, Growth and Transformation
  • Snake Dreams and the Subconscious
  • Snake Dreams and Erotic Dreams
  • Snake Dreams, Knowledge, and Wisdom
  • The Snake: A Symbol of Healing
  • Fighting with a Snake

A) Dreaming of a Snake and Feeling Fearful

Snakes can be scary reptiles and snake dreams can signal trouble ahead. There may be a problem in real life that requires your attention and immediate reaction, for example, you may be afraid to admit true feelings to someone so you may dream about snakes.

The image of a snake can cause fear in some people. They are unpredictable creatures and can strike without warning. Dreaming about a snake may represent something in your life that is unpredictable and out of control. It may be happening now, or may soon appear in your life, or the life of someone you know.

If you fear snakes in your waking life, chances are you will also fear them in your dreams. A snake dream represents something or someone in your life that you fear and wish to avoid. This vision encourages you to overcome this fear. But if the snake you fear runs away from you, it means that whatever you fear is imaginary and will never materialize.

If you don't fear snakes and they appear in your dreams, it means that you are facing your fear with no problem and can overcome it. You face your problems and do not avoid them. You may already be aware of the problems referred to in your dream.

viper attack

B) Dreaming about a Snake: Is it a Warning?

Sometimes snakes are difficult to see and hide in bushes, which can symbolize a betrayal and/or hidden threat. They wait for the perfect opportunity to act. If you are bitten by the snake in your dream, this may signify something you are not aware of, that has yet to surface in real life. Visualizing a baby snake in your dream means the threat is underestimated. If the snake is dead or you kill it, this is a sign that the threat has passed or has been overcome.

A snake dream can act as a warning signal, just like the rattlesnake's tail if you get too close. Dreaming about snakes may mean you are avoiding a potential problem, especially if the snake saw you, but remained still and did nothing.

As a metaphor, the snake in your dream may represent an evil person in your real life, if it attacks, bites, or tries to eat you alive . The snake sometimes transforms into a human form, a sign warning you not to trust this person.


C) The Serpent, Growth, and Transformation

i.Transformation and the Ouroboros

With the ability to shed their skin by molting, snakes symbolize transformation. If your snake dream left you feeling positive, it represents positive change, self-renewal, growth, knowledge, and wisdom.

Ouroboros, the snake that bites its tail, represents eternity and transformation. It devours itself and is eternally reborn. If this snake appears in your dreams, it means you are evolving through a period of self-questioning or that you need to self-question to move forward in your life.

Wear jewelry featuring this mythological serpent to always remind yourself that it is important to question ourselves.

If the snake your dream transforms into another person, this may be a sign that you need to give up a bad habit. Similarly, dreaming about a snake shedding its skin means you are experiencing a form of transformation, and progressing as a new person, which may be a negative and positive process.

snake shedding skin

ii.Transformation and Transcendence

A serpent can symbolize transcendence to a higher level of consciousness. The serpent represents the awakening of Kundalini, the energy that coils from the base of the spine to the head, so you grow spiritually.

Snake imagery sometimes signifies a life change or renewal. If your life is currently difficult, then dreaming about a snake may represent your unconscious mind attempting to accept your hardship. Fighting with the snake in your dream means you are struggling with change.

Transformation of your life energy into creativity is another positive interpretation of your snake dream. This increases your potential in your waking life, or for solving a problem.

snake dream pink

D) Snake Dreams and the Subconscious Mind

Visions of a snake can sometimes represent your subconscious mind. If you dream about a snake swimming in the water, this may reflect your repressed emotions. Dreaming about a snake in a box may signify your refusal to recognize a part of your subconscious mind.

This snake dream may represent a hidden warning or message from your subconscious mind. Snakes appear in your dreams when you are not in control of your emotions; they represent the real-life issues causing you stress, sadness, or anger.

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E) Snake Dreams and Erotic Dreams

According to the famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, the snake is a phallic symbol representative of the male sex. Freud theorized that snake dreams are closely linked to your unconscious sexual desires.

Freud believed that dreams featuring a snake represented a person's sexual drive. This is relevant if you dream of a snake in a carnal environment such as your bedroom, and it appears to crawl over you, or tries to bite your neck or back. A snake biting you in this situation is calling you to fulfill your desires. These snake dreams may also involve a spider which refers to anal fantasy.

If you are a woman, these dreams represent your libido and may refer to a person you are attracted to in real life. These snake dreams relate to your love life and the male figures drawing you into your most secret dreams.

If you are a man, these dreams represent your sexual desires, and the snake is symbolic of a penis. Your snake dream is linked to your sex life and may reflect your own manhood experiences. You may have difficulty expressing your sexuality, satisfying your sexual needs, or may suffer from impotence that prevents you from reaching orgasm.

Finally, less symbolic but more bizarre is that dreaming of having sex with a snake shows you are hungry for sexual satisfaction.

red snake

F) Snake Dreams, Knowledge and Wisdom

Some Native American or Asian cultures believe snakes represent wisdom. Snake dreams may signify your search for knowledge or answers.

G) The Serpent: A Symbol of Healing

The snake is symbolic of healing and recovery in some cultures. After all, venomous snakes are the key to the antidote for their own venom, and many manufactured medicines contain snake venom. The Caduceus with one or more snakes is the symbol of many medical professions, therefore, snakes represent recovery and protection from certain diseases.

Snakes also represent transformation when they lose their skin. They discard something old and unclean, to transform it into something new and pure, similar to your body eliminating a disease.

