White Snake In Dream

White Snake In Dream

Been wondering what does a white snake mean spiritually? Or what do white serpents represent according to the different cultures ans religions? What is the meaning of a white snake dream?

I am author Pourandokht Mazaheri, a dream interpreter and an analyst specializing in snake-related studies. I am also a part of the research group and a writer for the Snake Store Team. Deciphering dreams has been an inborn part of my personal interest, which I nurtured with years of academic studies on cultural and symbolic contexts. Allow me to explain and share with you the exact meaning and detailed interpretation of this rare yet significant dream of a white serpent. 

Across several cultures, a white snake dream is subjected to diverse interpretations. These interpretations range from hinting to beneficial enemies, health hurdles, to drastic life or personality changes. White serpents in a dream foresight both good and ill, ascribed to the dream’s motifs.

Below, this article summarizes the following:

  • White snake dream interpretation in different religions
  • Ethnic connotations of white snakes in Asian, African and other cultural communities

Dreams about white snakes are interpreted differently in distant regions of the world as discussed below, let’s find out what they mean.

white snake

 1- The religious belief meaning of white snakes in dreams

Different meanings are associated with dreams about white snakes. Each religion has a way of interpreting this kind of dream.

a) A white snake in a dream meaning in Christianity

According to the Christian and biblical view, dreaming of a white snake has both positive and negative meanings

On the positive view, white snakes bring the good news of either a new beginning in part of your life or a new change in character. It could be an indication of purity. God could be trying to communicate His intention in your life by wanting you to leave your past and sinful ways by transforming you into a new being who is morally upright.  

White snakes also symbolize God's protection in your life. God has a soft spot for you and He is assuring you that you always have His protection from all harm that comes your way. 

Other meanings could be from the negative side. Generally, snakes are associated with misfortunes and bad luck from the devil. They tend to bring a bad message or warning of an impending disaster. 

When one dreams of a white snake it could be an indication that someone close to you is going to suffer from a severe illness. It could also be that the snake is trying to bring you a message about death. One of your loved ones is likely to die soon. 

Dreaming of a white snake might as well be a sign of betrayal. It could be that someone close to you is going to betray you and from this, you are going to experience deep pain and disappointment because it will be from someone you had put a lot of trust in. The betrayal could also be from people who are trying to draw you away from God's presence, mostly through false prophets who give you false information. God might be trying to use the white snake in your dream to warn you about this. One should be careful about the information given to them especially from people claiming to be God's prophets. 

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b) Dreaming of white snake meaning in Islam

In the Islamic religion, dreaming of a white snake is associated with either one's past experiences or it could be a revelation of what the future holds for you.

  • Past experiences interpretation of white snake in a dream:

In the Islamic view, dreaming of a white snake is comprehended as Allah's message giving you instructions to leave your old life and start a new beginning. This could also be a message of hope to someone that has had a lot of hardship and pain in their past life. 

  • Future interpretation of having a white snake in a dream:

Dreaming of a white snake is a sign that the future is going to be a good one. There will be happiness and prosperity in your future life. 

According to the Islamic religion, this dream could have both positive and negative meanings as well. Often at times, dreaming of white snakes is associated with supernatural powers which come from Allah or the devil. 

A white snake in your dream is also a representation of a weak enemy

  • A white snake in a dream meaning in Hinduism:

Dreaming of a white snake brings something positive according to Swapna Shastra. It brings good news about financial progress. It could be that your business is going to be successful or you might have a chance of winning a huge lottery that will, in turn, give you so much fortune. Hindus also believe that a white snake is a representation of trickery or evil forces. They represent external forces and people who are trying to disrupt your peace and happiness. White snakes represent all types of negative energy around you. They could represent your enemies and witchcraft. 

