Snake Swimwear

Practical and chic, the summer collection is a refined statement to the season’s warm spirit

Dedicated to the sun-kissed days of summer, Snake Print Swimwears Collection adds a sensual touch to your summer getaway, mingled with playful serpentine motifs

The selection is the meeting point of glamorous and unconventional style elements that are akin to the store’s creative vision. Swim with style in swimwears that flaunt your curves and tanned, glowing skin, performed in a versatile selection of Halters, Sling or Ruffle Swimsuits, One Pieces, Bandeaus and more.  

Fashionable swimwear that recalls the ecstasy of the sun and sympathy of a day spent on the beach

The collection vitalizes the store’s spirit animal through embossed textiles, snake hide prints and seductive contours that remind the ageless allure of a snake. Furthermore, the tailormade perfection reinvents the classic swimwear under the contemporary style pennant- presenting the seductive keynotes with innovative, playful contours. 

Designed to bring elegance to the beach or poolside under the cheerful summer sun, the collection features bold, modern silhouettes and a selection of vibrant hues- inspired by the lively essence of summer. 

Welcome the sun with the elegant Snake Print Swimwears Collection, presenting One piece, two-piece swimsuits and bikini costumes, in a variety of coquettish cuts and irresistible combinations. 

Explore the Snake Jackets Collection in an extensive array of styles and enriched with the allure of our store’s spirit animal.