Snake dreams may mean that you or someone you know will soon recover from an illness (physical or psychological) that has lasted some time. 


H) Fighting with a Snake

Snakes ferociously defend their territory and fight when they feel threatened. Snake visions in your dreams may reflect your fight for what you want, to avoid loss. Your dream may be a reminder to keep fighting any problems and don’t lose hope. 

snake tongue

4- Aggressive, Malevolent, or Morbid Snake Dreams

  • Dreaming of a snake chasing you
  • Dreaming of a snake attacking you
  • Dreaming of fighting with a snake
  • Dreaming of a snake biting you
  • Dreaming of a snake being killed
  • Dreaming of a dead snake
  • Dreaming of a venomous snake
  • Dreaming of a snake eating a human
  • Dreaming of falling into a snake pit

A) Dreaming of a Serpent Chasing You

You may feel fear and anxiety when you dream of a snake chasing you. This vision reflects something or someone in your waking life who you are trying to avoid, or escape. Your unconscious mind wants you to confront an unpleasant situation you have been avoiding, it may refer to a work task or a medical check-up that needs attention.

Dreaming of a snake pursuing you may also indicate that you are holding back from speaking your thoughts to hurt someone. You may want to end a relationship and you're worried about how the other person will react. This dream may also reflect feelings of entrapment in a situation from which you see no escape. 

A snake biting you as it chases you is symbolic of the need for you to address a situation or individual that you are deliberately ignoring, or there may be trouble ahead. 

If the dream involves you chasing the snake, this could mean you want to draw attention to someone or something that you perceive to be ignoring you. This could be a person or an immaterial concept such as success, wealth, or love.

Presentation of one of our snake bikinis


B) Dreaming of an Attacking Serpent

If a snake attacks you or someone else in your dream, this could be linked to your fragile mental state. Any feelings of anxiety or stress you are experiencing may be symbolized in this type of vision. 

If a snake attempts to attack you, your reaction decides the meaning of the dream and your ability to meet challenges: flight or fight. If the dream involves a snake attacking another person, it means a friend will hurt you.

snake around the neck of a scared man

A dream where you’re under attack from many snakes means you should pay more attention to a potentially harmful situation. You may enter an unhealthy romantic relationship even though you know you should focus more on yourself.

This dream is also symbolic of a spiritual revitalization, signifying that after this bite, or "electroshock", echoing an important experience, will cause you to be stronger when facing life’s difficulties.

C) Dreams of Fighting with a Snake

If you dream of fighting with a snake, for example in a lucid dream, this could mean you are resisting change or a situation in your life. It may relate to something you don't want to happen, or something you tried to avoid, has happened.

If the snake is fighting you in the dream, this suggests positive influences will take over your life. If you dream you are hitting a snake, this signifies you successfully defeat enemies who intended to cause you harm.

Painting of men chasing by snakes in a forest

Injuring or abolishing all the snakes in your dream shows your ability to handle hostile people.

D) Dreaming of Serpent that Bites You

Dreaming of a snake bite usually signals an aspect of your life will radically change.

i. Dreaming of Snake Bite
If a snake bites you in a dream, it means you have doubts about a real-life situation. The snake bite represents your anxiety. It may be that something from your past or present is bothering you, that you're consciously or unconsciously ignoring.

It can also represent feelings of paralysis or entrapment you may experience in your life, and you need a solution or courage to act. This difficult situation may be harmful if you don't act soon. Waking with a burning sensation where the snake bit you in the dream could suggest a serious problem.

ii. Dreaming of a Snake Biting Someone else

To some extent, seeing a snake bite someone else serves as a reminder of past difficulties you endured. Try to put the past behind you and move on with your future. Seeing snakes biting someone else in a dream also serves as a reminder that you cannot fix others.

By focusing on your self-confidence and rebuilding your life, it is possible to be proud of your scars and past problems. Having a snake bite mark on your body or dreaming of bite scars can remind you not to lose focus on your daily tasks.

iii. Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Left Hand

A snake bite on your left hand represents a weakness in your life or feelings of vulnerability in someone's presence. You want to overcome the fear that this person will cause you harm.

Snake bitting a man hand

You may also fear making a bad decision and have mental health worries. Try to confront your fears and overcome them. Focus on being independent and you will be less afraid of hurt or betrayal. Whatever happens, you will have the confidence to continue living life on your terms.

iv. Dreaming of a Snake Bite on the Right Hand

Dreaming of a snake bite on your right hand signals an upcoming negative experience. You can't avoid it, but you have the strength to overcome it.

A snake bite on your right hand also symbolizes how you view your life goals. According to Chiromancy, the art of palm reading, the right hand represents life! A deep snake bite on the right hand could show hidden behavior, related to you or others.

v. Dreaming of a Serpent Biting Legs and Feet

A dream about a snake biting your legs may indicate that you need to take time out to think about your entire life.

Dreaming of a snake biting your feet may reflect that your unconscious predicts a positive, major transformation. Feet represent balance and them being bitten signifies change.

snake ready to bite the foot of a man
vi. Snake Bites and a Toxic Person

Dreams about a single or several snake bites can also mean a toxic person intends to hurt or entrap you. This dream implies that your unconscious mind wants you to act.

These dreams are often signs that you may, or will be, in a dangerous situation. You should be motivated to leave this situation as soon as possible, to avoid falling into someone's trap.

However, if the snake bite is not fatal, the dream refers to the inspirational benevolent models in your life. If you dreamt of a fatal bite, this signals an enemy is close by. 

