Snake In Dream Meaning Hindu

Snake In Dream Meaning Hindu

Have you been dreaming about snakes? What do the meandering reptiles signify in different dream scenarios? What is the spiritual interpretation of serpents in general? Do Hindus consider snakes as good luck charm, or a warning sign in a dream? What does snake dream mean in Hinduism

I am author Pourandokht Mazaheri, a member of serpent- specialized Oneirocriticism of Snake Store team. Before getting to my academic journey, my personal eagerness grew as I found the powerful signs that snakes carry in our lives; whether through history, cultural symbolism, and even in our dream words. Snake dream is one of the most common visions, disregard of the person’s cultural orientation. Today, I will share with you a detailed interpretation of snake dream according to Hindu culture.  

In the Hindu dream book, a snake may prophecies worries and troubles in life. Although depending on the sequence of events and the forms of interactions during a dream, it may predict victory, shedding the old self or receiving a lucky snake bite. In any case, Hindus consider snake dreams as exceptional.

This article is a cultural take on snakes in Vedic studies, covering the following contexts:

  • A glance at the history and cultural roots of snakes in Hindu culture
  • Unconscious dream symbolism of snakes
  • Interpreting dreams according to variant of dream circumstance including actions, colors and feelings involved in a dream

Let’s have a closer look at the snake dream interpretation, according to Hindu scriptures.

1- History of Snakes in Hinduism 

The Hindu religion, which is called Sanatana Dharma, commenced about 4000 years ago near the Indus valley in subcontinent India. Initially, the Aryans were the followers of this religion. These ancient people's philosophy, religion, customs, and norms are documented in Vedas. The Naga (snake) is well known in a semi-divine mythological culture of Hindus, a half-snake and half-human form, and they could also shift their shapes and take on complete human or snake form interchangeably. 

Kashyapa, the son of Hindu God Brahma, had four wives, according to Varaha Purana. His first wife was the mother of Devas, the second gave birth to Garudas, the third to Nagas (snakes), and the fourth was the mother of Daityas (demons). His third wife was known as Kadroo, so that the Nagas are also known, according to their mother, as Kadrooja. She gave birth to one thousand Nagas. Some well-known names were Sasha, Vasuki, Takshaka, Anant, Kalia, Aswatar, Padma, Kanwal, Karkotak, Pingal, Kulik, Shankh and Mahapadma. 

The Hindu God Brahma expelled the Nagas from his kingdom when they became populous and harmful for humans on Earth. So the snakes frightened and promised to change and then requested to give them a place, so lord Brahma advised them to move to three netherworlds Sutil, Vital, and Patal. 


2- Snakes in Dream 

Generally, if someone dreams of a snake, it is taken as a sign of unconsciousness. Further, it reflects as you are moving towards betterment in resolving issues and the healing process. Seeing snakes in dreams is also associated with an image of untapped resource. Your spiritual aspects are also represented. When you are in a state of transition and transformation, you usually dream of snakes. Yet when you are in difficult times and dealing with disconcert situations, you might dream of a snake. 

3- Interpretations of Snake Dreams 

If you wake up with fear when you see a snake in your dream it usually indicates that you are dealing with some hard times and uncertainties in your real life. However, if you see a snake in your dream as friendly or neutral, you are handling the fears of assurance that means the process of healing is taking place. According to the culture and mythologies, there are so many different interpretations of snake dreams, such as Greek mythology, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Biblical, Nordic, Roman, and Hindu mythology. 

If you have dreamt about snakes, they are not always considered a sign of negativity, but in Hinduism, both negative and positive connotations are associated with it.


4- The Hindu Interpretations of a Snake Dream

In the Hindu religion, snakes are commonly associated with rebirth, death, and mortality. But Hindus have different and own kinds of interpretations of a snake dream. In the Hindu religion, the snake is symbolized as Kundalini Shakti, which means a strong life force

According to Hinduism's mythology, a snake dream symbolizes that your dangerous enemies in your life might harm you. They might harm your character and life. Swapna Shastra is an ancient text of Hinduism which contains a detailed analysis of dreaming snakes. It is considered good to dream of snakes according to that. Swapna Shastra has a vivid account of the study of snake dreams. There are so many following connotations of seeing a snake in a dream according to Hindu mythology:

  • Wild snake

A wild snake in your dream has negative connotations such as worries, fear, and a sense of losing control of something. Whereas if you dream about a pet snake, it represents the positive aspects in your life. 

  • Fight with snake

If you see yourself fighting with a snake in your dream, it symbolizes stifling change and struggling with a decision or emotions. Besides, in your life, you will struggle in your career or relationships. 

  • Chased by snake

If you see a snake is chasing you in the dream, it indicates that you are facing intense conditions in your life, and your senses are haunted by it. It further means the emotions you avoid in real life are coming back at you. 

  • Attacked by snake

In a dream, if you see yourself attacked by a snake, it shows that you are going to face some challenging confrontations in your life, and it is interpreted negatively.

  •  Snake spit at you

It negatively influences your real-life when in your dream, a snake goes on to spit at you, and it is most challenging to tackle. It indicates you might have a toxic relationship or poisonous words and rumors about you. 

  • Talking to a snake

If you had a dream in which you are talking to a snake, that means you are in the struggle of understanding higher knowledge of the world around you and about yourself. Further, the mystical nature you want to receive and how much potential you have this realization. It indicates that you will attain new possibilities in your life. 

  • A black snake 

You see a black snake in your dream when you are stressed, and this is a symbol of positivity. In the Hindu religion, the black snake is associated with rebirth. It indicates the revival in your relationship, your job career, your education.

snake attack

  • Snake bites you

If a snake bites you in your dream, that is considered a positive sign and fortune for the dreamer and an indication to cure disease. 

  • Dead snake

A dead snake in a dream conveys the meaning of demise of fear, deception, trick, and any kind of negativity from your life and brings a positive change in life. These kinds of dreams have an optimistic effect on the dreamer. 

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  • Many snakes

Seeing lots of snakes of different kinds indicates abundance in your life is waiting for you. You might gain knowledge, wisdom, sexual energy, financial prosperity in your life. In contrast, when you see many snakes in a pit and are frightened, it is considered harmful to your life. 

  • Dream snake while pregnant

If a lady is pregnant and sees a snake's dream, that is a sign of good luck for both mother and baby and symbolizes a healthy pregnancy.

  • Catch a snake

If you see a dream in which you are catching a snake, that has a positive meaning that you will have victory over your adversary. 

snake catching
  • Killing a snake 

It is considered unlucky or misfortune for you in life if you are killing a snake in your dream. You may face grief or anxiety because some frightening situation is prowling in your life. 

  • Snake falls on you

It is a caution that you might fall sick or suffer any disease, or it may predict struggle if you dream a snake falls on you.  

  • Snake climbs a tree Or crosses the path

Seeing a snake climb a tree or cross your path in your dream, according to Hindu scriptures, it symbolizes fortune in your life. 

  • Snake in water 

If you see a snake in water in your dream, that means it has a refining impact on your life from any form of negativity. 


5- Attract Luck and get the Devine Vision

You have probably been seeing snakes in your dreams, or have heard your friends and families speak about their serpentine visions. In any instance, you can now interpret the snake dreams in detail and discover what these nighttime messages have in store.

With a deep understanding of the history and cultural roots of snakes in Hinduism, you could connect the links better and even interpret additional symbols involved in dreams by connecting the dots- the very same way professional oneirocriticism works.

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