Snake Rings

An alchemy of cutting edge design and natural grace

A contemporary interpretation of antiquated jewels, Snake Ring collection enthralls with its elegant designs and ultra-modern craftsmanship. Mending the entrancing charm of the divine reptile into gleaming designs that curl seductively around your finger. Each snake ring is a vogue expression of the serpentine charm- a journey beyond the precincts of the mundane, into the eternal world of snake allegory.

Sophisticated yet effortless, our serpent ring collections spring from the raw sensuality of the esoteric reptile, coalesced with decades of technical excellence in jewelry craft. With its tempting aesthetics rooted deep in the serpentine nature and appreciation of beauty, the snake ring collection is a salute to the glamour of fine jewelry

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Experience the realm of forbidden by the timeless serpent-inspired designs

Designed to enchant, our rings range from affordably elegant stainless steel rings, to statement snake silver rings, to those adorned with lapidary-cut zirconia stones- that lustrously radiate your bold choice of style. Each creation expresses the mystical essence of serpents, transformed by an artistic stroke into show-stopping rings. Capturing the seductive spirit of the serpents, our stunning array of rings, each present a distinctive final touch- matte finish, lustrous satin, or sandblasted, dotted with bounteous sparkler gems.

Disguising sensuality into glamorous snake jewel coils

For simple and sophisticated looks, our classic snake ring collection boasts magnetic designs to sit around your finger, just like a serpent would- perilously beautiful. Push the limits of your style with the bolder designs that challenge the unexceptional; wear the serpentine rings stacked or match them with other exquisite snake store jewelry. From spiraling rings that emulate the slithering movement of snakes, to graciously gemmed rings- each ring comes with a motif to match your personal tenet.


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What Is a Snake Ring?

A snake ring is an ornamental accessory, structured with designs that are inspired by the beauty and aesthetics of serpents.

Most serpentine rings are the revival of ancient symbols, crafted with precious metals and modern techniques. These unique accessories are representatives of an alchemy, turning serpentine allure and hypnotizing elegance into wearable creations- whether for stylistic means or for their spiritual and symbolic aspects.

These rings are often designed as a whole circle, like the ancient Ouroboros ring. Other designs display a coiled snake that wraps one or more times in a spiral symmetry around the finger. The snake rings may also be constructed with a gap, showing a sinuous silhouette that winds into an incomplete circle and extends along with finger’s length. In addition to their captivating look, the advantage of these rings is their universal size and their adjustability to any finger. Other stylish varieties take a minimal approach to the serpentine glamor, like showing only a lineated frame that stanfords a snake figure, or portray the reptile’s head without its fluid body. All these designs range from richly embellished to sleek jewelry pieces.

Snake inspired rings are considered otherworldly ornaments, carrying a symbolic gesture. Distinct meanings and cultural references were embedded into these ancient jewelries. These symbols transformed into diverse serpentine metaphors by changes in religions, cultural adaptations, and historic events. However, the sensuous serpentine ornaments have always demonstrated a deep meaning and were worn to crack into the mystical dimensions. Some rings are intended to ward off negative energy, while others transmit a message of sensualism. A snake ring is also worn to portray love and eternal togetherness.

Snake rings represent more than allegory and symbols. Since centuries ago, gold and silver was molded with elaborate techniques and sparkling gemstones to create these exotic rings. Hence, they referred to a form of social prestige display, and have remained a sign of luxurious style and sophistication even in modern day fashion.

As a more apparent interpretation of what is a snake ring, the stylistic feel of these rings is rooted in the characteristics and stylistic attitude of the serpents themselves. Mysterious, assertive and authoritative, dangerous though beautiful, audacious and hypnotizing, and lastly they offer gemlike eyes, intricate scale designs and luscious shimmer like no other animal- all the factors are combined to define the very essence of a snake ring. Similar to the snakes of the wilderness, the attraction to these rings is inevitable. Like the irresistible desire to the forbidden, snake rings are one of the most popular jewelry of all times.

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How Do You Wear a Snake Ring?

