Snake Shoes

Snake Shoes Collection Walk with style in the pursuit of glamour

The Snake Shoes Collection draws its inspiration from the audacious patterns of the unconquering reptile. Highlighting the epitome of Snake Store’s signature edition, the tradition of crafting shoes from the fascinating texture of serpentine hide is entwined with the melodic history of ancient china and exotic fashion accessories. To bond the ancient tradition with the contemporary, the collection combines the highest quality material and cruelty-free leather with classic craft techniques as well as edge technologies.

An alliance between comfort and luxury

Varicolored and ardently designed, the snake shoes series embraces a range of styles that echo the very essence of the house’s motifs. Serpentine keynotes and sophisticated details unite with the latest footwear technology to combine refinement with practicality. Created from grained leather and inspired by naturally occurring ornate patterns, each pair is a representation of profound craftsmanship and imaginative endeavors. Our store exhibits its newest footwear edition that arouses emotions and applauds elegance, confidence and splendor in the purest forms- for a bold finishing touch to your outfit.

Stir up your active wear fashion with the Snake Leggings Collection, complementing sporty looks and athleisure luxury.