E) Dreaming that You Killed a Snake

If you dreamt of killing a snake, this is a positive sign demonstrating your ability to overcome fears and obstacles. You will have the courage to move forward on a less difficult path. Killing a snake in a dream also represents a great opportunity to improve yourself above others. This dream symbolizes your defeat of all the problems that once stood in your way.

A feeling of satisfaction after killing the snake reflects something in your waking life that needs to be overcome for you to achieve fulfillment. If you feel guilty, there may be a dilemma that you cannot solve or remove.

Killing a snake in your dream usually represents a real-life struggle. Killing a snake in your dream may also predict you will avoid danger. For example, by ending a toxic relationship with someone who brought you more harm than good, before they are dangerous for you.

Some traditions and cultures believe a dream about the killing of a snake symbolizes marriage. Such a vision can signal your upcoming marriage or that of someone close to you.

The killing of two or more snakes in your vision is a sign that you are in danger from enemies who want to harm you. Try to ensure you are not being deceived by someone you trust.

Ouroboros ring presentation

G) Dreaming of a Dead Snake

Contrary to belief, dead snakes in dreams are positive signs. Visualizing a dead snake and not having killed it symbolizes that deception, temptation, or fear will soon end. It represents impending change or new beginnings in life. This vision reveals that what this snake means to you in real life, will soon end. You just have to discover what this animal means to you.

These dreamlike visions are signs that any present evil in your life will vanish and give way to a sea of positivity. Your fears will gradually decline, and your life will improve. 

So, if you dream about dead snakes, it's a sign everything will be okay, and don't worry. 

Dreaming of Various Dead Snakes

If you dream of finding a dead snake cut in half, this indicates you should try to adapt better to social situations.

If a woman dreams about a dead snake biting them, it could signal a warning that they’re about to suffer a negative experience involving a friend. This dream usually predicts evil in various forms and stages. For a man, the warning refers to not wasting time on trivial matters.

If the snake is injured, it may be a sign that difficult times lie and trouble ahead.

snake eye yellow

H) Dreaming of a Venomous Serpent

i. The Serpent: A Symbol of Fear

Seeing a poisonous snake in your dream is symbolic of your deepest fears. Similar to the Medusa in Greek mythology, a beautiful woman in a reptilian body and snakes for hair; you too have contradictory feelings within that will affect your inner peace. It’s important you try to forget the past, focus on the road of self-healing to understand these feelings and resolve the internal conflict.

ii. Toxic Relationships and Snake Dreams

Seeing a poisonous snake in a dream signifies the possible presence of a dangerous person in your life, or you are that person. This snake dream signals you should know the toxic behavior of those around you or check how you behave.

Dreaming about poisonous snakes can also symbolize a 'toxic relationship'. You may believe the person you love improves your life, while the opposite is true. Think and identify who that person might be as soon as possible, then keep your distance while you analyze and understand the relationship.

iii. Dreaming of a Snake Spitting Venom

A vision of a snake spitting venom at you symbolizes a negative influence in your life that affects you even when you are apart. This dream may be a warning that negative people with negative thoughts surrounded you. Such negative thinking will hinder your spiritual growth.

This dream may therefore encourage you to leave this negative environment or risk harming yourself, because of these negative influences are associated with positive people and your life will change for the better! 

cobra spitting venom

H) Dreaming of a Serpent Eating a Human

If a snake swallows you in one of your dreams, this could mean you should consider why you're having negative thoughts. Try to be more aware of the real world around you and focus on happiness and love. Keep it simple and enjoy breathing every day.

If you dream of a snake surrounding your body, this could represent your feelings of being trapped in a claustrophobic relationship.

Being swallowed or eaten by a snake in a dream can be symbolic of the upset you have caused to people around you, so for a while, maybe you should keep your distance. 

I) Dreaming of Falling into a Snake Pit

Falling into a snake pit in a dream is a warning sign. The snake pit represents your worries in life and since snakes can symbolize difficult times, this dream relates to how others perceive you. Are you happy with how your work is received? Falling into a pit full of snakes indicates you should rethink how you approach work relationships. 

snake eye orange

5- Dreaming of a Particular Snake

The type of snake you dreamt about also means something, as every snake symbolizes something different. It's therefore important to identify the snake in your vision. 

  • Dreaming of a Particular Species of Snake
  • Dreaming of a Colored Snake
  • Dreaming of a Special Physical Characteristics

A) The Significance of Dreaming about a Particular Snake Species

i. Dreaming of a Viper

A viper dream indicates threatening forces exist in your professional life. If the snake is attacking you, it symbolizes your enemies surrounding you to find your weaknesses and attempts to ruin you.

The viper in your dream refers to a friend or relative with whom you will face problems (often money-related). A viper in your dream can also mean someone close has betrayed you, this could be your life partner or business partner.

These dreams represent a dishonest person in your close circle and warn you to be careful when trusting others. If you are running a business with a friend, it may be a sign that they are betraying you and being deceitful.

blue viper
ii. Dreaming of an Asp

The modern anglicization of the word ‘Aspis’ is ‘Asp’, which refers to one of the many species of venomous snakes found during antiquity in the Nile region. Dreaming of an Asp is a negative sign for a woman, it signifies she has enemies who want to cause her harm. For a man, this dream is a sign he will overcome all difficult problems.

To entertain herself, Cleopatra tested a wide range of deadly poisons on convicts and animals. She concluded the Asp bite was the least terrible way to die.

boa snake
iii. Dreaming of a Boa

A Boa Constrictor kills its prey with suffocation, and these dreams are often a sign that a period of upheaval will soon enter your life. Visualizing this snake in your dream could represent a situation from which you have few choices to leave, regarding a relationship or career. If the boa is choking you in your dream, the real-life situation may be more serious than you first thought.