For an aesthetically pleasing style, the best way to wear a snake ring is to match it with accessories and clothes with fluid, sinuous and organic lines.

To tone with a snake ring is to catch up with both timeless fashion and upbeat urban scenes. How you would wear a snake ring depends on the ring’s design; A single band snake ring is a complement to the minimalistic styles and can go with any sleek outfit. Now, to match the serpent ring with a richly embroidered dress would call for an oversized and eye-catching ring. If your wardrobe is filled with unconventional and boho-trendy essentials, a textured snake ring for highlighting your stackable ring set can complement your free spirited look even more. Anyhow, this esoteric reptile is glamorous on its own or paired with other rings. Whatever you decide to do with these adorable hand jewelry, make sure to let it shine as the star of your look and avoid not overburdening it by excessive pairing and matching.

The most sensual manner of wearing a snake ring is to show more skin, giving it enough space to wrap around your bare flesh, as if it desires your touch. These rings coil around your finger, transforming up any ordinary style into an exotic design. The bottom line is that a snake ring would spice up your wardrobe despite how and where you would wear it. This is probably why these rings have been worn by contrasting personalities, from rulers and queens, warriors, believers, to modern street smart stylists and celebrities. If you would want to label the snake ring into a style category, it falls under diverse styling wardrobes, ranging from casually seductive to elegantly formal expressions. The very serpentine aesthetics of this ring suits sleek, minimal impressions of style- even when it is adorned with fluttering diamonds and sparkling gemstones.

Another way to wear these trendy rings is for consecrated means. Some communities encourage putting on a sober silhouette of the coiling snake rings as a tribute to the tradition of Sadhana; a spiritual practice for awakening of the self by calling upon the sacred serpent. A single-coiled serpent is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, while the head is facing towards the tip of the finger. Copper and silver rings are among the most common materials for Sadhana rings used in this purification process. Wearing this ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is believed to have the ability to rewrite one’s destiny.

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Can Ladies Wear a Snake Ring?

As a symbol of sensualism and irresistible beauty, snake rings match the natural look of women, although just about anyone can benefit from the timeless aesthetics of this ever trendy jewelry.

Throughout history, the snake ring has adorned the hands of both men and women. Although significant feminine figures seemed to have played a more prominent part in spreading the popularity of these sensational hand ornaments. For instance, the Roman kings and queens wore snake rings to appeal to the immortal serpentine spirit, while the serpent rings became more fashionable among the women during the Victorian era- as a craze set by Queen Victoria’s taste in serpentine jewelry and moreover her engagement ring. The majestic reptile ring was given to her as a royal gesture of eternal love; a romantic expression that originally belonged to the roman emperor who gave it to the ruler of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, as a symbolic ring of affection and love. Tracing the movement of serpentine jewelry from the past to the contemporary era, brings us to the snake’s ever trendy essence of the serpentine rings. Today, they are recognized as unconventional and above the ordinary fashion motifs and are worn to represent temptation, everlasting affection, and the rebellious spirit of modern women and men.

From Medusa and Gorgon serpents of ancient Greece, to the viper that tempted Eve into desiring the forbidden, to the feminine energy coiled in the form of a serpent at the human spine in Hindu theology, snakes and femininity are historical pairs across several cultures. These mythological hints contributed more to the feminine attributes of snake accessories. Perhaps these stories have risen from the incomprehensible wisdom and curvaceous beauty of both creatures, which excited and scared the snaking hell out of men at the same time.

As one of the most popular reptile-inspired jewelries, snake rings are illustrated in various designs through different time periods. Snake jewelry was affected by factors like cultural badges and artistic impressions that had come together mostly by influence of mythological creatures. There are chunky and rugged looking snake rings that possibly compliment a masculine hand. The same way, minimal and delicately decorated rings with feminine undertones suit a woman's gentle muscular structure. And when it comes to gender fluidity, snakes make an excellent design for unisex rings that keep a balance approach in creating androgynous silhouettes and color combinations- much like the timeless Ouroboros ring that looks elegant on just about any hand.


