Top 10 Snake Rings Of The Latest Fashion Trends

Top 10 Snake Rings Of The Latest Fashion Trends

Are you looking for the most popular snake ring designs? Which snake jewelry makes you stand out? Vintage editions or modern silhouettes; which is the perfect snake ring to match with this season’s trends? And above all, what are some of the top snake rings on the market?

I am James Adams, a stylist and fashion designer, and a member of the Snake Store® team. Among the most sentimental fashion accessories, snake rings hold a special place. They are unique, meaningful, eye-catching and easy to style with. While there are several designs, finishes, materials and colors of snake rings on the mainstream market, I have decided to share the top ten snake rings to help make the best stylistic decision.

Here is a quick overlook of our favorite list and top seller snake ring varieties;

  1. Snake Ring Silver
  2. Snake Ring Sterling Silver
  3. Snake Ring Womens
  4. Diamond Snake Ring
  5. Silver Serpent Ring
  6. Gold Snake Ring
  7. Black Diamond Snake Ring
  8. Cobra Ring
  9. Snake Ring Vintage
  10. Serpent Stone Ring

Still not sure about which snake ring to choose? Read all the practical details, styling tips and symbolic keynotes of each of our favorite snake rings below;


Top 10 Snake Rings Trends

Ever wondered what your friends and family would think while shopping alone for rings? If yes, then this list is made just for you.

Snake rings are one of the most ancient jewelry, retaining their popularity until today. Following the store’s legacy, these ring jewelry pieces have been among the most popular picks on our Online Shop. The entire collection is designed on a common ground between adroitness of our craft masters, esthetics of desirability and a metaphor of serpentine movement. Each piece combines graphic lines to capture the perpetuity of snakes and to imitate the reptile in the motion.

Choosing between the practicality of a ring and its beauty features is a common dilemma when shopping for rings. Even after having all the details, you may still require a second opinion to help you make a final call. This article is gathered to highlight the bestselling and top ten snake rings based on their popularity, to find your stylistic match that comes with both meaning and stylistic sense. In addition to the rings, we have also included a few styling tips for each design to get the best out of your favorite ring.

Snake Ring Silver Presentation

1- Snake Ring Silver

Minimalism is a modern trend and go-for style, particularly when it comes to jewelry. Snake Ring Silver edition is styled with minimal lineation and diminutive details, which lets the lustrous shine of its sterling silver material standout even more. The intentional lack of detailing and sleek outlines of its design offers a seamless feel for everyday use, without getting caught in the fabric of your clothes or into your hair.

This ring is designed in a way that catches the light by the movement of your hand, creating a sparkling sense of movement of its own. The curvaceous lineations of its silhouette and the luster are combined to breathe life into the essence of the ring’s spirit animal; a visual illusion of a slithering snake that wraps around your finger with the graceful attribute of a mysterious snake.

The single coiled snake ring is a modern portrayal of ancient Greek snake rings. The similar designs adorned the hands of Hellenic men and women as an omen of good health and wisdom.


Snake Ring Sterling Silver Presentation


2- Snake Ring Sterling Silver

Another allegiance to the modern minimalism admiration, Snake Ring Sterling Silver edition, offers fluid lines that are masterfully forged into a two coiled serpent. The ring is constructed with premium sterling silver and finished with glossy sheen. In order to highlight the precious sinuosity of the serpent, this artisanal craft has been made with a rondure silhouettes with only curves and no sharp angulations.

This silver ring adds an elegant statement that is compatible with a variety of attires including office outfits to bold urban casuals to an attention grabbing party look. Similar to all minimalist designs, it comes with a generously comfortable feel and perfect for everyday styling.

The two coiled snake rings were popular among the upper class of the Roman empire; where this design inspiration materializes to existence in the artistic hands of contemporary artisans. The cultured society of ancient Rome considered these rings to symbolize eternity of love and ever regenerating youth and wellbeing, remarks of which have remained until today.

