What Does Snake Jewelry Symbolize?

What Does Snake Jewelry Symbolize?

What is the snake jewelry trend about? Why is it believed that snake jewelry bears a particular significance? And assuming they do so, since which historic points these meanings have been associated with the snake-inspired embellishments? And above all, what does snake jewelry symbolize?

My name is Author Pourandokht Mazaheri, an ardent snake enthusiast and the writer of Snake Store Team. Throughout my life, I have been trailing the emblematic serpentine traces in art, aboriginal traditions and spiritualism across a variety of cultures- reaching until popular modern culture. Allow me to share my collective knowledge around snake symbolism, its meaning and journey through history and even assisting you to choose the perfect serpentine symbols that represent your inner principles.

Snake jewelry denotes wisdom, transformation, eternity and desire, both in positive and negative connotations. These distinct hints range from the call to forbidden aspirations, to promises of eternal love, to conveying protection from the divine serpents- changing based on the cultural contexts.

In this article, you will explore the realm of serpent-inspired jewelry as following:

  • A glance on the story of snake- inspired jewelry
  • History of realization of snake jewelry as a popular ornament
  • Reviewing the symbolism for each snake jewelry piece in popular culture
  • An introduction on the Snake Store; a treasure trove of snake-inspired art and jewelry.

Let’s discover all the enigmatic details on this trendy jewelry.

Tutankhamun snake

This article explores the metamorphosis of serpentine symbolism and its inspirational jewelry from the earliest human records to today’s most prestigious fashion brands. Read on to discover the meaning of your snake jewelry.

A symbol of renewal and eternity, the snake is back in the spotlight. Snake symbols can be found in sentimental jewelry for loved ones, remembrance, and mourning. While serpent interpretations may depend on the culture, in jewelry it represents:

  • Eternal love
  • Renewal
  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Royalty
  • Eternity

Most people would not want a snake nearby but doesn't apply to wearing and displaying Snake-shaped jewelry - the serpent is one of the most popular symbols in the jewelry industry!

Serpent jewelry is not only for decoration, it is also one of the oldest mythological, historical, and cultural symbols. These pieces of art, especially the Snake Rings, are popular in the jewelry business. Jewelers have been inspired by these mysterious creatures for centuries, leading to a rich abundance of snake symbols across countries and civilizations.

Through civilizations and ages, much meaning and significance have been attributed to serpent adornments! Later in this article, we will focus more on Snake Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces, explore the meanings of these jewels!


1- The snake story in jewelry 

a) An antique symbol

Snakes have been adorning humans since ancient times and their special form inspires innovation in designers when creating these rings, bracelets, necklaces, and armbands.

As many snake rings and necklaces comprise a large amount of gold, it is easier to trace the origins of this antique jewelry compared to most.

Jewelry displaying snake motifs combining enamel and yellow-gold aspects is often linked to the Ancient Egyptians. The excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt influenced the entire world, and snake-shaped ornaments were not created in many societies, including Egyptian civilization.

The snake symbol has always existed in jewelry, and Serpent Symbolism has developed over the past 6,000 years. In Antiquity, snakes represented eternity, wisdom and a guardian spirit. Symbolic of eternal love in the 19th Century, by the end of the 20th century, they came to signify danger. 

snake jewelry

b) The symbolism of snake jewelry in civilizations

Serpent symbolism has originated and evolved over thousands of years. Various civilizations have differing interpretations including; good, evil, renaissance, poison, fertility, and death. Despite some negative historical portrayals of the snake, most hold positive significance.

Strong meanings and associations to the serpent have existed and evolved throughout history:

  • The Pharaohs of Egypt wore snakes as sacred necklaces and believed they represented royalty and divinity.
  • The Romans' interpretation focused on the snake as a symbol of wisdom and eternal love.
  • The Greeks also admired the snake as a symbol of wisdom, and the god of medicine, Asclepius, carried a staff enwrapped in a snake.
  • Further meanings about these slender creatures were created by the Hindus, Hebrews, Afro-Americans, and Native Americans, ranging from revival and transformation to sexuality and desire.
  • Serpent Gods were also held in Mayan and Aztec beliefs and worshipped as gods of knowledge and protection.

