Snake Necklaces

Inspired by the elegance of nature to capture the symmetry of style

An emblem of ancient Egypt for regal divinity, the Snake Necklace Collection is a diurnal reminder of natural magnificence. Our signature serpentine necklaces are born from the union of time-honored craftsmanship and the creative vision of the splendid sinuosity of snakes. Each creation offers an extraordinary character, designed to mesmerize, entice and transcend beyond the barriers of style. Created for the bold, every snake necklace design challenges rules, custom, and confines of expressive liberty; while ensuingly upholding classic forms, harmonizing tradition with the contemporary.

A bejeweled doorway to the world of irresistible style

Interpreting the reptilian grace in all forms, the collection pays tribute to legendary presents all-round necklaces to statement pieces- as an audacious and modern declaration of classiness. Joining our popular twining necklace collection, each splendid neckpiece elevates any look with its timeless appeal. Whether a fine sautoir, choker snakes, antique styled matinee necklaces- the collection creations feature lengthy or short, dainty or encrusted bib-like, sculpted chains or statement pendants- all accompanied with fiery reptiles to revitalize your look.

Interweaved and interlaced in a multitude of textures, linkage slants, and finishes, offering countless combinations for stylish mixing and layering. Discover the Snake Chains Collection that introduces timeless design codes into modern and urban fashion.