Killing a Boa Constrictor represents you escaping this "blocked zone" and improving your life. This is a positive dream symbolic of your ability to overcome any difficulties you face and highlights your strong character. This vision can also show your desire and ambition to dominate someone and defeat them with unbearable pressure.

The presence of a boa constrictor in a dream can also symbolize feelings of repression and suffocation linked to a relationship or sex.

iv. A Snake Dream with Ringing Sounds

A rattlesnake is an extremely venomous snake that shakes its tail as a warning. Seeing a rattlesnake ringing in a dream represents a significant threat to your life and warns you to prepare for the unknown. Dreaming that this snake bites you symbolizes a great threat in your life, and the situation may deteriorate.

v. Dreaming of a Python

A python dream symbolizes your sexual desires as this snake relates to a phallic symbol. If you dream of having sex with a python, this represents the person you are sexually attracted to. 

A dream that features a python crawling on your body represents your wild sexual desires that are yet unfulfilled, or you are becoming uncontrollable.

vi. Dreaming of Wild or Domestic Snakes

A wild snake in your dreams symbolizes part of your life is getting out of control. This snake represents health and relationships. 

Seeing a pet snake means you are regaining control of your life, overcoming difficulties, and a positive transformation is taking place. A domesticated snake indicates you have moved through difficult situations and defeated all obstacles in your path. Keep up the good work!

If you dream that someone is trying to hurt your pet, it may reflect they are attempting to disrupt your transformation.

cobra snake
vii. Dreaming of a Cobra Snake

The presence of a cobra snake in your dream highlights the importance of engaging with your deep energies and the bitterness you feel due to past problems.

Visualizing a cobra is often viewed as representative of your personality. To aid interpretation of these dreams, it is important to understand the surrounding environment, and how you felt when you saw the snake.

snake earrings presentation

B) Dreaming of Colored Snakes

i. Dreaming of a White Snake

Dreaming about a white snake holds more special meaning than seeing snakes of other colors. White symbolizes purity, positive feelings, good intentions, and a pure heart. A white snake dream predicts a new beginning for you. As white snakes have a positive meaning, this dream could refer to the purest part of your soul.

ii. Dreaming of a Green Snake

Dreaming about green snakes represents hope and connection to your soul. It shows you have experienced inner conflicts and will soon resolve them yourself. Always focus on your peace within, not someone else’s.

From a spiritual viewpoint, green is linked to nature and growth in life. A green snake dream may inspire you to rethink your focus and spiritual development

green snake
iii. Dreaming of a Black Snake

A dream that features a black snake symbolizes darkness and danger in your life. This may be a sign for you to be cautious of potential danger or is an unconscious reaction to real-life depression or sadness you are experiencing.

You may deal with some emotional distress unconsciously, perhaps you have not recovered from a relationship, or you may feel guilt or regret. The vision of a black snake usually represents a bad relationship or bad energy in your life, but it can also be a financial warning. Be vigilant of the people around you and your finances.

iv. Dreaming of a Gray Snake

The gray snake is of dull color and appearance, so it symbolizes the real-life boredom and loneliness you experience. The color gray represents difficult feelings. It is a shade that lies between black and white and therefore also signifies the balancing of different life situations. Gray snakes also refer to the symptoms of aging and a person’s anxiety about this.

grey snake
v. Dreaming of a Red Snake

A red snake dream represents intense passion and even sexual passion but also warns of potential danger. If you visualize a red snake, examine your real life for possible links to your dream.

vi. Dreaming of a Yellow Snake

Dreaming of a yellow snake symbolizes your inner light, intuition, wisdom, and intellectual abilities. A yellow snake dream signifies your intuition is guiding you towards the resolution of a problem. Again, try to connect this dream to the real-life problem.

vii. Dreaming of a Brown Snake

A brown snake dream represents your strength and independence. It signals rebirth and a new beginning in life.

If you dream of a peaceful brown snake, this suggests you can succeed in life and can survive anything. If the snake is aggressive, it represents anger at yourself, or a tendency to be easily annoyed or enraged. The snake can also symbolize a dominant or annoying real-life friend. Visualizing a two-headed brown snake suggests that your mother or grandmother may have problems.

Dreaming about a brown snake under your bed reflects that you are currently experiencing a period of contemplation and self-introspection.

mulitcolored snake
viii. Dreaming of a Multicolored Snake

The appearance of a multicolored snake in your dream indicates you may be lucky in love or find your soulmate soon. You may form a deep bond with someone new, leading to a long and stable relationship.

C) The Significance of Dreaming about a Snake with Special Physical Characteristics

i. Dreaming of a Coiled Snake

The Greeks believed that the coiled snake symbolized healing. This is derived from the Staff of Asclepius, a symbol of the medical world, so this dream interpretation is clear! Visions of entangled snakes signify a need to take care of your health. Try to eat well and improve your diet.

ii. Dreaming of a Two-headed Snake

Few ever meet a two-headed snake in the real world - 1 in every 10,000 snakes has this physical characteristic - but they are very common in dreams. Two-headed snake dreams represent the dreamer’s real-life repressed fears and difficulties.

A two-headed snake dream suggests you are torn in two different directions, or your actions and ideas may be counterproductive. It signals a need to re-examine your problems and be more confident and decisive in moving forward in life.

