Snake Jewelry

Discover the boundless expression of snake-inspired designs, rooted in nature and transformed into an artistic charm.


Erudite and gracious, gallant and exciting, sensuous and seductive: Snake jewelry collections enliven the regal splendor of the Ptolemaic era, merging the mysterious allure of serpents with spellbound artistry.

The collection begins with a union between the idea of snakes and its realization into sheer magic; an encounter between the mysterious serpentine charm and time-respected expertise. Since the ancient snake jewels adorning the god-like royals, snake products, and jewelry have long been synonymous for bold, astonishing and enigmatic- accompanied by countless other exuberant interpretations. From the antiquated art inspired by the mystic reptile to modern-day designs, Snake Store® represents the spirit animal of the bold and the seductive.


With decades of passionate craftsmanship, our jewelry is entrenched in heightened craft creativity that coils itself courteously around the wearer. Seizing the reptile’s powerful spirit of elegance and temptation, our serpentine products share the very bewildering essence of the world’s most hypnotizing creature with its holder. To break boundaries of fashion, revel in boldness, or call upon the enigmatic aura of this eccentric reptile- Snake Store® jewelry collections grant even more sophistication and lure to the bejeweled individual. 


Irresistibility of our snake crafts begins with the design, casting snake charm into sophisticated glamour and seductive appeal. Experience contemporary elegance with a deep meaning, embedded in the serpentine charisma. Our designers have extracted the most alluring attributes of the sacred reptile. Fortune, power, wisdom, and enticement, all symbolized into the distinct spirit of dainty or oversized jewelry designs.


  •   Snake Rings Collection

The Snake Rings Collection twines around your finger graciously as the mysterious reptile coils around its charmer. A Hellenic token of the transformation of man into immortals, a gift of luck, and a representation of everlasting love- Our Snake Rings are a luxurious gesture of the serpentine charm, available in sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold, and plated steel.

  •     Snake Pendant Collection

Elegance and savoir-faire are two words associated with our Serpent Pendant Collection, designed by the inherent power of the seductive reptile. Once revered as a sacred pendant around the divine rules of Egypt, Snake Store’s® snake pendant series coil enigmatically around your neck, enriched with the hypnotizing shimmer of fine zirconia diamonds. To display these exquisite pendants, each piece is matched with gold, steel or silver chains with diverse weaving. 

  •     Snake Bracelet Collection

Coiled around your wrist by the unwavering serpentine sophistication, Our Snake Bracelet Collection unites perilous beauty with glamourous reptilian scale glimmer that grace the wearer with the serpent’s mysterious allure, ranging from snake chain bracelets, to exceptional gemstone and lapidary works, to cuff bangles and more.

  •     Snake Earrings Collection

The game between light and shadow is the core inspiration of the Snake Earrings Collection. The creations are inspired by the snakes’ coiling scales, glowing with light to add sparkling punctuation to your ears, crafted with precious metals.

  •     Snake Piercings

Extensive collections of snake-inspired piercings challenge convention. From everyday favorites to unique occasion choices, our edgy piercing jewelry captures irresistible aspects of the jungle’s spirit animal- a serpentine glamour in gold or silver tones that huddles into your skin with a seductive devotion.

Express your inner audacity with our statement Snake Ring Collection; Versatile to match casual or sophisticated wears, special enough to complement your own unique poise.