Archaeological excavations revealed that a multitude of jewelry with snake designs was worn by our descendants, whether they were worn as amulets for protection from evil forces, bracelets to enable fertility, or for motivation and wellbeing.

snake accessories

 2- The popularity of snake jewelry

The popularity of snake-designed jewelry has increased over centuries because of the famous people who enjoyed wearing it.

a) Queen Victoria's ring

In 1839, history and legend saw the meteoric rise of the snake as a popular jewelry design Queen Victoria was engaged to Prince Albert and he gave her a serpent-shaped ring, representing eternal love.

The queen's birthstone, emerald, was set in this exquisite ring as it was traditional for an engagement ring to bear the wearer's birthstone. This Victorian style is known as  'Acrostic jewelry' and gives the jewelry personal meaning. In 1901, Queen Victoria was buried wearing her beloved snake ring, further inspiring the popularity of snake designs.

Huge admiration for Queen Victoria's ring in England later spread across Europe and her collection included gem-set heads in snake-inspired designs of rings, necklaces, and flexible spiral bracelets.

This jewelry was set with precious stones and mostly destined for the richer classes of society until the Industrial Revolution evolved the process of jewelry design. Production of jewelry items increased in speed and volume compared to the complex hand-crafted process. Jewelry prices also reduced, making it more affordable and available to people of modest means.

queen victoria engagement ring

b) The most famous snake jewelry

In 1968, the jeweler's Cartier made the most famous Snake Necklace for Mexican actress María Félix. Made in platinum, it was embedded with 2473 diamonds! The enameled underside in red, green, and black makes this exquisite piece y reversible.

Since the 1940s, the luxury jeweler Bulgari has used the intricate Tubogas technique to create snake jewelry, including a unique watch-bracelet for the actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Bulgari also designed a belt that could also be worn as a necklace for Diana Vreeland, editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine. In 1968, she wrote: "Don't forget the snake... it should be on every finger and every wrist... the snake is the reference motif in jewelry... You can’t get enough of it".

This is as true now for modern collectors and designers as it was in Queen Victoria's day. Ms. Vreeland is right; the snake is a jewelry motif that will Love and Inspired forever.


3- Snake Jewelry - different meanings

One of the oldest and most famous Mythological Symbols is the serpent, emphasized by its extensive presence in jewelry designs The fascinating fine rope-shaped form is perfect for creating a spiral necklace, an elegant bracelet, or a distinguished ring. Many meanings are attributed to snake-shaped jewelry, as discussed previously. Additional symbolism may apply to three main types of Snake jewelry comprising rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

maria felix snake necklace

a) Snake Ring Meaning

Wearing a simple ring is often symbolic, even more so depending on the finger on which you wear it.

Throughout history, people who mastered the art of forging made serpent-shaped rings and for a long time, rings made from precious metals (gold and silver) were only reserved for the rich and powerful.

Different cultures would interpret this jewelry in different ways, and popular meanings attributed to snake rings include:

  • Eternal Love: As with Queen Victoria, a snake ring can be a symbol of eternal love in a relationship.
  • Oneness of the Body and Mind: The Ouroboros snake ring, the snake that bites its tail, symbolizes internal harmony in the wearer.
  • Power: In Eastern and Egyptian (pharaoh) cultures, powerful leaders often wore snake-shaped rings made from solid gold to symbolize their fearsome and dangerous power. 
snake ring vintage

b) Snake bracelet meaning

Snake bracelets are a timeless part of human civilization, and most people have worn this jewelry design.

Snake-shaped bracelets were inspired in history by the characteristic shape of this animal. Snake bracelets date back to Ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamian Civilization in 3000 BC, which is the current Middle East.

