The International Snake Shop


Our Mission

Since the dawn of our company, we thrive to transcend beyond the ordinary and provide enriching experiences of art and craft- bold, discerning and expressive in harmony with our own free spirit. 

We rarified our focus, epitomizing the emblematic serpentine beauty and nature’s mesmerizing precision as our core inspiration, envisioned into artistic, yet meaningful designs.

Our philosophy is entwined with serpentine romanticism, embracing with the very essence of the reptile; the equipoise between seduction and desire, ascendancy and assent, contemporary and classics.


Our Vision

The objective of our company is to continue to expand the global reach of our snake-inspired products while upholding our collections’ creative exclusivity. 

Our online store is taking an active engagement in conveying cultural takes on serpentine heritage and conservation, and promotes the long-term implementation of nature and animal welfare. 

Our close relationship with nature allows an effective contribution to the cultural community of snake admirers around the world. The blog initiative is just one step towards our aim to improve constantly, and provide informative content to the community.


Our Values

Our concern for environmental footprints and animal welfare goes beyond fashion. Our products strictly use faux fabric alternatives instead of the genuine snake hide or derivatives. 

We are dedicated to ensuring a creative outlet that stems from the foundations of cultural inclusion and local artisan promotion, by creating a sale channel. 

Snake Store products are made to last; timeless creations that pass on through time with impeccable appeal, through the course of one’s life to posterity. 


Our Strategy

Constantly examining our own boundaries and structural definition, our company aims to adapt to the wishful suggestions of our clientele, and the snake community.

Our products result from the nexus of masterful visions, highlighted through the expert lenses of adroit fashion designers, animal and environmental scientists, and savoir-faire artisans.

Our environment-conscious management focuses on sustainability of our product through all stages of its design, creation and consumption, by analyzing the ecological footprints of our creations throughout its life cycle. 

In harmony with our original inspiration as nature enthusiasts, our products’ packaging is a reminder of our initial vocation: to preserve nature. 

Today, our company collaborates with L’association Native Forest; a leading global organization dedicated to reforestation of the lush Amazonia and the authentic home to the world’s most diverse varieties of reptiles and other endangered species. We donate 3% of each order to this association.


Our History

Our company stems from the joining efforts of two longtime friends, a diving instructor and a forest guide, with their aspirations rooted in family backgrounds and childhood friendships. Since the beginning, our lives evolved around overtures with nature and the fight to preserve it. The very grain of the company’s foundation was shared long years before its foundation; whether it was for our inherent enthusiasm for the reptilian beauty or the early age impression of a parent whose years of dedicated service as an exotic animal veterinary concentrated around treatment and care for the reptilian species.

Over two decades later, we both had become ardent travelers, cutting our paths across all the continents, and collecting the seeds of inspiration from each terrain’s distinct natural beauty and culture-oriented style aesthetics. 

Our vision, that has bore the fruits of our store’s creations today, initially adapted to the idea of snake-themed fashion on diminutive, though productive scales. We were the benefactors of informative forums, the link between innominate artisans to the snake art conscious, the visionaries of an audaciously stylish fashion yet to be redefined. 

By time, the idea matured into a philosophy to help to imagine a comprehensive outlet of designs that are both practical and elegant. A store that turns the bold dreams of style into reality and helps to discover a new sense of snake-inspired fashion through its collections. 

A significant breakthrough for our company has been the adoption of strong relationships with our customers. From providing support while shopping, to sending out notifications of the latest trends on our website and everything in between, creating an interest-oriented and intimate community remains a momentous value. 

Despite our company’s young presence on the web, it is braced by the pillars of experience and our never-ceasing search for beauty. A part of our vocational journey remains on the path to continuously thrive for enrichment of styles, our international informative blog and quality of services offered to our clients.  

Our dreams continue to take flight towards our prescient odyssey; the opening of physical outlets of our store across the globe and establishment of our quintessence serpentine Haute couture, as a contribution to innovative style refinement, carrying a deep-seated message between the members of our community around the world.