Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercings designed In Pursuit of the Seductive Spirit

Standing on the apex of the contemporary body piercing industry, our edgy snake eyes tongue piercing pieces glorify the tongue, in an alchemy of prestigious materials and craftsmanship that effortlessly transforms an ordinary look into an enigmatic style.

Interpreted from the shamanic mysticism into edgy trends in ultra-modern subculture, experience the roots of the beauty aesthetics and indigenous art with our series of horizontal tongue barbells. Resembling the entice of a snake’s eyes, our tongue modifications penetrate through the surface, and perch into the passionate depths of your tongue.

Fashion accessories with sensualist, serpentine connotations on your tongue

In a miscellany of suggestive intimacy and erotic spiritualism- our snake eyes tongue piercing creations combine cutting edge designer jewelry techniques with sensual undertones. Each piece stands a statement of unconquerable and unbounded audacity, all inspired and asserted by the intricate allure of the store’s spirit animal; the timeless serpentine jewelry artistry.

Our snake eyes tongue ornaments have manifested into multitudes of impromptu, edgy piercings, varying in styles, noble metals, and lapidary- perfected barbells, each shining with a different crystal hue. A classic body modification that never goes out of style, recalling the endless irresistibility of snakes.