Killing a snake with two or more heads in your dream means you are prepared for all future obstacles. If that snake was chasing you, it means you cannot handle more problems. Indeed, a two-headed snake dream can represent a threat that will double in size and a bad experience will be twice as bad as before.

two headed snake

Greek and Roman mythology often linked the two-headed serpent to demonic entities such as the Hydra of Lernae who was killed by Hercules. Therefore, a two-headed serpent dream has a mysterious meaning linked to your safety. This dream represents multiple dangers and threats hanging over you, as symbolized by Hydra’s multiple heads which grow back when cut off.

Dreaming about a two-headed snake may also reflect a difficult encounter or conflict with someone you once cared about. You may have hurt this person and they are now planning revenge. If you know the person in question, try to solve any outstanding issues before it gets complicated. Communication is the best solution.

iii. Dreaming of a Big Snake

Dreaming about big snakes can represent intrigue and danger lurking around you, but can also predict recovery or gaining new knowledge. Such dreamlike visualizations often reflect cunning, evil, or fall. 

Dreaming of a large black snake can serve you an important lesson and how you learn this lesson in real life, could affect future events. This dream inspires you to carry out your life’s mission, but you must first face your phobias and overcome internal obstacles.

iv. Dreaming of a Little Snake

In a dream, small snakes represent opportunities for success and inspire awareness of an impending opportunity, perhaps in your professional or personal life.

black snakes

6- Dreaming of Multiple Snakes

  • Being surrounded by snakes in a dream
  • Snakes around you and false friends in a dream
  • Snakes and Energy in a dream

A) Being Surrounded by Snakes

A dream where you're surrounded by snakes, falling on snakes, or having snakes fall upon you, can represent anxieties in your life. Being surrounded by snakes symbolizes the many possibilities you face so you can move your life forward. Dreaming of multiple snakes not only highlights these opportunities but also signals your concerns for the future.

snake swimwear presentation

B) Serpents Around You and False Friends

This dream can be disturbing, as surrounding snakes may represent false friends. This dream can mean that you are among people who are fake, and don't deserve your trust and friendship. You also know this to be true in your heart.

tribal snake

C) Dream of Snake and Energy

Dreaming of numerous snakes can signify an abundance of energy. It refers to the overflowing fountain of energy within you that you do not use and may be linked to sexual energy or wisdom. If you fear the many snakes surrounding you, this dream may be symbolic of something in real life that you find overwhelming. It may be linked to an emotion, positive or negative energy, a task to be accomplished, or a situation where you are losing control.


7- Dreaming of Snakes in a Specific Situation

  • Snakes in a Specific Situation
  • Snake Dreams when you are Pregnant

A) When you Dream of Snake in a Specific Situation

Dreaming of a snake that doesn't see you represents a message that your subconscious is trying to reach you. You or others may be deceitful in real life and your subconscious mind wants you to treat people as you wish to be treated.

If your dream featured a snake charmer or someone controlling a snake, this represents possible gossip about you in the future.

If you dream of a salesperson trying to persuade you to buy a snake or snake oil, this symbolizes you may be a victim of fraud. For example, someone is promoting a fake medical cure and you may, or have already, fallen for it. In real life, someone could be trying to sell you a get-rich-fast plan, but it’s a fake.

An angry snake in your dream means someone in real life is extremely angry with you and may hurt you. You can try to figure out the angry person represented by the snake; observe and analyze the snake’s behavior in your vision and compare it to the behavior of people around you.

Dreaming of snakes transforming into different animals or objects symbolize the likelihood of you overcoming all difficulties as they arise.

snake charmer

B) Dreaming of Snakes when You’re Pregnant

Dreaming about snakes during pregnancy is a sign of good luck and symbolizes a healthy, safe pregnancy. The color of the snake during pregnancy dreams can also hold various meanings:

  • Dreaming of a black snake while pregnant means you are carrying a baby boy.
  • A white snake means you are expecting a baby girl.
  • A red snake represents luck, or maybe someone close is getting engaged or married.
  • A green snake symbolizes health and fertility.

Seeing a baby snake in your dream represents the light your child will bring into your life. 

If you dreamt you or your children were playing with a snake, this shows your ability to decipher between good and bad people in the future.

white snake

8) Dreaming of Harmless Snakes

  • Dreaming of eating snakes
  • Dreaming of talking with a snake
  • Dreaming of a snake running away
  • Dreaming of a snake coming out of the body
  • Dreaming of touching a snake

A) Dream of Eating Snakes

If you dreamed you ate a snake, it symbolizes your happiness and contentment with life. However, this dream can also represent a sexual desire you feel for someone you shouldn’t, such as a friend’s husband, a boss, or relative, dissatisfaction with your sex life and the desire to fulfill your fantasies with this person.

Eating a snake in a dream relates to your internal feelings and can also represent your desire for sexual satisfaction if you (or your partner) are impotent. Eating snakes may also reflect your need for a new sexual partner.

eating a snake

B) Dreaming of Talking with a Snake

If you dream of a snake speaking to you, it means your unconscious is sending you a direct message. Hearing a snake talking to you may highlight your misunderstanding of a previous snake dream, and so you hear the meaning this time. You may think it strange to dream of a snake talking to you, but it wants you to grow spiritually, so listen carefully to its words.

The snake is a wild animal and is often associated with danger when it features in dreams. It signals negative forces in your subconscious mind that can threaten your inner peace. When you dream about a snake talking to you, it is a direct message for you to manage your anxieties. If the snake spoke words in your dream, this relates to your instinctive wisdom, and your mind wants you to stop and think before rushing into dangerous situations.