Snake bracelets hold different physically and spiritually meanings compared to rings and necklaces, including :

  • Resistance and Transformation: Our ancestors may have led us to believe that those who had been close to death because of illness, fights, or snake bites... symbolized this experience by wearing a snake bracelet. It can also represent survival and transformation, as signified by the snake's regular molt (skin renewal).
  • Wisdom and Strength: A bracelet is worn on the wrist which is connected to the arm, the universal symbol of brute force. A snake bracelet can symbolize finesse and wisdom in using force exemplifying the snake's precision when delivering its deadly venom.
  • Agility: The wrist is connected to the hand, which reflects a person's ability and skills. Many Muslim archers wore snake-shaped bracelets to symbolize their archery skills, representing the snake's speed and agility.
snake around wrist

c) Snake necklace meaning

Despite the huge popularity of snake jewelry, snake motifs are more common in rings and bracelets than necklaces and pendants. Nordic countries still hold strong symbolic values for snake jewelry.

Snake-shaped necklaces hold a Spiritual meaning and are often worn as amulets for protection against bad omens, or to attract divine favors. Symbols of the serpent necklace include:

  • Protection: A dangerous animal, think twice before you attack a snake. A snake necklace can signify you can defend yourself and protect your loved ones. In the Nordic culture, the snake is a powerful animal image illustrated by the mythical monsters, Jörmungandr and Níðhöggr. Nordic mythology believed these two snakes to be evil and if worn as necklaces, symbolize the wearer’s preparedness to harm and defend if they or their loved ones are attacked.
  • Cunning: the snake has always represented the art of cunning and trickery. A snake necklace can symbolize these qualities of the wearer but can also apply to business. Two snakes wrapped around a stick represent the caduceus of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce.
  • Spiritual enlightenment: the serpent is also a universal representative of the link and balance between two opposites (heaven and earth, good and evil, man and woman, ...). A snake-designed necklace can signify the wearer's quest for balance in the Cosmos has come to a successful conclusion, and they understand the connection between opposites. Ancient Nordic culture believed wearers of serpent jewelry were wise, experienced, and well-advised.


4. The snake store jewels

The sinuous curve of the snake’s body in jewelry design continues to confer a Fatal Femininity while some modern rings refer to a snake with an Aggressive Style to signify the assertive audacity of a male wearer.

At Snake Store®, we hope you wear these beautiful and atypical jewels every day. Our products meet strict quality criteria and are manufactured and selected with the utmost care.

Savoir-Faire imbues our jewelry and can be seen in the magnificent enamellings of some of our pieces, which capture the vivid colors of a snake's body.

Our collection of Snake Rings is the biggest on the American market! Our highly stylized snake rings in Silver 925 or Stainless Steel 316L are also available comprising vibrant ruby or emerald eyes.

Our Snake Bracelets will enhance any wrist or arm, adding an extremely refined, seductive touch. Snake Store® jewelry combines Seduction and Ferocity in original and symbolic accessories to make you stand out in the contemporary world. There is a special design for everyone!

The History of Jewelry has included snake designs since Man first covered himself in jewels, making snake symbolism one of the richest. Snake jewelry remains a Timeless Style today thanks to its symbolic shape and design, which wraps itself around the wearer.

Snake earrings

5- Hypnotized by the Allure of Enigmatic Serpents

Nothing more than understanding the background makes you akin with the soul of a subject. By learning about the history of snake inspired jewelry, you can now recount the stories of the famous historical figures that breathed life into the widespread popularity of snake jewelry which lasted until present day. 

History aside, with all your newly acquired knowledge, you have now become a snake jewelry interpreter; you can adorn yourself with meaningful jewelries to convey a message- in an unspoken dialogue between you and snake symbolism connoisseurs. For variants of themed statement pieces, discover the new line of snake jewelry collection at the Snake Store. 

To discover more, check out the photo below to our favorite editions of snake jewelries that express who you are in symbolic keynotes👇🏽

Snake Jewelry Collection

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