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Why Do People Wear Snake Rings?

As an exotic jewelry piece, people wear snake rings to express their rebellious spirit, show their sensational emblem or an apparent proof of their love for snakes and their otherworldly beauty.

In modern societies, snake rings are the favorite picks by three groups of people. First, those who are interested in nature inspired accessories. There is no doubt about the hypnotizing beauty of a serpent even for those who are afraid of these rather mysterious reptiles.

The second group is characterized by symbolism and includes those believing in stylistic messages and emblematic accessories that hold values beyond aesthetics. As an eminent symbol of love, some people offer these rings to their special someone; a romantic gift that relates the lover’s knot in serpentine coils. Snakes have been granted other powerful symbolisms across global cultures, ranging from authority, renewal, wisdom and fertility which has endured even until the contemporary generations.

And the last category of snake ring admirers includes people with an exotic inclination towards fashion. And similar to other animalier motifs, the serpent rings are a representation of the wild essence of the wearer with seductive and erotic keynotes.

The snake ring is an all time popular accessory, changing its meaning from sacred jewelry to royal embellishment to a fashion staple since the Edwardian Era. The incredible number of serpentine rings through various eras of history has made tracking the evolution of snake jewelry and why people wore snake rings rather evident. The most significant turning point and the reason behind so many people’s attraction to snake rings in today’s world is largely associated with Queen Victoria. Her inborn interest in serpentine jewelries to a point that even asked to be buried with the snake ring she received as an engagement ring- that also put these rings into the spotlight of a truly eternal love promise. The queen’s frequent appearance in the public, together with her elaborate taste in snake inspired fashion turned her serpentine jewelry into a modern fashion icon. Following the industrial revolution, snakes slithered into the streamline of jewelry manufacturers. And like countless other products that were only accessible to the wealthy class, the serpentine jewelry became an affordable fashion component. Nowadays, the sheer beauty of these magnificent rings has spellbound many people to wear them and add to the intensity of their styles.


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Where Do You Wear a Snake Ring?

Where you would wear a snake ring largely depends on your preference and personal style, as these versatile pieces are designed to add an edge to any look and any of the fingers.

Whether it is a cocktail party, a sophisticated dinner date or even an office setting, the emblematic significance behind the snake rings also define the best occasions for styling with a snake ring. For instance, it is believed that the snake spirit casts its characteristic on whoever is wearing its ring. So if you want to express your bold and seductive side, or add a sensual tone to your look, you can slip on a beautiful snake ring.

Another approach to choosing the most appropriate occasion for styling with a serpent ring is to pay attention to the dress code specifics. If you are wearing anything with organic lines, fluid silhouettes and snake prints can look even more flattering when combined with the natural sinuosity of a serpentine ring. You may choose to take your style up a notch by sporting a solo snake ring, or stack it with matching rings for an impressive boho-inspired look. Lastly, if you uphold any spiritual values about the divine serpentine spirit, then wearing a snake ring to a meditation session or a yoga class is said to balance the energy in your body. Spiritualists believe that these rings increase your intellectual awareness by tapping into a higher vibrational existence.

From the jewelry artisan’s animalier collection, these adorable and reptile-inspired rings have the magic to turn any place you are into a memory of sophistication and head turning appearance. Snakes and their sensual coils are available in several styles, ranging from traditionally crafted snake rings to modern silhouettes. They may be fashioned from sterling silver, gold or steel metals, combined with an assortment of sparkling gems. This is to say there are myriads of styles to pick the perfect ring for the perfect occasion. While these rings are often highlighted as unorthodox and exotic accessories, some designs carry an impeccable elegance that can match any refined dress code. Whether you have jewelry collector friends throwing a party, wanting to bring a sensual message to your date, or have a knack for exotic styling essentials, snake rings help you to leave all your audience breathless anywhere you go.

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Inspired by the iconic and fluid serpentine charm, Silver Snake Ring collection evokes the power of the spirit animal- merging the intriguing contrast between the historic snake rings and contemporary hewing.