Similarly, a snake speaking to you in a dream also symbolizes you finding your life's purpose. If you already know your purpose, this dream may suggest you are drifting on another path and need to remember your purpose. You can interpret this dream’s message as a need to recognize and clarify the negative energies emanating from your unconscious, so that your life may continue peacefully. 

Presentation of a Snake Bag


C) Dreaming of a Runaway Serpent

If you visualized a snake running away from you, this symbolizes an enemy or competitor in real life who is trying to, but can’t, cause you harm. Think about who the snake may represent, so you are wary and prepared in case it attacks you again. However, this dream also shows that you are stronger than the enemy and can defeat it with little effort.

If you dreamed the snake hurt you and then escaped, this symbolizes a weak enemy is waiting for the perfect opportunity to launch an attack on you. You should be extra cautious about who you trust.

D) Dreaming of a Snake Leaving the Body

The dream that features a snake leaving your mouth shows you have successfully abolished harmful thoughts and attitudes you held about others from your mind. It can also mean that you have eliminated harmful substances from your body, for example, junk food, drugs, and alcohol.

snake wrapped around leg

E) Dreaming of Touching a Snake

A dream where you feed or play with a snake symbolizes you are a hard worker, and you need to rest and recharge your mind. 

If you are standing next to a snake, catching, or handling it in a dream, this suggests you need to devise a strategy to overcome an obstacle. Snake manipulation in dreams also indicates a person is attempting to deceive you in real life.

If you dream you are peacefully walking on snakes, it means you can soon change certain things, including your destiny. It also suggests that universal justice, also known as Karma, is at work and you will soon know the outcome, for better or worse.

A dream where you avoid or let a snake pass by is a sign that your efforts will assist in defeating life’s obstacles. 

If a snake is crawling on your chest or near you in a dream, this suggests someone close to you is untrustworthy and will try to betray you. This is a warning that you care about the wrong person. Try to discover who this person is, try to remember the snake's color and behavior, and compare it to your close circle of friends.

Dreaming of a snake wrapped around you or someone else suggests you may be in a powerful position in the future, which will be quickly removed.  

touching a snake

9) Dreaming of Snake in a Particular Place

  • Dreaming of a snake in a house
  • Dreaming of a buried snake
  • Dreaming of a snake on the ground
  • Dreaming of snake in the grass
  • Dreaming of a snake in a tree
  • Dreaming about a snake in a car
  • Dreaming of a snake that flies
  • Dreaming of a snake in the water
  • Dreaming of Swimming with a Snake

A) Dreaming of a Snake in a House

If you dream about a snake inside your house, this may refer to what your house means to you. It can be your home, or it may refer to your family, responsibilities, finances, or the most intimate aspects of your mind. Dreaming about a snake in your house can mean many things:

  • Family problems: there may be discord with one of your children, or you may suspect your spouse is being unfaithful.
  • If you don't live with your family, the snake may represent your negative feelings about a landlord or roommate.
  • Financial problems are worrying you.
  • You are unhappy in your current home and wish to move.
snake in a house

B) Dreaming of a Buried Snake

Dreaming of a snake appearing from rocks or earth symbolizes an abundance of hidden energy being released into your body. It can symbolize various energies at work, including wisdom and sexual energy, and may refer to your body going through a process of transformation and healing.

C) Dreaming of a Snake on the Ground

If you dreamed the snake was on the ground or a carpet, this suggests that any bitterness and emptiness you feel will soon pass. As snakes live on the ground, this could also mean that you should try meditating to reconnect and ground yourself in life.

python on the grass

D) Dreaming of a Snake in Grass

Visualizing a snake in grass or sand relates to a specific situation or person who could potentially harm you in reality.

This dream symbolizes that someone in your professional or personal life is trying to get close to you, but their intentions are not honorable. It acts as a warning to be careful who you trust and do not easily confide or share personal information. Again, analyze the snake’s behavior in your dream and who it may represent in your waking life. 

However, visualizing a snake in the grass can also be a sign that you will receive upsetting news which will cause you frustration, depression, and regret

E) Dreaming about a Snake in a Tree

If you dreamed of a snake climbing a tree, this could mean you will soon gain knowledge or money. However, if the snake came down the tree, you may soon lose money.

snake in a tree

F) Dreaming of a Snake in a Car

A dream that features a snake getting into your car represents someone or something wants to disrupt your peace and happiness. Dreaming of a snake getting out of your car suggests you won’t be disturbed anymore.

G) Dreaming of a Flying Snake

If you dream about a snake flying or floating in the air, this suggests a conspiracy may be at work within your circle of acquaintances. You may be involved, but you’re not necessarily the target.

This dream also symbolizes someone is being extremely brave and you should commend them for overcoming their anxieties and fears. 

flying snake

H) Dreaming of a Snake in Water

If you dream about a snake in water, this is symbolic of emotions. Such a dream may be a frightening experience as we often have no control over our underwater dreams which seem to occur in slow motion.

Dreaming about a water snake usually represents life's influential emotions and feelings that you are not aware of or concerned with. Water snakes also represent threats or fears, and your potential to heal from emotional upheaval.

If the snake dragged you into the water, it may mirror reality in that you briefly stopped breathing. A snake dream is often a warning linked to a potential threat or strong emotions and feelings. 

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I) Dreaming of Swimming with a Snake

Your reaction to the snake and the type of water plays a key role in understanding this dream. Muddy or dirty water may symbolize emotions including confusion, nervousness, or embarrassment. Contrary to this, clean water represents feelings of joy, excitement, and happiness.

