Snake Print Dresses

A melange of flowing fabrics, tailor-made excellence and timeless silhouettes with a serpentine contemporary edge

A harmonious symmetry of shapes and fabrics that reveal an attitude, style and grace, merge together to convey the sense of refinement, realized through the union of fluid lines, sensual contours in an array of exquisite dresses.

Inspired under the spell of the store’s serpentine spirit, the collection echoes the principles of subtle hedonism, the art of living through beautiful shapes and sensual aesthetics, with style statements that outpace the perimeters of time and seasons.


Elegant patterns and unsurpassed craftsmanship celebrating the exuberance of innate feminine beauty

Every textile, every shade, every contour is a canorous rhythm and a testament to an unrivaled fusion of creative visions, serpentine glamour and ardent tailormanship: the collection exhibits a balanced yet sophisticated cadence between the urban fashion and classic style aesthetics- manifested in a range of snake-inspired wearable creations.

Fashioned with impeccable details and statement designs, each creation is a subtle nod to serpentine glamour, a sinuosity translated into serpentine morph prints, curvaceous contours and the rare expression of graceful audacity. The collection features keynotes including form-fitting mini dresses, versatile midis, sensual cocktail cuts and sun-kissed summer editions.


Discover our wide Selection of Elegant Snake Belts; designed with iconic serpentine elements and fine materials to fasten your look together.