Snake Ring Womens Presentation

3- Snake Ring Womens

A fabulously complex and sophisticated creation, Snake Ring Womens edition owes its popularity to its spectral-colored and light emitting character from myriads of tiny cubic zirconia. It is one of the store’s most exemplary craftsmanship, combining lustrous silver, opalescent gemstones and a coiled beauty. The head of the snake is adorned with two emerald green oval zirconia instead of its eyes. To bring this spectacular vision into reality, it has received hours of intricate work behind the acne, which is reflected through the ring’s boundless elegance.

Shimmering beauty of this snake ring makes it a favorite in the list of our top ten snake rings, and a style staple designed for the active lifestyle. Each piece of stone has been embedded with extra precision for maximum durability, while the comprehensive finesse of the design adds a classy accent to just about any outfit.

Victorians brought back the snake rings and its meaning, which was left to only to the history books after the roman era. although the Victorian versions were elaborated with more detailing and luster added through multitudes of small and oversized gems. Snake Rings Womens is a revival style itself, influenced by the extravagant embroideries of the Victorian snake rings, favoring emeralds gemstones over rubies and seizing a promise of love as its symbolism.

Diamond Snake Ring Presentation

4- Diamond Snake Ring

Diamond Snake Ring recreates a rattlesnake in a mixture of precious stones and metals that are blended together with a playful symmetry. Starting from the head, each side is marked with an endearing oval eye engraving in sterling silver, and enameled with intricate lines of midnight blue zircon gems. At the center, a line of snow white opalescent zirconia gives a perception of equilibrium to the upper shank of the ring. The fluid lines end at the tail that is encrusted with a fine complex of gems to impersonate the snake’s precious rattle.

The immense details and refined look of the Diamond Snake Ring nominates it for special occasions and best worn with blue, navy, yellow and gold tone apparel. This timeless accessory is made with daring creativity for styles that are bold and revolt fashionably against conformity.

While the design may refer to Victorian origins for its lavish detailing and generous use of gemstone, rattlesnakes were a popular element in Aztec art and jewelry. They were worn in the honor of their most powerful deities, and worshiped as a “vision serpent” that beheld an otherworldly wisdom.


Silver Serpent Ring Presentation


5- Silver Serpent Ring

Silver Serpent Ring is a unique edition for the admirers of rugged jewelry aesthetics with a vintage finish. It is handcrafted with high-quality sterling silver and inspired by a pit viper’s majestic scales. The snake’s head features explicit details with tone-on-tone shadings. further down, the convoluted lines of the ring create a mirage of a gracious snake that moves around your finger.

The monochromatic aesthetics of the ring allow you to match it with other statement rings or wear it with outfits that are adorned with a glossy finish to create a harmonious contrast. The rich shading of this ring is suitable for any classic colors like red, white, and tan.

One of our most popular unisex editions, The Silver Serpent Ring draws its inspiration from ancient Egypt, where it was given the emblems of royalty, and god-like affluence.

Gold Snake Ring presentation

6- Gold Snake Ring

The Gold Snake Ring is a dainty edition, created to cast an irresistibility charm over the wearer. This beautifully made snake ring is crafted from sterling silver, which is plated with gold for timeless appeal. The minimal silhouette of this snake ring is textured with abstract and miniature lines on the back that represent its scales. With a fluid and unattached profile, this ring is designed with adjustability to fit almost any finger dimensions.

The sleek look of the aureate snake ring is a perfect edition to your styling wardrobe and while being especially stackable for mix and match creativity. If you want this ring to be the center of the show, pair it with black or emerald green outfits. Metallic and silver attires are my next matching suggestion with aureate jewelry, followed by gold.

This ring re-envisions a vintage roman ring through modern lenses. It can be gifted and worn as a symbol of eternal love, infinity, and fascinating desire to the fullest. To wear this ring, it shows the pride in stylish boldness that appears with a seductive undernote.

Black Diamond Snake Ring

7- Black Diamond Snake Ring

Cushion cut zircon gems are the protagonist in the Black Diamond Snake Ring’s design, integrated with the natural sinuosity of the most precious reptile. This masterwork is a hybrid of parquetry of glistening black gems with pave setting over lustrous sterling silver.

This sophisticated ring can create a melodic contrast with silver and sparkling diamond rings with sleek contours- in case you are looking for stacking rings. It could also complement any light shades of your favorite clothes, as well as black outfits.