If you and the snake were swimming peacefully together in your dream, this represents positive and easy control over your emotions. However, if you feared the snake or it tried to drown you, this could mean emotions control and overwhelm you.

swimming snake

10- Serpent Dreams and Psychoanalysis

Snake dreams are not merely fanciful ideas, they have long been recognized as an important area of scientific research. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are renowned psychoanalysts who wrote extensively about snake dreams. Dream analysis explores the world of the psychic and everything connected to the psyche.

Freudian analysis stated snake dreams related to the expression of unconscious personal sexual desires, while Jung thought these dreams represented common cultural symbols in the unconscious mind.

A) Snake Dreams by Sigmund Freud

A Snake Dream and Emotional Passion

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, believed snake dreams were linked to specific areas of emotional passion. He believed the dreamer needed to reconcile and accept their personality because of overwhelming sexual desires.

Western history sometimes suggests that snakes represent evil, for example, the snake in the Garden of Eden, but Freud thought this dream symbolized uncontrolled passion. If you dream of a snake inside a corpse, this is linked to unfulfilled desires or passions in your waking life.

sigmund freud
The Freudian Serpent: A Phallic Symbol

According to Freud, a snake appearing in a dream represents a phallic symbol, the male penis, and signals an erotic dream. A snake symbolizes male energy linked to sexual desires, such as temptations, raw sexual energy, repressed thoughts, and forbidden sexuality.

Freud thought dreaming about a snake in bed mirrored feelings of being threatened or sexually dominated, or you are nervous or inexperienced about sex. Fear of the snake reflects fear of sex, intimacy, and commitment. If you dream about eating a live snake, this suggests you are seeking sexual fulfillment or intimacy. This dream means you are emotionally deprived, and your life lacks passion and sensuality.

Freud believed your interactions with the snake in your dream relate to your sexual feelings. This interaction is linked to your real-life snake experiences. 

jung and freud

B) Snake Dreams by Carl Jung

The Jungian Serpent: An Archetype of Dreams

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, believed a hidden zone exists in our unconscious mind, known as the archetype. An archetype is a symbol that appears in dreams which have several meanings. Jung believed the snake to be an archetype.

According to Jung, the same archetypes appear in everyone’s dreams and form a collective unconsciousness. An archetype varies in importance from one person to the next as it refers to the unconscious mind. This explains the popularity of snake dreams, but different interpretations depend on the individuals experiencing the dreams.

A dream involving a snake symbolizes danger. Jung believed a wild animal appearing in a dream meant the dreamer would gain greater knowledge and this success would be achieved by the longer, harder path, not the shorter, easier route. 

The goal is not only the destination but also the journey and obstacles overcome along the way that help you develop. This dream represents dangerous experiences that assist you in overcoming future problems and obstacles. According to Jung, snake dreams symbolize the end of a problem.

caduceus blue
Dreaming of a Molting Serpent: A Healing Symbol

The appearance of a serpent in dreams also relates to healing and life force, and Asclepius’ Stick is still used today as a symbol of the medical world, the Caduceus

Jung believed the snake’s ability to shed their skin and form new skin symbolized transformation and healing. A snake transforms from an old torn skin to a new one so snake visions reflect your healing from physical and/or psychological wounds.

Jungian theory promotes the idea that the snake’s skin shedding also represents important life changes you have to experience to enjoy positive times in the future. 

Snake Dreams: Consciousness and Instinct

In Jung’s book about the theoretical and practical interpretation of dreams, he analyzes the snake dream in great detail. He agreed with Freud's theory that the snake itself represented a phallic symbol and everything that follows. 

However, Jung interpreted the dream involving one or more snakes as the balance between the uncontrollable impulses (Evil) and natural sexuality (Good) of the dreamer. This has resulted in most people adding aspects to their snake dream that are likely to influence the dreamer’s sexual power.

Jung fundamentally believed the snake itself represented our real-life consciousness, a reproduction of our real-life experiences linked to our personality and inner energy. Therefore, he viewed snake dreams as symbolic references to a threatening aspect of the conflict between our conscious mind and our instinct.

snake and woman

11- Snake Dreams in Different Cultures

As previously mentioned, different cultures interpret snake dreams differently.

  • Dream Dictionaries
  • Chinese
  • Ancient Cultures
  • Egyptians
  • Christians
  • Greeks
  • Aztecs
  • Islam
  • Hindus

In modern western society, we watch cartoons, television shows, and movies where snakes are often portrayed as deceptive, or the villain.

Let's explore the various cultural and religious meanings attributed to snakes worldwide. We will review the most prominent ideas that are present in many cultures, reflecting the effects of snake symbolism all over the world.

snake necklaces selection


A) Dream Dictionaries

'Dream books' and 'Dream dictionaries' originated in the 1930s in the western world and offered analysis and understanding about dreams. A dream that featured a snake was initially personified as a relationship problem.

These publications believed dreams where a snake was wrapped around your body related to being trapped in a toxic relationship, marital difficulties, and pending divorce. But happiness would eventually replace these negative situations. Dreaming of a snake on a corpse represents sexual acts, but it can also symbolize control over your libido.

dream dictionnary

B) Chinese Interpretation of the Snake Dream

Chinese culture links snake imagery to intelligence, manipulation, and mystery. Contrary to Christian and Islamic interpretations, the Chinese culture does not relate the snake to evil connotations. 

The Chinese interpret a snake dream as symbolic of your real-life inner strength, personal growth, and empowerment. If you dream of a snake turning into a dragon, this reflects power and growth and signifies you are changing and growing spiritually.

