Snake Store®

Join the spellbound realm of exhilarating creations, rising from the mysterious elegance of the sacred reptile that challenges the boundaries of resplendence beyond comprehension. Our enchanting designs cast glamour, wisdom, and intense appeal on its wearer.


Our choices of snake-influenced art, sartorial, and essential ornaments that nestle against our very own flesh, illustrating aspects of our individual philosophy. Choosing from trivial designs, low-quality material and irrelevant selections, hinder the outer utterance of your inner world.

An elevated, yet sensual detailing to the overall demeanor, Snake Ring Collection is an assertion of stylistic boldness, both of the craft masters and the bearer of the snaking rings. With a wide range of precious metals, contours and finishes, the collection ensures there is something to flatter every occasion.


Stunning in their opulence and modernism, Snake Earring Collection combines the eccentric pieces that convey unrestrained creativity mixed with eloquent symbols. A perfect fusion of natural charm and crafted aptitude, each pair highlights a twirling melody of light, color, and form- united with elements that embody the antiquated reptilian sophistication and futuristic craft techniques.

Further boosting the selection, each ear piece invites you to set your own rules- in symmetric pairing, or a bold mismatched on one ear or both! Enter the realm of exquisite ear pieces that hypnotize under the spell of a glimmering conquest.

Beautiful asian woman wearing snake earrings
Snake bracelet on the ground


Evocatively stylish, the Snake Bracelet Collection draws its inspiration from the principles of artistic beauty and luxurious sinuosity at the very core of its spiraling universe. Composed of premium quality material and treasured gems, the snaking bracelets provide a charming enticement from every angle.

By mingling together fluid lineations to express unrivalled savoir-faire, each bracelet is a fantasy transformed into wrist ornaments, in a pursuit of the quest for sensuous esthetics and the galore of artisanal jewelry.


We Love Snake !

Snake Store® is motivated by the pulchritude and metaphoric spirit of serpents. What makes us stand in the limelight is our snake-braced exclusivity and the art of symbolism; as a historic reminder of a mystic encounter between man and nature’s most alluring creature. Our extensive collections are created on the fundamentals of sheer beauty, nature’s raw elements, and historic values. Each item comes with a significant story to match your very personal notions.

Meddling minimalist designs with adroit craftsmanship, the Snake Piercing Collection editions add desirability to any appearance for the inherent audacity of the store’s spirit animal. Designed to last, every piercing concept is a worthy contribution that huddles graciously against your bare flesh.

Looking for trendy snake jewelry?

Most trends follow the trail of popularity by curbing self-expression and keeping all the tastes and preferences on a single line. Our selections transcend beyond mediocrity to the heights of premium snake-inspired designs. For quintessential uniqueness, we merge together decades of artisan excellence, semiotic disciplines, and ultimately the core element of our products- the ophidian enthused luxury.

As delightful to wear as they are to look at, our jewelry collection explores a rich sensory pleasure that manifests in noble metals and finest of lapidary, making them much cherished treasures by emblematic keynotes.

Snake Necklace with a cobra on a table
Snake ring on a man hand holding a glass

Snakes are around since forever and shaping the fashion trends since always

Here at our Snake Store, we cater all varieties of snake fashion and art - influenced by the serpent’s innate poise. From snake rings that symbolize the undying love, entwining snake bracelets, and folk-inspired snake necklaces, to vegan leather shoes and wall decorations born from colors and canvas.

Across the assortment of ready-to-wear, decorations and accessories, the collections recreate the ancient motifs of a venerated creature, translated into iconic goods; a journey through time from the archaic temple walls, crowns of kings and queens, to protective religious articles- until the contemporaneity.

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Let yourself be lured to Snake Store® stylish snake collection, where our love for the graceful snakes and natural beauty extends to luxurious fashion, eco-sustainable jewels, and years of passionate creation.


of sales are donated to the Native Forest association to plant trees in Ecuador

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