Black diamonds and serpentine emblem of this statement piece narrows down to a symbolism of authority, prestige, strength and zeal. All these emblematic remarks put this ring forward as a perfect gift for your special person. It boasts similar richness of technique that was present in Victorian craft mastery, although perfected through contemporary style standards.

Cobra Ring Presentation8- Cobra Ring

It is said that every ring is a bridge of communication between your inner and outer worlds. The Cobra Ring is one of the most prominent motifs in today’s snake ring market. It is a sign of audacity in every aspect of its design, much in harmony with the spirit of modern youth. A striking cobra risen to the heights of its dangerous beauty, the two coiled complexity, and its vintage-style polish, all contribute to the timeless appeal of this statement ring.

The rugged and sturdy design makes this sterling silver edition a perfect companion from dawn to dusk wear and complimentary to every occasion with its high performance DNA. The silver reflection of this design can create beautiful and smart contracts with several colors; black, burgundy, gray scales and light shades of purple and pink.

This sterling silver ring is an inspirational take from the royal jewelry of ancient Egypt. Hooded cobras were found on the crown of kings and queens of Kemet. The striking cobra figures are repeatedly used in history as a symbol of authority, divine wisdom and sensualism.

They are also famed for their bold romance rituals. Therefore, a hooded cobra carries strong motifs of seductive desirability and allure which you can add to your overall look by wearing this ring.

Snake Ring Vintage Presentation
9- Snake Ring Vintage

Snake Ring Vintage Edition reimagines the natural beauty of a rattlesnake. It is handcrafted with masterful techniques to evoke the dazzling aesthetics of a vintage statement piece in sterling silver, mixed with contemporary elegance.

The exquisite ring plays with subtle symmetries in its design; it showcases a two-coiled serpent that forms imperfect and perpetual circles. The top shank is adorned with sleek scale engravings on one line, followed by a rich lapidary with seaweed green zirconia diamonds on the other. This pattern repeats twice until reaching the minimally embellished rattle tail. The lustrous shine of the pave setting gems creates a refreshing contrast with the rings’ vintage finish. The interior is worked with a smooth subtlety of silver to cater maximum comfort while wearing.

The intricate detailing and its ageless luminosity is excellent against plain color clothes, or even serpentine patterned dresses; this styling brings out the detailed perfection of the ring. Green, black, yellow and smoky tonalities stand a better chance against the tinctures of silver and its green gems. This ring is a must have for stylish wardrobes with both casual and sophisticated outfits.

A modern symbol of rebelliousness, the rattle Snake Ring Vintage expresses your unconquered spirit without limits.


Serpent Stone Ring Presentation


10- Serpent Stone Ring

The Serpent Stone Ring holds its popularity for its refined elegance and exceptionally detailed lapidary and ceramic marquetry. It is constructed with a combination of pave-set with turquoise ceramics and green zirconia diamonds and chalice toned sterling silver on the head. The body of the snake is represented by an incomplete circle, which is engraved with rhombus portions that are occasionally decorated with white zirconia gems. The high sheen silver and radiant-cut zircon diamonds turn this ring into an attention grabbing piece as it twirls and dances when catching the light in movement.

Tone-on-tone styling adds harmony, which is a timeless dress code. Besides shades of blue, this ring compliments black, silver, white and gray tones with excellence. The sophisticated design makes it a suitable piece for formal and refined outfits more than urban and casual looks.

The high fashion ring is a revisit to ancient Aztec art, handmade by the modern artists. This adjustable ring includes a symbol of divinity of your look and otherworldly sensualism to your look.

Snake On Woman

Trendy Picks or Rare Editions; What Snake Ring Do You Choose?

The guide to the best-selling rings is a blueprint to tap into the current trends that everyone wishes to have. You are now familiar with the top ten snake rings that range from sleek and minimalist silhouettes, to intricately crafted editions. You can either treat yourself to an on-trend and bold snake ring, or buy a fashionable gift for a loved one that can’t go wrong.

Looking for stackable rings to match with these chart-topping rings? Or want to set your own style rules? Explore the entire Snake Rings Collection here for vintage and futuristic serpentine hand ornaments.

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