Snake Eyes Piercing Jewelry Size Chart

snake eyes piercing jewelry size chart

Snake Eyes Piercing Jewelry Size Chart 

Gauge Size (ga) Decimal Inches (") Fractional Inches (") Millimeters (mm)
12ga 0.08" 5/64" 2.0mm
14ga 0.06" 1/16" 1.6mm
16ga 0.05" 3/64" 1.2mm
18ga 0.04" 5/128" 1.0mm


Snake Eyes Piercing Dimensions

Snake Eyes Piercing Gauge Size (ga)

The gauge size is your guide to a variant of barbell thickness that goes through the piercing. As a general rule, the ticker bars have a lower number in the gauge size chart. For instance, if a barbel. Sizes under 18 g are thinner when compared with a barbell gauge number 12 g.

The smallest gauge unit in all body piercing is number 18 or 1.0 mm, ranging up to 00 gauge or 9.3 mm. Gauge stretching is a practice of enlargement of a piercing hole by a gradual increase of gauge number. For this purpose, a professional piercers uses thicker gauge dimensions called by inch measurement, including ½ inch, ¾ inch, etc.

For a perfect fit, seeking advice from an experienced piercer is highly recommended. Standard gauge numbers are often used for newly pierced holes, unless you demand otherwise or your area of piercing has a leaner flesh than usual. The gauge numbers 16 to 14 are the most popular starter gauge numbers, with personalized variations that range from 12 to 18. A well-fitting piercing and the right gauge number contributes to comfort, healing process and avoiding after-piercing complications.

Snake Eyes Piercing Bar Length (L)

It is defined by how much the barbell goes through your piercing. In effect, the length between the two balls on each side of the barbell defines the piercing’s exact size. Length factor is noted among the important measures in body jewelry, particularly in choosing the right snake piercing bars. It must be highly compatible with the wearer’s piercing areas to avoid uncomfortable feelings such as pinching, sliding and even complications such as tissue damage.

Snake Eyes Piercing Ball Diameter (D)

Unlike the gauge size and length, ball size on either side of a barbel is less crucial to the general practicality of body jewelry. The diameter is rather a matter of personal preference than an expert's opinion. The most common ball measurement for snake eyes tongue piercing jewelry is 5 mm and 6 mm. Although the ball or stone diameter chart size ranges from 1.5 mm to 10 mm.