Can You Wear Snake Print to Work?

Can You Wear Snake Print to Work?

Do you want to look more stylish at work and wondering if animalier prints are appropriate for office wear? What is the best way to blend snake patterns into work dress codes? Are there any rules for using snake patterns in formal outfits? And with the current snakeskin trends, can you wear snake print to work?

My name is Olivia Smith and I am a fashion designer, specializing in one-on-one style coaching. I am also a writer and a co-founder of Snake Store® Team. Apart from being a hot trend this year, snake print is a timeless pattern in the fashion world and considered forever elegant. Today, I am going to show you how to combine snake prints with your office attire without compromising your professional stature.

You can definitely wear snake print to work, if you keep it simple, formal and practical. Add snake print to your office look in forms of clothes, themed jewelry and accessories like shoes and bags. But remember to choose neutral color over intense tones and select from the range of formal-cut silhouettes.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • An outline of the accessories to consider for your office wardrobe
  • The guidelines and inspirational tips for adding snake print to your office look
  • Snake prints for Casual Friday

Read the following paragraphs and learn all that you need to know about wearing snake skin to office along with a few special styling tips that other people are missing on.

Snake casual dress

1- Guide Your to Introducing Snake Print to a Formal Wardrobe

Since the snakeskin is holding its ground in the fashion scene, many people are trying to figure out how to wear snake print garments to the office. If you share any of these concerns, let’s discuss the wardrobe additions that you need to add this print in a formal wardrobe stylishly.

a) Stride in Style with Snake Print Shoes

Shoes are one of the easiest ways to mix patterns into a formal outfit without stepping over the boundaries of the office dress codes. While snakeskin shoes can add an edge to a formal look, they do not attract too much attention at the first glance. Instead, they offer a light hint of snake trend, and symbolize your elegant taste in fashion- office attire or not! 

You can wear flats and sandals, or go for a pair of snake print booties; well, this  choice mostly is up to the season. And if you think snake prints are too challenging to style with, choose from the single colored and scale embossed shoes which show a milder detailing.

Snake bag

b) Snake Inspired Minimal Accessories

Minimal accessories with snake print are unique, luxurious, and cut right through the rigidity of office outfits. A pair of bangles with sensual snake print over them, or earrings quilted with snake skin patternsis another stylish approach to blend in snake print into your looks.

You could also use neckerchiefs, mono color snake belts with scale embossing or even a bold snakeskin belt, or put on a watch with a scale print wristband. 

c) Snake Print Garments

Once upon a time, animalier patterns were a styling taboo in an office setting. But in 2021, snake prints are accepted to mingle with work clothes. This is because of the running snake print fashion trend and the adaptability of office outfits to versatile designs over the years.

If you are going to glamourize your formal look with snake inspired clothes, I suggest avoiding vibrant and electric colors. Office dress codes are usually within the range of neutral colors, such as khaki, gray scales, black and white tones, and any light shades and cool hues of the main colors such as pale blue.

Always choose your snake print blazer, dress, trousers, skirt and even snake dress from formal designs. Sticking with usual office cuts, like collared necklines or pencil skirts, keep your looks professional.


Snake print is an exquisite pattern to boost your formal look. While shopping, select any of these accessories that have color compatibility with your pre-existing office outfits. This way, you have the right wardrobe for mix and match. 

Snake pants

2- Styling Tips with Snake Print for Work

You have found the perfect snake print accessories and clothes with neutral colors and formal silhouettes. So, what’s next? Styling! Discover how to match up the best look for a runway-worthy office outfit. 

a) Keep It Classic-Chic

The idea behind office dress codes is to look professional and maintain your prestige. A chic appearance is always a plus point, but overdoing it can throw you off your game easily. The best course of action is to keep your looks elegant and classic

Go for standard designs, timeless clean-cut silhouettes and combine them with minimal snake print garments. You can style with a gray scale buttoned shirt, black trousers.

Or just keep it simple on the top and bottom and to add an accent, top them with a formal snakeskin jacket. Like so, you have the subtlety of an office look and the boldness of snake print together in just the right proportion. 

Snake outfit

b) Match the Right Silhouettes

Formal dress code calls for staying away from low cuts, deep Vs, short skirts and anything that may be labeled as skimpy. The best clothes to wear to work are made with structured designs and showing clean lines that maintain your stylistic integrity.

In fact, office outfits are meant to deliver a message of authority and formality. Choosing the right clothes is not just about looking good and stylish, it also affects your professional impression; how you are seen in an office environment by your clients and colleagues.

c) The Art of Color Combination

You are definitely familiar with color matching rules already. But things can get a bit tricky when styling with snake prints. There are several shades in a snake pattern and you may be doubtful about how to pick the right shades

As the rule of thumb, the safest color for pairing with snake print is the dominant color in the pattern; this shade is usually either the darkest or brightest color overtones in the print. For instance, the best colors that go with Burmese python prints are khaki, beige and dark brown, or the best shades for a gray scale snake prints would be black or gray, and white. You can read the complete guide we have posted on styling with snake print.

For a stylish and assertively formal look with snake print, there are three factors to consider; color combination, choosing strictly formal silhouettes, and keeping the details minimal. There is nothing more sophisticated than simplicity, especially when it comes to office outfits. 

Snake top

3- A perfect PickCasual Friday

Styling is not only about shades and patterns, it is also about the craft of combining the right silhouettes according to the occasion.

Wearing snakeskin on Casual Friday is simpler than usual workdays. This is the day that the line of office outfits bends from strictly formal, to business casual. However, you should always stand by work-appropriate clothing. 

This day also permits a non formal twist in your look; ditching the tie, using warmer tones, and even better, slipping into bold snake inspired clothes.

Snake shoes

4- Office-Chic Additions with Snake Jewelry

After reading this article, you have gained a expert’s view on what kind of snake inspired accessories and clothes you need to upgrade your office wardrobe. You have also learned how to match these garments perfectly with office dress codes in order to maintain your professional prestige- whether it is a normal office day, or deciding to show off your bold taste in styling with a Casual Friday outfit. You can now offer styling advice to your colleagues and friends on how to dress with snake motifs for work flawlessly. 

For adding a delightful serpentine twist to your office look, snake inspired jewelry is always an option. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches are office staples of the jewelry world. Although, the best jewelry designs for formal outfits are those with minimal looks, industrial silhouettes and subtle details. Check the assortment of Snake Ring Collection to accentuate your hand with a sensual serpent, and symbolize your authoritative glamour. 

Snake boots

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