Snake Piercings

Minimalist jewelry that expresses a wide-open universe of fashion

Made with precious metals and gemstones, our impressive Snake Piercing Collection is rooted in the duality of serpentine appeal and spirited charm. Born to complement the rebellious ethos, our designs transcend beyond the ordinary to the bold peaks of self-expression and bedazzled body art. Fused with the very idea exotic idea of body piercing, our body jewelry pieces are inspired by the ancient serpentine allegory and nature’s captivating elegance.

An artistic touch, defiant to the very essence of style aesthetic

Enriched with collaborative bold and contemporary settings, the selection ascents to match and exalt your personal style in the most exquisite ways. Preciously sleek, our piercing fragments are designed for a comfortable fit, rooted in meticulous artisan perfection, hand-polished surfaces for continuous wear. From press-fit pins to barbells, threaded serpentine jewelry to bars, and hinged to captive rings, our snake piercing series features an array of sophisticated and uniquely detailed body ornaments. Striking and graceful, the stainless steel series add a creative touch to your look- along with corrosion resistance and allergy-free benefits. For a more elegant appearance, choose from sophisticated titanium editions for extra shimmer and accelerated healing.

Discover an array of exquisite accents at the Snake Jewelry Collection, presenting the legacy of our store’s heritage and a striking last touch for any outfit, style and occasion.