If a snake attacks you in your dream, this represents endurance and mental strength. This dream is saying you are ready to face unexpected challenges.

Chinese snake

C) Dream Interpretations of the Serpent in Ancient Cultures

Many ancient cultures viewed the snake as a symbol of immortality that reincarnated after renewing its skin. This is also associated with the famously symbolic Ouroboros, the snake that bites its tail. Circles and spirals represent eternity.

Many ancient cultures symbolized the Ouroboros as a god surrounding the world or the tree of life, protecting and keeping it intact. Snake dreams have always had a strong connection to spirituality, signifying creation (including the union between a man and woman), creation, reincarnation, the cycle of life, and wisdom.

D) Egyptian Interpretations of the Serpent Dream

According to Egyptian mythology, an Ouroboros and his infinite movement created the world. This mythical snake made all creation and the god Ra. 

Ancient Egyptians believed snakes had supernatural powers and healing abilities, as symbolized in dreams where snakes appeared. The Egyptians also believed snakes were manifestations of their gods, and represented messages from the gods, premonitions, and omens, in these dreams.

Egyptian snake

E) Christian Interpretations of the Serpent Dream

Christian traditions sometimes perceive the snake as the devil based on its presence in the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Most Bible interpretations view the serpent in the garden as a symbol of sexual desire and the loss of human purity.

According to Christian and Jewish traditions, snake dreams are often viewed negatively. Firstly, the snake is a symbol of deception, but dreaming about snakes is also associated with sexual desire and in particular, desires you are ashamed of. 

Christian interpretations of the snake often refer to a dark omen that causes worry and creates evil. This assumption links directly to God’s creation of the serpent to tempt Adam and Eve.

According to biblical beliefs, visualizing a serpent in a dream is linked to Satan, forbidden knowledge, and temptation. Such a dream could mean that you’re unaware of a malicious person close by. 

adam and eve

F) Greek Interpretations of Serpent Dreams

Greek mythology viewed snakes as respected creatures linked to healing. The ancient myth about Aesculapius said his domesticated snakes crawled over the bodies of the sick at nighttime and cured their illnesses. Therefore, the Staff of Aesculapius is the symbol of medicine, and sick people who dreamt about snakes often saw these as signs of hope.

G) Aztec Interpretations of Serpent Dreams

The Aztec culture is one of the most mysterious in the world and believed its primary gods were snakes, symbolizing creation, health, and vitality. The god-king Quetzalcoatl was often represented in snake form, as a benevolent god who introduced his people to wisdom and knowledge.

Aztec culture values the importance of snakes, as portrayed in their snake statues and building designs. The Coatepec or "Hill of Snakes" was considered a holy land and was believed to be the god Huitzilopochtli’s birthplace.

The Aztec people did not fear snakes or their presence, but instead admired them and their venomous power to kill. The Aztec empire revered snakes as an entity and respected their dreams.

aztec snake

H) Islamic Interpretations of Snake Dreams

Dreaming of the Serpent and its Significance in Islam

Islam and Hadith consider the snake a vicious creature representative of an unknown danger. If you are chased or bitten by a snake, or they are in your home in a dream, this signals that you need to focus on a negative or unfortunate aspect of your life. 

Alternatively, if you possess or dominate a snake in a dream, this symbolizes your power and ability to overcome difficult situations.

If a snake swallows you in a dream, this could signify you reaching a powerful position in your life, while killing a snake means you will marry soon. If you dream about controlling or killing a snake, this suggests you are ready to confront all future threats.

I) Hindu Astrology and Interpretations of the Serpent Dream

In Hinduism, dreaming about a snake is a positive thing. Their god Shiva wears a snake around his neck symbolic of his control over dark forces. Therefore, many Hindu snake meanings relate to the concept of control in snake imagery.

If a dream features you eating a snake, this suggests you will be blessed with a child, or material wealth.

Dreams about catching or chasing a snake are a sign you will be victorious over competitors and enemies while killing a snake is bad luck.

A snake dream can also represent the awakening of Kundalini and the positive energy that runs through your spine, which you must control to rise spiritually.  


12- Serpent Dreams and Lottery Numbers

Did you know a link exists between snake dreams and the lottery? 

There is a spiritual link between a lottery number and a snake dream. Dreaming about a specific number of snakes is a sign you should play that number and try your luck. However, it's also possible to select your numbers if you visualized just one snake! Some dream books say you should play these numbers if you dream about the following snakes:

  • Viper: 67
  • Green Snake: 34
  • Red Snake: 23
  • White Snake: 13


snake infinity

Snake Totems and Protection Jewelries

After learning about the relationship of serpentine dreams and the psyche, you can decode such dreams for yourself and family based on deep-seated psychological aspects. You also have gained a detailed knowledge of scenarios and emotions that may have cropped up in a snake dream.

While some dreams are born from psychological aspects translated by Jung and Freudian psychoanalysis, others are considered divine messages that each culture interprets differently.

Furthermore, you are now familiar with the relationship of snake dreams with number interpretations. All these factors put together, you are now an expert in translating snake dreams, and able to provide the right advice for yourself and loved ones, based on these rather significant subconscious messages.

Spiritual decorations have been a part of several cultures. Shamanic snake totems were demonstrated into the forms of temple arts and jewelries to imply protection from the sacred reptilian soul.

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If you want to know more about the meaning of serpent dreams, click on the image below and discover many articles covering in detail each snake dream, according to the different religions or the behavior of snakes during these night meetings👇🏼
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