Snake Bracelets

Designed to breach convention to the forbidden heights of beauty

Evocatively stylish, the Snake Bracelet Collection draws its inspiration from the principles of artistic beauty and luxurious serpentine curves- at the very core of its spiraling universe. Crafted from premium quality material and treasured gems, the snaking bracelets provide a charming appeal from every angle. Timeless jewelry that constantly defies and protests against mundane styles, and a reminder of a bold spirit with classic charisma.

An artistic interpretation of Greek jewelry legacy, snake bracelets can be worn individually or layered.

In keeping with the audacious essence of the collection, each bracelet embodies the mystique helix of a serpent that coils sensually around your wrist. The collection’s main spur is fostered from Greek origins that symbolize immortality and renewal. As a statement of stylishness, the snake bracelet designs boast a glamorous synthesis of culture and modernity. Simply sophisticated, our collection includes a wide variety of bracelets for your very own personal poise. From geometrically tangling chain bracelets, tail-eating Ouroboros wrist wears, to modern fusions with gemstones, and classic forms reimagined. The essential snake store bracelets pair gracefully with any outfit.

Discover our striking Collection of Snake Piercings, recognized for excellence, workmanship, and originality.