  • Meaning of dreaming with white snake according to Buddhism belief:

Buddhists believe that when one dreams of a white snake it means that one is going to receive a very good fortune. The fortune does not pertain to money only but will also mean good health to you and your family, a baby, or marriage. It could also be a sign that you will receive very good news such as that of winning a lottery. The dream can also be interpreted based on the scenario that the dream with the white snake occurred. If one dreams of being excited to see a white snake, it is a symbol of good luck. If the dream involves seeing yourself embracing a snake it is a sign of a healthy relationship with yourself. It means you are transforming into a new person without you knowing it. You are going to be calmer, wiser, and full of a positive vibe. White snakes in your dream also symbolize sadness in your life. The dream might be an indication that you are going to experience something that will cause you so much sadness such as death.

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2- Cultural meaning of a white snake in a dream

Different cultural meanings of a white snake in a dream in different regions of the world. Different communities in the world have their way of interpreting dreams based on their cultures and beliefs. Here we are going to look at various communities and how they interpret dreams associated with white snakes.

white snake temple

a) Asian community's interpretation of white snakes in dreams meaning

Different communities in Asia, believe that white snakes signify purity, fertility, and transformation. They believe that white snakes in dreams are a symbol of positive change and a new beginning. This is by the way snakes shed their skins to acquire a new form.

It means that you are leaving your old ways and becoming a new person from within. This transition is positive and is brought by your subconscious mind. What this means is that the change is mostly not your initiative but is driven by the inner force in you without you knowing to make you a changed person, different from your previous self. 

This change is meant to make you wiser than you have been before. You will be able to make good decisions. 

b) African community's interpretation of dreaming about white snakes

Dreaming about white snakes is believed to be connected with ancestral evil idols, family disunity, betrayal, and calamity. In the olden days, African people used to interpret seeing snakes as mediums being used to pass a message from the ancestors. 

When one dreams about a white snake it could mean that there is going to be disunity among the family members. There will be quarrels and fights within the family and this is going to disrupt peace and happiness. 

In other circumstances, white snakes in dreams mean that one is going to experience betrayal from someone they least expected

Africans associate dreams about white snakes with a calamity that is going to befall. White color in dreams is a representation of sadness and misfortunes. If one dreams of a white snake, it means that someone is going to die or suffer from a serious illness that will be hard to cure.  

Some Africans also believe that white snakes in dreams represent protection from the ancestors. It is believed that when one dreams about white snakes it means that the ancestors are watching over them and protecting them from the enemies and all harm.

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c) Other regions' beliefs about white snakes in dreams

Other communities in the world have their ways of interpreting white snakes in dreams. For example, most people believe that seeing a white snake in your dream is related to your sexual desires. A white snake in dreams means that you are longing for sex. Our dreams are often associated with our emotions and therefore our bodies tend to send a message to us subconsciously through dreams. If you have stayed for so long without having sex and you dream of a white snake then it is an indication that your body is longing for it and it advisable to do it to get rid of that desire.

Snake print Jacket

Another way of interpreting dreams linked with white snakes could mean that you are being attacked by an enemy. Someone who is against your success is after your life, wishing to see your downfall.

White snakes in dreams also represent someone who you thought was your enemy giving you something. The dream might be trying to let you know that the person who you thought was your enemy is good and wishes you no harm. At times we may be wrong in our judgment by thinking that some particular people might be wishing us harm but that is not the case. 

Other people believe that dreaming about white snakes is a message that you need some time alone. Snakes tend to stay on their own away from other creatures. Dreaming of a white one could mean that you need to separate yourself from other people to find yourself. This dream will at times come when you are in the middle of a difficult decision-making time. It is a message that you need to give yourself time to make the right decisions and also for you to look for some inner peace. 

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3- Your own spiritual Message 

You are now aware of the comprehensive meaning of a dream in which a white snake appears, according to Christianity, Islam and other significance. In addition to familiarity with the cultural roots of white snake significance and symbolism across global regions, you can decode a white serpent in your dream in a more profound manner.

People often recount their dream to their close relationships and wonder what it meant. With all your newly acquired knowledge, you can now be the interpreter and offer them the right advice that they need. If you want to learn even more about the meaning of serpents in dreams, read our complete guide to the meaning of snake dreams.

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