Snake Rings

An alchemy of cutting edge design and natural grace

A contemporary interpretation of antiquated jewels, Snake Ring collection enthralls with its elegant designs and ultra-modern craftsmanship. Mending the entrancing charm of the divine reptile into gleaming designs that curl seductively around your finger. Each snake ring is a vogue expression of the serpentine charm- a journey beyond the precincts of the mundane, into the eternal world of snake allegory.

Sophisticated yet effortless, our serpent ring collections spring from the raw sensuality of the esoteric reptile, coalesced with decades of technical excellence in jewelry craft. With its tempting aesthetics rooted deep in the serpentine nature and appreciation of beauty, the snake ring collection is a salute to the glamour of fine jewelry.


Experience the realm of forbidden by the timeless serpent-inspired designs

Designed to enchant, our rings range from affordably elegant stainless steel rings, to statement snake silver rings, to those adorned with lapidary-cut zirconia stones- that lustrously radiate your bold choice of style. Each creation expresses the mystical essence of serpents, transformed by an artistic stroke into show-stopping rings. Capturing the seductive spirit of the serpents, our stunning array of rings, each present a distinctive final touch- matte finish, lustrous satin, or sandblasted, dotted with bounteous sparkler gems.


Disguising sensuality into glamorous snake jewel coils

For simple and sophisticated looks, our classic snake ring collection boasts magnetic designs to sit around your finger, just like a serpent would- perilously beautiful. Push the limits of your style with the bolder designs that challenge the unexceptional; wear the serpentine rings stacked or match them with other exquisite snake store jewelry. From spiraling rings that emulate the slithering movement of snakes, to graciously gemmed rings- each ring comes with a motif to match your personal tenet.

Inspired by the iconic and fluid serpentine charm, Silver Snake Ring collection evokes the power of the spirit animal- merging the intriguing contrast between the historic snake rings and contemporary hewing.